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May 5th, 2017 Movie – Police Academy 6: City Under Seige

police academy 6

They should have ended it on a low note. The movies had been making less and less money over the years and the movies themselves have suffered in terms of comedy as well. I remember seeing the commercials for this movie when it came out in theaters and even then, I thought it looked pretty stupid. When I finally got a chance to watch it, I was a little sad to learn that I was right. So let’s get ready to stumble along with today’s movie, Police Academy 6: City Under Siege.

The plot: As the city is plagued by a series of robberies by a gang known as the Wilson Heights Gang, Captain Harris and Lt. Proctor are staking out the location of the gang’s next possible target. As Harris is talking to Proctor, the Wilson Heights Gang hit the store behind them and manage to get away, making Harris look like a fool as he never even saw them. As the latest headline hits the papers, the mayor is chastising Commissioner Hurst and Harris over their inability to capture the gang and tells them that the governor has assigned someone to help them. Harris is shocked to see that it is Lassard, as he has finally managed to transfer away from Lassard and his men. Due to the possibility that there is a leak in Harris’ precinct, only the members of the task force will know what their plans are. As Lassard starts to brief Nick (who had transferred there from Miami), Hightower, Jones, Callahan, Hooks, and Tackleberry, Harris forces his way into leading the presentation, so Hightower discretely breaks his chair, causing Harris to fall when he sits in it. As Hurst starts to talk, he questions Lassard about their missing team member when Sgt. Fackler walks in, having inadvertently caused chaos throughout the precinct on his way in. When the Wilson Heights Gang rob a bank, the task force heads there to go over the crime scene. Harris does his best to make Lassard look bad so Nick tricks Harris into taking a dye pack out of the bank, causing it to explode and cover him in paint. Hightower calls Nick over to listen to a witness’ statement and they learn that the gang is simply hired muscle, meaning that there is a mastermind behind the whole thing. Meanwhile, the Wilson Heights Gang (Ace, Flash, and Ox) are counting their money from the robbery when a screen lights up and the shadowed image of their boss, Mr. Big appears and congratulates them on a job well done and says their plans will soon be finished. Back at the precinct, the team decide to start canvasing the streets to see if they can find any information about the gang while Harris chooses to go undercover to investigate rumors of a gang operating out of a skyscraper. Harris and Proctor pose as window washers but the gang is actually the name of a band that the record label is promoting but while Harris is recording their conversation, he getting his foot caught in some rope and falls off the scaffolding, forcing Proctor to try and save him. As everyone on the team laughs at the recording of Harris begging for his life, Hurst says that their canvas came up with nothing when Nick shows him a news article of a priceless diamond that is to be displayed at the museum and they decide to set a trap for the Wilson Heights Gang. Nick and Jones drive the armored car, with Harris and Proctor inside guarding the gem, while Hightower, Hooks, Callahan, Tackleberry, and Fackler keep watch while undercover. When the armored car stops at a light, the Wilson Heights Gang cause a car alarm to go off and use the distraction to have Ox climb up from a manhole and cut into the armored car and steal the diamond right from under their noses. When the armored car continues driving, Harris ends up falling into the hole and is forced to run to keep from being killed. After Nick and Jones pull over and the team regroups, Nick pulls Lassard aside and tells him the leak isn’t in the precinct, it is someone in the team. Back at the precinct, Harris chastises Nick for his idea, then Hurst begins going over what they know about the Wilson Heights Gang. Nick has an idea but doesn’t elaborate on it. Convincing everyone to go with their hunch, Nick and the others keep watch on a jewelry store and manage to catch the Wilson Heights Gang as they leave but Harris, trying to get the glory for their capture for himself, gets in the way and the gang is able to escape. Back at their hideout, Mr. Big congratulates the gang on their escape and when they ask him what happened, Mr. Big says that Lassard’s team is getting too close but he will find a way to get them out of the way. Back at the precinct, Nick and the others are worried as Harris appears too happy for their liking. When Hurst and the mayor walk in, Hurst explains that the found some of the stolen gems in Lassard’s office and so the mayor has no choice but to suspend Lassard and his team pending an investigation. Nick and the others ponder what to do for a while and decide that they will work to clear Lassard’s