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June 12th, 2017 Movie – Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Menace From Outer Space

rocky jones menace from outer space

I hope this is the last one of these Rocky Jones movies in these box sets I own. I honestly don’t know If i can stand to see another movie made up from old TV episodes. Anyways, I got lucky in regards to this movie because it is on the same disk as yesterday’s movie, so I didn’t have to waste time hunting down which disk it is on. Now some of you may be wondering why these last two movies are titled “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger” while the previous movies from the series were not. Well, that is how they were listed on the box set so that is how they were listed in my list. But enough rambling, time to get on with today’s movie, Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Menace From Outer Space.

The plot: On Earth, Professor Newton is observing a meteor that is approaching Earth when Vena Ray and Bobby show up at the observatory. When they view it on the video screen, Newton grows suspicious as he hears a humming noise coming from the meteor and after taking a closer look with the telescope, he realizes it is a rocket. Newton contacts Secretary Drake and informs him of the rocket’s approach and when it crashes close to the observatory, Newton heads out to see if he can find any clues to the rocket’s origins and says he will report back. Drake contacts Rocky Jones, who is out on patrol, and has him return to Earth but as Rocky and Winky head back, they see another Rocket flying by. Meeting at Space Rangers Headquarters, Newton explains to everyone that the rocket was comprised of crystal and Vena says that tracking the rocket’s path indicated that it came from Fornax, one of Jupiter’s moons. Rocky and Winky plan to fly to Fornax to investigate. Secretary Drake gets a hold of the Tibet Observatory and tells them not to say anything about a rocket, only that a meteor had hit, but one of the Rangers, Griff, plans to find a way to make a profit off of what is on Fornax and knocks out his companion before leaving to deal with Rocky. Back At Headquarters, Rocky has his rocket prepared to make the trip to Fornax but as they blast off, the thrust causes them to black out and they almost crash but Rocky is able to regain consciousness and right the rocket. Continuing on their journey, Vena notices another rocket nearby but when they try to contact them, the other rocket doesn’t answer. Realizing that it is probably Griff, Rocky manages to maneuver behind him and fires a rocket into Griff’s rocket’s exhaust, crippling the rocket and allowing Rocky and his crew to continue on their journey but the move has cost them a lot of fuel. Explaining the fuel situation to everyone, Rocky lists their choices and everyone chooses to press on so they continue towards Fornax but as they attempt to land, the moon’s heavier gravitational pull causes them to use up the last of their fuel to prevent their crashing onto the surface. After making sure the atmosphere is ok to breathe, they head to a nearby pyramid, where they are greeted by Zoravak, the ruler of Fornax. As Rocky and the others greet him, they are surprised to find Professor Cardos there and he explains that he crashed there 8 years ago. As they all speak with Zoravak and Cardos, Rocky pulls Newton aside and questions him about Cardos and Newton admits that there were rumors of a murder before he disappeared. Newton, Vena, and Bobby head inside the pyramid while Rocky and Winky stay behind to check out the ship but secretly, they use their view screen to observe them all. Everything seems ok but when Zoravak and Cardos leave the group, Rocky and Winky overhear them arguing about another plan. Cardos has apparently been lying to Zoravak about the Earth and wants to attack and conquer it but Zoravak, having met with Rocky and the others, is doubting the truth of Cardos’ claims. When the two men enter a room that the viewscreen can’t penetrate properly, Rocky and Winky sneak in and learn what Cardos’ plans are. They try to sneak away and tell Zoravak the truth but they are captured. Bobby pleads with Zoravak that they are not enemies and Zoravak decides the only way to learn the truth is to travel to Earth with Rocky and Winky, while Newton, Vena, and Bobby will remain behind as hostages. Rocky agrees and working with the Fornax engineers, they are able to convert their fuel source to work with the rockets. Rocky takes the rocket for a test drive and the rocket takes off perfectly but due to equipment failure, he is unable to communicate with them until he lands. After the ship is repaired, Rocky, Winky, and Zoravak head to Earth but before they leave, Rocky warns Newton to keep an eye on Cardos. Meanwhile, Griff ends up close to Ophecius and contacts Darganto, who brings his ship down and allows Griff to meet with Cleolanta. After Griff explains the situation, Darganto believes they can lay a claim on Fornax before the United Worlds, then use their missiles to attack Earth and force their surrender. Back on Fornax, Cardos makes plans to overthrow Zoravak’s wife, Vonsoon, and continue attacking the Earth but he is overheard by Bobby and Zoroavak’s daughter Volaca, and they tell Vonsoon and the others. Vonsoon heads to the lab and has Cardos arrested but as they leave the lab, they see the Orphecian rocket land and demands that they surrender. When they arrive on the planet, Darganto and Griff work with Cardos and prepare to fire more missiles at the Earth, this time armed with warheads, and take the crystals to be used to improve the Orphecian rockets. On Earth, Rocky and the others get word of a rocket heading towards them and Rocky, Winky, and Zoravak head out and destroy the rocket, then head back to Fornax. Meanwhile, Bobby and Volaca manage to sneak out and make contact with Rocky and tell him what is going on. Rocky has Bobby try to learn what he can and report back to him but Bobby is captured so Volaca ends up telling him instead. Using what Volaca told him, Rocky is able to surprise Darganto, Griff, and Cardos and take them prisoner, where they will be subjected to the respective authorities for their crimes. As Rocky and the others prepare to leave Fornax, Bobby says goodbye to Volaca and Zoravak tells Bobby to let Rocky know that if they ever need help, he will be happy to help them.

Ok, this was probably the best “movie” out of the bunch regarding this series. The acting was ok for the most part and even though I thought he was annoying in every other movie, Bobby (played by Robert Lyden) was actually not that bad in this one and wound up being a rather integral part to the climax. The story was pretty good, adding a lot of drama into the mixture of the struggle over Fornax and it’s fate in the galaxy. The special effects were the same as all the others, which look pretty cheap and laughable now. I am still not a real fan of the series but at least this one was worth watching.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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