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June 9th, 2017 Movie – Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Forever

rock n roll high school forever

For every awesome movie, there will almost always be a sequel. And for every cult classic, there will be an ill-advised sequel. Now this is one of those movies that I remember seeing time and time again on Comedy Central years ago. I would always catch bits and pieces of it and wound up buying it on VHS just so I could watch the whole movie. When I bought Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, I remembered this movie and decided to get it on DVD so let’s see if it is as funny as I remember as I watch Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Forever.

The plot: At Ronald Reagan High School, the Board of Trustees and Principal McGree are meeting with the committee to discuss the school getting it’s accreditation back. Meanwhile, Jesse Davis, frontman and lead singer for a band called the Eradicator, organizes a large group of students to all flush the toilets at the same time, causing several of the pipes to burst from the water pressure. He then runs out into the hall, declaring it to be “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Day”, and the majority of the students all begin to cause havoc in their classes and throughout the school. When McGree is unable to regain control of things, the Board of Trustees believe he is too soft for the job so they make plans to hire someone to help discipline the students. The next day, Jesse is riding on his skateboard through the hallway when he runs into Rita, a new substitute teacher, and becomes infatuated with her. During chemistry class, Jesse is going through the newspaper and finds an ad for a Frigidaire for sale and so he and the rest of the Eradicators (Jones, Mag, Namrock, and Stella) cut class and head to the house, where they pretend to worship the refrigerator. While they are gone, the students are introduced to Dr. Vader, the new vice principal in charge of discipline, who institutes a strict discipline system in the school. Later that day, Jones sets up an auto dialer to call the local radio station and nominate The Eradicators as the caller’s favorite band in order to win free tickets to a concert. That night, The Eradicators are playing the Honor Society’s dance at the school but Whitney, the snobbish student organizer for the dance, yells at them for not playing the songs she selected for the dance and tells them they won’t get payed if they don’t play what she selected before going back to her boyfriend Bob and their friends Donovan and Margaret. In retaliation, Jesse and Mag swallow some antacid tablets and green liquid in order to spray green foam on the crowd, which ends up causing a food fight to erupt. The band decides to leave but they are grabbed by Vader’s two henchmen and taken to Vader’s office. Vader tells them that their band will no longer be able to play any school function. To further torment them, Vader rearranges their schedules, with Stella being placed in a class with Whitney and Margaret while Jesse and Mag are assigned to third period lunch, where they meet a girl named Tabitha who is rumored to be the daughter of a witch. After lunch, Jesse passes by Rita’s music class and decides to head inside and watches as she is able to get the students interested in classical music by comparing it to a football game. Meanwhile, Mag is supposed to give a book report but instead, causes the teacher to have a breakdown when he fakes having a heart attack. That night, Dr. Vader decides to surround the school with an electric fence and security cameras, turning it into a giant detention hall. Meanwhile, Jesse, Mag, Jones, and Stella drive over to see Tabitha’s house only to have Tabitha and her mother attack them with brooms. As Jesse drives off, Mag manages to grab Tabitha’s broom from her but he goes back to return it the next day and after commenting that he likes their yard, she starts to become friendly with him. Later, Jesse and the others arrive at school and are greeted by Screamin Steve, who says they won the contest but Vader cuts the tickets in half and then has Screamin Steve kicked off campus while she gives Jesse and the other Eradicators detention for four days. Declaring war on Vader, Jesse tells the band that they need to play the prom, and they head to Eaglebauer’s office to enlist his help. Eaglebauer, whose business has suffered since Vader was employed, agrees to help them and says that auditions are being held for a prom band and that if they can get Vader out of the room, 3 of the 5 remaining judges will vote for them. Eaglebauer registers the Eradicators into the audition under a fake name while the Eradicators lay some traps and distractions in order to get Vader out of the room. Meanwhile, Eaglebauer shorts out the electric fence around the school and when Vader goes to check on it, she ends up tripping over some tripwire and injuring her neck. The Eradicators win the audition and Jesse thanks Rita, who was one of the judges, and asks her out on a date but she turns him down as she is a teacher. Later, Whitney and Bob go to see Vader and tell her about the Eradicators managing to play the prom and she gets enraged and tells them to meet her at the school that night. The next day, the Eradicators arrive at school and find the front door area covered in red paint, blood, and various meat products. As the enter the school, they are stopped by Vader’s goons and discover that there is more stuff in their lockers. Jesse knows that they are being framed but Vader gives them detention for the rest of the school year, orders them to clean up the mess outside, and tells them they will not play the prom. When Stella takes a break from cleaning the school, she sees Whitney and the others watching and laughing at them and learns that they were the ones that framed them. When she tells the others, everyone else is dejected and decides to just finish out school and leave but Jesse is upset that they want to give up. That night, Jesse is visited by the Spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll and told that he has to play the prom in order to keep the school from becoming “uncool”. Jesse convinces the others to help them and they plan their revenge on Vader, as well as Whitney and her friends. During biology as they are dissecting frogs, Stella sneaks in some sushi and eats it in front of Whitney, pretending it is the frog she is dissecting, which causes Whitney to get sick and she ends up throwing up on a teacher while trying to reach the bathroom, which Jesse films. Donovan’s locker is filled with lingerie and he is filmed modeling it while Bob and Margaret are caught fooling around at a local makeout point, as their respective partners don’t seem interested in sex, and Jesse and Mag film them as the police bust them and they are forced to exit the car without their clothes. The night of the prom, Eaglebauer lures the band that was scheduled to play into an empty gym and traps them inside. Meanwhile, Vader’s goons are given a bottle of alcohol and they end up getting drunk while Jesse hires a male escort to distract Vader. The band then heads to the prom and gets set up but when Rita sees them, she worries about Vader catching them but Jesse assures her Vader won’t be a problem. As they start playing, Jesse sees Whitney and her clic show up and before they can do anything, Jesse plays the video of all of them on the monitor, causing the 4 “yuppettes” to fight among themselves. Meanwhile, Eaglebauer is videotaping Vader with the escort and when she sees him, she chases after him, enlisting Bob and Donovan to help her. Eaglebauer makes it to the prom and tries to pass the tape the Jesse and though Vader, Bob, and Donovan try to stop him, he manages to get it and puts it in the monitor, showing the class what she was doing. Enraged at being mocked, Vader gets in her car and proceeds to drive into the prom, crashing through the decorations and stage. When Vader goes after Rita, Jesse smashes her rear windshield and makes her chase after him, then leads her towards the school, where Jones, Mag, and Namrock have sprayed fire extinguisher foam along the corridor, and Vader ends up crashing into the school and causing it to explode. As the boys make it outside ok, Tabitha embraces Mag while Rita embraces Jesse and kisses him. As the school continues to burn, with Vader’s prosthetic hand being thrown from the explosion indicating that she died in the explosion, Mag approaches McGree and apologizes for what happened to the school but says it was Vader’s fault. McGree says they needed a new school anyways and Mag agrees, saying the plumbing was all screwed up.

This is a silly 90’s comedy that does have some good moments but honestly doesn’t hold up to the test of time. The acting was ok, with Mary Woronov honestly being the best actor in the cast, doing a great job as Dr. Vader and really over dramatizing her character to some great comedic effect. The story tried to copy the original movie but really didn’t capture the whole “Youth vs Adult” feel that the original movie had. Corey Feldman’s constant 4th wall breaks were also a little annoying. The comedy was very juvenile and honestly a little weak while the editing and pacing of the movie just felt out of sync and really hurt the flow of the movie. While it may be good for a few laughs, this is still a pale imitation and nor worth hunting down to watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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