name. Sneaking into the city office, Nick has Hooks pull up the old bus route that the gang seem to be focusing on but she mistakenly pulls up the plans for the new rail line. Realizing that the rail line and bus route are the same, the group realize that Mr. Big started the crime wave in order to lower the property value of the area so he could buy the property cheap. The manage to locate the company that has been buying the property but when they get there, they see no sign of the gang but dynamite and plans to black out the city. At a power station, the Wilson Heights Gang rig up the station to blow then alert Mr. Big, who presses the detonator and blacks out the city. With the power out, Nick and the others work to help out the citizens, though Fackler ends up causing more harm than good as per usual. When Nick happens to see the Wilson Heights Gang leaving an ice cream store. he radios for back up and Hightower, Jones, and Tackleberry join him. Following the gang through the sewers they come to a junction and Nick chooses to continue down the tunnel while Hightower leads the others up the ladder and the find the Wilson Heights Gang waiting for them. Ace and Flash take off and Jones and Tackleberry give chase, leaving Hightower to handle Ox. Ox drops a load of metal on Hightower but Hightower manages to survive and the two begin fighting but when Ox begins telling bad jokes, Hightower has enough and punches him hard enough to finally knock him out. Jones runs into Flash and the two begin fighting but when Flash knocks down the shelf that Jones is on, Jones uses some wires to make it seem like he is a robot, fooling Flash long enough for Jones to knock him out. Tackleberry finds Ace and the two impress each other with their marksmanship but when Ace tries to run, Tackleberry uses a bola to capture him. Nick follows the tunnel but ends up trapped in the room and Mr. Big begins filling it with poison gas but Hightower manages to save him. The two chase after Mr. Big and when he tries to escape in a electrical truck, Nick manages to climb inside the crane’s bucket. Hightower commandeers a monster truck and picks up Jones and Tackleberry, who takes over driving, and they chase after them. Mr. Big tries to get rid of Nick by raising the bucket as he heads towards an overpass but Nick manages to grab some construction scaffolding and drops into the back of the monster truck. The group finds the truck in front of city hall and they head inside, where they find Hurst is the only one there. They start to leave his office when Lassard, Hooks, Callahan, and Fackler walk in with Hurst. When Harris and Proctor show up to add to the confusion, Nick realizes that one of the Hursts is a fake and says the only way to tell is to use the Pinocchio test. Nick pulls on the nose of the Hurst standing next to Lassard and proves he is the real one. When Hightower does the same to the Hurst sitting at Hurst’s desk, he pulls off the mask to reveal the mayor, who starts laughing at them. The mayor thanks Harris for telling him their plans to catch him, revealing Harris to unknowingly be the mole. Hurst has the mayor arrested, then apologizes to Lassard for doubting him and promptly reinstates Lassard and his team. Some time later, Lassard and his team are given medals of honor for their help in the city and as they all sit down, Harris chooses to switch seats with Hightower, not trusting the chair he had been offered. After Harris sits, someone cuts the cord to the bundle of balloons above the stage and Harris ends up floating away with the balloons as the chair he was in was tied to the other end of the balloons, and the officers all salute Harris, with Lassard seen holding the scissors.

Nobody seemed to like the last few Police Academy movies because this movie was also panned, holding a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, most of the critics felt that it was rather lackluster and boring. This movie would be the last to feature Bubba Smith (Hightower), Marion Ramsey (Hooks), Bruce Mahler (Fackler), Lance Kinsey (Proctor), and George R. Robertson (Hurst) in the franchise. Police Academy 6: City Under Siege was a dud at the box office, only pulling in a little over $11.5 million.

Man, this was kind of a chore to watch. The acting was ok for the most part but there were sometimes where some of the actors just seemed to be doing this for a paycheck. The story was pretty simplistic and to be honest, very predictable. As far as the comedy goes, most of it centered around the gang pulling pranks on Harris, or the chaos that ensued around Fackler. The special effects were pretty cheap and a little disappointing. The scene with Fackler directing traffic when the power was out was a bit ruined because you could constantly see the strings on the moths that were flying around him. As the series comes to a close, they are definitely hitting the bottom of the proverbial comedy barrel.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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