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May 28th, 2017 Movie – Rise Of The Dinosaurs (a.k.a. Jurassic Attack)

rise of the dinosaursIt’s time once again to play my favorite game when it comes to B-movies; “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Or Can He?” Corin Nemec has a pretty solid win record here at 4-1 going into today’s movie. Now I honestly had never seen this movie before I picked it up on DVD. In fact, the only reason I bought it was because of Jurassic World. See, when that movie came out, I went on a dinosaur movie buying spree and bought several dinosaur related B-movies that I did not already own. So let’s get right into today’s movie, Rise Of The Dinosaurs (a.k.a. Jurassic Attack).

The plot: Professor Roxton and his pilot Bob are flying a small plane over a remote and unexplored valley in South America as Roxton tries to find what he is searching for. As they run the risk of running out of fuel, the plane suddenly stalls and they crash land in a clearing of the valley. As Roxton gets out to look around, he sees a Tyrannosaurus approaching the wreckage and kill Bob as he tries to run away, and Roxton makes a run for it as the large dinosaur is distracted. Some time later,  Colonel Carter gives a video briefing to a special operation team as they prepare for a halo drop into South America. Their mission is to rescue Angeles Ibanez, an biochemist who was abducted during a conference by rebels working for Gustavo Marquez, who had Ibanez making a hybrid biochemical agent which can be loaded onto a missile. Carter informs the team that if they fail, he has orders to initiate a bombing to level the place to ensure that Marquez’s missile is non-operational. Captain John Steakley, the team leader, tells his team that their mission is the girl but when Sarah Haldeman, his chief officer, questions him about taking out Marquez, Steakley reiterates to her that her mission is the girl. The team makes their jump and heads towards the camp but stop when they see Marquez making a weapon purchase from their inside man. As the deal concludes, one of Marquez’s men tries to kill their inside man but Steakley shoots him and a fire fight erupts. The inside man attempts to get Ibanez out of the camp but Marquez sneaks up behind him and kills him. Back in the states, Carter is keeping tabs on the operation via satellite when the get word that the missile may have been detonated. Agent Grimaldi, who is in the operation room with them, says that they can’t run the risk of the contagion getting out and demands that they bomb the area but Carter refuses to do so until his men are clear. Steakley finds the inside man’s body and sees Marquez leaving the area with Ibanez but he manages to cut him off. When Marquez refuses to drop the gun he has pointed at Ibanez, Steakley shoots him in the arm in order to disarm him, then frees Ibanez and takes Marquez prisoner. Meeting back up with his radioman, Steakley contacts Carter and tells him they have Ibanez and requests and evac but when Carter suggests a safe zone 4 km away, Steakley demands they bring the chopper to their position and despite Grimaldi’s protests, Carter agrees. The soldiers board the helicopter along with Ibanez and Marquez but as they are leaving the area, one of Marquez’s soldiers fires a Stinger missile at them, causing the helicopter to crash into the jungle. Two of Steakley’s men, Hudson and Dillinger, are thrown from the chopper, with Hudson being severely injured. Seeing the smoke from the helicopter, Dillinger leaves Hudson to go get some help but while he is gone, Hudson is killed by a Velociraptor. Hearing his screams, Dillinger heads back and chases off the Velociraptor but ends up being killed by another one. Back at the helicopter, Steakley notices that Marquez is missing and goes after him, leaving Haldeman in charge of getting everybody out of there. Haldeman orders everyone out of the helicopter, noticing that Felix, Edwards and Nuemeir, are dead. Steakley manages to catch up to Marquez and takes him back to the group, where they try to figure out their next move. Realizing that a rescue won’t be coming unless they are able to get a radio signal out, Steakley orders everyone to move out. Back at the headquarters, Grimaldi is attempting to go over Carter’s head and call in an air strike and when Carter asks for more time for Steakley to try and contact them, Grimaldi reluctantly gives him 24 hours. Back in the jungle, Steakley is leading the march when he stops and sees some bloody scraps from a uniform and a track that indicates some creature might have killed one or both of his men. As they keep moving, one of the men, Potter, is killed by a pair of Velociraptors as he stops to examine the tracks in the ground. As the group makes their way out of the brush, they notice that they are in a low valley, which explains why they can’t get a radio signal out. Steakley notices that Potter is missing but says they can’t go back and look for him, then grabs the radio to see if he can get to some higher ground to get a signal. As he tries using the radio, Steakley hears something stalking him in the jungle and decides to head back to the group, where he orders Rico and Flores to double back and see if they can spot what was stalking him. As Steakley and the others wait to hear back from Flores and Rico, Ibanez says