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June 6th, 2017 Movie – Roboshark


Ahh, you got to love Sharknado Week on Syfy. That’s because every year you will get a couple of new Shark-themed movies debuting that week. Today’s movie is one that debuted a few years ago during the 3rd Sharknado movie. Now while most of the shark B-movies tend to try and be serious in either the sci-fi or horror aspects, this movie chose to play up the ridiculous aspect of the movie. Whether this was a good idea or not is up for you to decide as I watch today’s movie, Roboshark.

The plot: An alien spaceship is studying the solar system when it sends out a probe to get more data on Earth. The probe falls into the ocean, where it ends up being swallowed by a great white shark, and the probe fuses with the shark, turning it into a robotic shark. After the roboshark sinks a submarine, Admiral Black gets word of what happened and figures the roboshark is heading towards Seattle and makes plans to capture or destroy it there. In Seattle, Trish, the weather  for a local TV network, is getting ready to leave for the day when she sees a video on her daughter Melody’s phone about a shark that attacks and crashes a puddle jumper plane. Getting in the news van that is there to pick her up, she complains to her soundtech Louie and cameraman Eric about how she has been relegated to fluff pieces ever since she made a mistake on a story but when she sees the Navy setting up a camp in the park, she decides to ditch her assigned story and cover what is happening there. As they start to set up outside the park, their boss calls and Trish tries to explain what they are doing but he hangs up on them the second Trish says it could have something to do with the shark in the video. As Louie and Erik go to get some coffee across the street, Trish calls her husband Rick to complain about what happened but Rick, who works for Water and Sewer, is dealing with an issue with several of their pipes, which is due to Roboshark burrowing into the pipes to travel through the city. After hanging up with Rick, Trish sees the Navy retrieving some of the plane debris from the video and quickly gets some of it on video then heads the coffee shop to tell the others. Before she gets there, roboshark emerges from the pipes in the floor of the store, which causes an explosion, then kills the owner and a customer, who managed to upload video of roboshark via his GoPro, before disappearing back into the ground. After Trish is checked out by emergency workers, she tries to get Louie and Eric only to find that they have been reassigned to Veronica, the snobbish head reporter for their station. When Trish tries to explain what happened to the fire chief, he recognizes her as “the wacky weathergirl” and dismisses her statement. Rick calls Trish to check on her, having seen her on the TV, and tells her that whatever is in the pipes is heading to the sewage treatment plant and Trish gets in the news van and heads there, with Louie going with her. Rick calls the plant to warn them about something heading towards them but the manager dismisses his concerns, but then asks if there is any pressure buildup and is told there is. Suddenly, there is a rumbling in the pipes and the manager orders everyone out of there just as a sewage tank explodes and as the manager watches, roboshark appears and kills him. Trish and Louis arrive and start to get ready to report the story but are told by their boss to back off and wait for Veronica, who arrives shortly afterwards. Trish is dejected until she receives a text from Melody, showing her the video of roboshark from the GoPro and Trish calls Louie over to show her. Melody says she is going to meet up with Trish, despite Trish telling her to stay in school. Trish calls Rick to try and find out where roboshark is heading next but he can’t tell her as the Navy shows up and takes over the building, enlisting Rick to help them track roboshark. Back at the treatment plant, Melody shows up and, after learning that they were able to track roboshark through the water system, she uses social media to track water outages and tells them something is happening at the mall so they head there. At the mall, roboshark breaks through the floor, causing a panic, and the Navy shows up to try and kill it but they are killed instead. Trish, Louie, and Melody arrive at the mall and manage to get footage of roboshark killing some of the Navy men and quickly leave so they are not killed themselves. Trish tries to reach her boss so they can air the footage but when she is unable to reach him, she decides to have Melody and Louie help her put it online. The video becomes a viral hit, and the three keep trying to prove to people that it is not fake. Rick calls them and is upset that Trish has Melody with her but he ends up getting cut off by the Navy. Melody remote accesses Rick’s computer so they can listen in as Admiral Black explains what is going on. Suddenly, Black receives a phone call and is told to suspend his operations as Bill Glates is going to take over and try to communicate with roboshark. Rick is able to track where roboshark is headed and informs Bill Glates, but then notices that his remote has been remotely accessed. Rick calls Trish to confront her about this and learns that they are at the park where Bill Glates is attempting to communicate with roboshark and they get footage of roboshark killing Bill Glates. Back at Rick’s office, Black asks Rick where roboshark is heading next and Rick yells out that it is heading towards a high school, knowing that Trish and the others will be able to hear him. When they learn that the Navy isn’t going to evacuate the school, Melody uses Twitter to spread the word. When they get there, they manage to clear everyone out of the pool area just as roboshark appears in the pool, swallowing someone’s phone in the process. Melody discovers that roboshark has started following her on Twitter and sends it a DM to not hurt them, causing roboshark to spare a man that had been knocked into the pool. Roboshark then attempts to communicate with Melody and actually allows her to touch it when the Navy shows up and begins firing on roboshark, causing Trish, Melody, and Louie to take cover so they aren’t hit. Roboshark is apparently killed and Black orders divers sent into the pool to confirm the kill. Outside the school, Melody gets a message from roboshark that it is still alive and they send the message to Rick, who tries to warn Black. Back in the pool, roboshark comes back online and uses some hidden weapons to kill the divers before diving back into the pipes. Black asks Rick where it might be heading and he guesses that, due to the direction it had been travelling, it is heading for the Space Needle. Back at the school, Veronica and Eric arrive and Veronica, upset that Trish had scooped her on the story, tries to take the footage they shot but Melody threatens the tell her almost 1 million Twitter followers that Veronica stole the footage, as well as some other things that Veronica would rather keep private, and Veronica decides to leave them alone. Trish and the others head to the Space Needle and discover roboshark in an underground cover underneath the Space Needle trying to contact it’s mothership. Inside the Space Needle, Black plans on destroying roboshark but Rick, showing them the live footage of Melody communicating with roboshark, blackmails him into saving them first. The Navy drags Trish and the others out of the cavern and then begins firing on roboshark but it gets away and starts killing off the soldiers. When it reaches the surface, the Navy fires Sabot rounds to damage it but roboshark leaps into the air and knocks out the plane before crashing to the ground, while the wreckage of the plane crashes into the Space Needle, seriously damaging it. Seeing that roboshark is still alive, Black orders a nearby battleship to target the damaged section of the Space Needle in order to drop the top of the tower on roboshark, then tells Rick and Commander Xavier to leave as he plans to ride the needle down. Meanwhile, Veronica shows up and is still upset about being scooped so she grabs the camera from Eric and heads closer to get footage of roboshark but she ends up being killed as the Needle falls on roboshark, smashing him to pieces. As Rick rushes to them and embraces Trish and Melody, the Navy works on cleaning up all of the pieces of roboshark but as a woman walks her chihuahua, it’s eyes flash red just like roboshark’s had.

This is a rather silly and funny movie to watch. The acting was ok, with Alexis Petermen (Trish), Vanessa Grasse (Melody) and Isaac Haig (Louie) doing good jobs in their roles while Matt Rippy (Rick) and Nigel Barber (Black) were great with their over-dramatic portrayal of their characters. The plot was pretty silly and was a mashup of parodying some classic sci-fi and comedy movies, including Dr. Strangelove and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind , while also poking fun at people’s love for social media. I also thought it was funny that the movie kept making fun of itself, referencing the silly movies that would be on Syfy. The special effects were a little on the weak side but that actually helped as this movie was going more for comedy than scares. Not the best shark movie to debut on Syfy, but it is worth watching if you feel like some laughs.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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