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May 10th, 2017 Movie – Repossessed


Man does this bring back some memories. I remember seeing this movie years ago on cable and, while it was incredibly silly, I couldn’t help but laugh at it. Over the years, I would sometimes remember this movie and consider buying it but never actually got around to doing so. However, when I got The Exorcist from my brother over Christmas, I figured that was a sign that I should finally buy this movie. So let’s get into today’s movie, Repossessed.

The plot: In 1983, Father Jebedaiah Mayii performed an exorcism on a young girl named Nancy but as an exhausted Mayii leaves her bedroom, Satan calls out to him, causing him to fall down the stairs, as Satan claims that he will be back. 17 years later, Mayii is teaching a seminar at a college and proceeds to tell the class the story of how Nancy was repossessed by the devil. Nancy, now an adult and married, is watching TV with her family but as she goes to change the channel, Satan comes out of the TV and enters Nancy’s body. As Nancy’s kids argue about her not changing the channel, her head suddenly swivels around on her neck and she tells the kids to shut up, then vomits on her husband, before she recovers and quickly runs upstairs. The next day, Nancy goes to the hospital to find out what is wrong with her but the doctors are stumped. As she leaves the hospital she asks for a sign as to what she should do and when an accident occurs in front of a church, she quickly heads inside, where she sees a young priest named Luke Brophy delivering a sermon and leaves a note in the collection plate for him to contact her. That night, Luke receives Nancy’s note just as Nancy calls asking to see him and Luke agrees to go to her house. When Luke arrives at the Aglet house, he witnesses Nancy yelling at her family for playing with a spirit board, then she quickly apologizes and asks to speak to Luke in the other room. Once they are alone, Nancy tells Luke about her fear that she has been repossessed by the devil, showing him her certificate from her previous exorcism. Luke doesn’t believe her at first, as he is having his own crisis of faith at the moment, but when Nancy suddenly attacks him, he is rescued by Nancy’s husband Braydon and they tie her to the bed. Borrowing the Aglet’s camera and tape recorder, Luke goes in to speak to Nancy, who tells he she is Satan and warns Luke not to mess with her. Unsure what to do, Luke tracks down Mayii, who had retired from the church, and asks him for advise. As Luke explains the situation, he suggests that Mayii perform another exorcism but Mayii refuses, saying that the last exorcism weakened his heart and his faith too much but says Luke should do it, saying that it might be just what is needed to restore his faith. Luke heads to the Supreme Council for Exorcism Granting to plead his case for an exorcism and is surprised to see the televangelists Ernest and Fanny Rae Weller are there as invited guests. After Luke pleads his case, Ernest convinces the council to allow him to perform the exorcism on his program, but unknown to them, Ernest’s ministry is in financial trouble due to his being caught with some boy scouts and he needs to raise $6 million or else he will be out. Ernest approaches a television executive and manages to work out a deal to have the exorcism televised, with all the commercial proceeds going to the station, while he gets the money from the phone in donations. Father Mayii, sensing that he might be needed, decides to head to a nearby gym to try and get back into shape and Luke finds him there and again pleads with him to help, informing Mayii of the Weller’s involvement. Mayii is angered over the Wellers but still refuses to help, insisting that Luke must do it himself. That night, Ernest, who doesn’t believe Nancy is really possessed, begins the televised exorcism, using staged effects to make the audience think that the possession is real. When Ernest announces that the exorcism has the largest audience in the world, Satan suddenly begins spitting fire from her mouth, frightening off the live audience. Satan then transforms the Wellers into a giant donkey, before she begins speaking out to the TV audience. Luke runs in front of the camera and makes a plea for any man of faith to come to the studio and help him but Satan quickly knocks him aside. When he realizes that Satan plans to use the TV to possess more people, he yanks the cable from the camera but Satan heads for the studio’s satellite dish and Luke chases after him, followed by the religious men who had just arrived. When Satan reaches the dish, she prepares to send her spirit out to everyone but Luke brings up the fact that Mayii beat her before, causing Satan to demand a rematch with Mayii. As Jesse Ventura and Mean Gene Okerlund discuss the impending match up, Satan speaks out to the TV audience and calls out Mayii, challenging him to come to the studio and face her again. Mayii shows up, though Luke is concerned about his heart, and proceeds to perform the exorcism. As the exorcism proceeds, Luke’s self doubt causes him to fall apart and Mayii tells him to leave but when Satan causes Mayii to have a heart attack, Luke is able to revive him. Luke attacks Satan and demand he enter him and when he does, Mayii says he is innocent and demands Satan enter him, which Satan does before going back to Nancy’s body. Luke and Mayii begin to feel overwhelmed and say they have tried everything but when Luke mentions rock n’ roll, Mayii says they never tried that just as Satan says she hates rock n’ roll. Mayii and Luke, along with some of the other religious leaders, begin to perfomr a rock song, eventually driving Satan out of Nancy’s body, though Satan shouts that she will be back. In the present, Mayii tells his class how everything turned out ok for Luke and Nancy, then invites Nancy in to speak to the class. When one of the students asks if they are expected to believe Mayii’s story, Mayii and Nancy both vomit on the student, then smile as they wipe their mouths.

This is one of those somewhat forgotten parodies of the 90’s that is pretty funny. The acting was good, with Leslie Nielsen (Mayii), Linda Blair (Nancy), and Anthony Starke (Luke) all doing good jobs in their roles. I also liked Ned Beatty and Lana Schwab, whose characters of Ernest and Fanny Ray Weller were essentially parodies of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. The story was good, essentially being a parody of The Exorcist, and I loved that the cast Linda Blair as the female lead in this. They also did a fair amount of 4th wall breaks in this movie that added to the comedy, such as when the camera pans to close to Mayii and his face ends up plastered on it or like Satan complaining about the guy in the back of the theater that won’t shut up. The special effects were rather minimal in this, mostly involving the make up to indicate Nancy’s possession, and the other effects they had did look a little cheap at times, but that actually added to the charm for this movie. It isn’t the greatest parody out there, but it will bring about a couple of laughs.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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