she has a theory about where they are, telling them about a hidden crater that had been discovered which contained a prehistoric ecosystem, prompting Haldeman to comment about it’s similarities to “The Lost World”. As Steakley tells the group to get ready to move out, Tank uses his knife to kill a large beetle near him but forgets to grab it and Marquez notices this and secretly grabs it. Meanwhile, Flores and Rico hear movement in the brush and move forward to investigate it but they end up getting killed by the raptors. Hearing the brief sounds of gunfire, Steakley, Haldeman, and Crow head off to see what is happening, leaving Tank to watch Marquez and Ibanez, but all they find are the bloody remains of the two soldiers. Quickly making their way through the jungle, they come to a clearing and see a large herd of Tricerotops, along with a few sauropods, browsing along a river bank. Seeing someone moving among the herd, Steakley heads out to speak to the man, which turns out to be Roxton, but he tells Steakley to leave. When Steakley’s radio spooks one of the Triceratops, it charges at him and he goes to shoot it but Roxton tackles him to the ground as the animal misses them. Roxton explains that it was merely trying to scare Steakley away from the nest that is nearby, just as a Tyrannosaurus appears and begins trying to kill one of the animals. As the two dinosaurs begin fighting, Haldeman hands Ibanez a pistol, then leaves with Crow to go help Steakley but Marquez uses the distraction to escape. Steakley tells everyone to follow Roxton as the Tyrannosaurus kills the Triceratops, then starts heading towards him but Steakley manages to severely wound the dinosaur and Ibanez finishes it off when he runs out of ammo. Roxton leads the group to the cave he has been living and explains that he has been there for over 10 years. When Steakley asks if there is a way out of the crater, Roxton says that there is a way out but it is through a place he calls Death Valley and he warns them that they don’t want to go there but Steakley insists that if that is the way out, then that is where they need to go. Roxton agrees to lead them to Death Valley, wanting to get them out of the crater as quickly as possible, but Steakley chooses to go off mission to go find Marquez. Steakley eventually finds him and the two start fighting but it is interrupted by the appearance of a Velociraptor. When it attacks Marquez, Steakley saves him in order to bring him to justice and Marquez ends up saving Steakley’s life in return. When some more raptors appear, they start to run and are rescued when Haldeman and Crow show up and kill them. As they continue towards Death Valley, Roxton breaks from the group to use the restroom but secretly, heads to where he knows a Triceratops tends to rest and rouses it, causing the animal to rush through the brush and impale Crow as it runs through the ground. Roxton feigns ignorance about what happened but when Marquez starts laughing and saying that Roxton would do anything to keep them from leaving and telling others about the crater. Steakley grabs Roxton’s map and learns that he knew about the Triceratops and forces him to lead them to Death Valley. When they reach Death Valley, they discover that it is home to several Tyrannosaurus and they are running low on ammo. Steakley decides to head for a hill in the middle of the valley, figuring that they will be able to get a signal out through there. They use a flash bang to distract a nearby Tyrannosaur and make a run for the hill but Roxton falters and runs in a different direction and ends up being killed. As the group make their way up the hill, they are attacked by the Velociraptor pack and Tank ends up being killed but they manage to get a signal out to be picked up. Back at headquarters, Grimaldi says that time is up and orders an air strike to level the jungle but when they get a signal from Haldeman, Carter forces Grimaldi to call off the strike and then kicks him off of the base. Back in the crater, Marquez attempts to turn on the group but Steakley stops him, then boards the helicopter that Carter sent along with Haldeman and Ibanez. Marquez tries to get on board but he is killed by a Tyrannosaur and Steakley uses an RPG to kill it as they fly off to safety.

Ok, I honestly don’t know how to call this one. I mean, technically, Corin Nemec did survive but he was basically in the background and wasn’t really doing any fighting. I think I will have to put this as a draw, bringing his record to 4-1-1. Now, as to the movie itself, this was pretty entertaining in that charming way that most B-movies are. The acting was descent, with Gary Stetch (Steakley), Michael Worth (Roxton), Alicia Ziegler (Haldeman), and Israel Saez de Miguel (Marquez) doing good jobs in their roles. I also liked Corin Nemec (Carter) and Vernon Wells (Grimaldi) were also good but their limited role in the movie was a little disappointing. The story was interesting, mixing a typical action movie styled rescue movie with elements of “The Lost World”. The special effects were decent for the most part, though there were some times that they looked a little cheap, and the blue screen efforts were a little off. A decent movie to watch but not exactly worth hunting down.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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