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April 29th, 2017 Movie – Point Of Terror

point of terror

I am starting to get back into the habit of sleeping in on Saturday’s. For the most part, this isn’t really a bad thing, but I have been trying to get more things done over the weekend so sleeping in kind of takes away from that. Now today I get to watch another movie from the Pure Terror box set and I will be honest, this doesn’t bode well for me in terms of being able to stay awake. Considering the two box sets that I bought from Mill Creek after Christmas, I find it funny how for all the praise I heap upon the Legends OF Terror set, I find myself slamming this set just as often. Well, let’s see what I get with today’s movie, Point Of Terror.

The plot: A lounge singer named Tony Trelos wakes up from a nightmare while laying on the beach and is approached by a woman named Andrea Hilliard. Andrea mentions that this is a private beach and flirts with Tony some before he leaves to go to work and she comments about possibly coming to see him, unaware that Andrea’s husband Martin, who is confined to wheelchair, observes them from the cliffs above. That night, Tony is singing and notices Andrea sitting by the stage watching him so after the set, he goes to speak with her. When she said she liked his act and asked if he considered cutting an album, he said he did once but it cost him a small fortune to make it. Andrea asks to hear it so Tony invites her to his place and plays it for her where, after making a few comments about it, tells him that she runs a record label and offers to help him make a better album. The two start kissing before Tony gets a phone call and Andrea gets his number and says that she will have her secretary draw up the paperwork as she leaves. Tony’s girlfriend Sally shows up and he tells her the good news but Sally warns him about Andrea and after talking for a while, they decide to go out for a swim. The next day, Martin is upset about a shipment being delayed while Andrea is having drinks by the pool with her friend Fran and ignores Martin when he tries calling her on the phone. Andrea is talking about Tony and invites Fran to hear him sing but Fran warns her to be careful with the affair around Martin, knowing how jealous he gets. When Martin comes down to the pool and starts arguing with Andrea about her drinking and not wanting to run the business. When Andrea protests that she has her own life, Martin says it is her fault that he is in the wheelchair, as well as commenting about how they are in this together as she was the one to kill his first wife while they were having an affair. That night, Andrea goes to see Tony and ends up having a brief confrontation with Sally while Tony is in the shower. Sally leaves and Tony speaks with Andrea and still feels like she is simply stringing him along with the record deal but Andrea calls the studio and arranges to have Tony come down and do a recording. As Tony works on recording some tracks, the studio manager contacts Martin, who says if the manager likes it to go ahead and release it but afterwards, he plans on ensuring that Tony never records another record again. Later, after celebrating, Andrea invites Tony back to her place for a swim and though Tony is nervous about Martin catching them, he joins her and the two end up having sex in the pool. When Tony leaves, Martin comes down and confronts Andrea over the affair and at first she denies it but then starts taunting him about it. As the argument escalates, with Andrea throwing things at Martin while he chases after her in his wheelchair, he ends up accidentally falling into the pool and drowns. At the funeral, Tony goes to pay his respects and sees Martin’s daughter Helayne arrive. Afterwards, While Andrea and Helayne are talking outside, Fran tells Tony about their relationship and how she was attending school in Europe. Later, Andrea and Tony get in an argument and when Tony threatens to call the cops and say that Martin’s death wasn’t an accident, she dares him to, threatening to reveal the affair which could cause him to be implicated as well and as an image of Helayne flashes through his mind, Tony hangs up the phone. The next day, Tony goes by the Lobster House to check on Sally, who he had been ignoring while he was seeing Andrea, and learns that she went home sick. A drunken Fran calls out to him and realizing she is in no shape to drive, takes her home. After bringing her inside Andrea’s guest house and directing her towards the bed, Tony is about to leave when he runs into Helayne, who invites him to stay for coffee but he refuses and heads home. The next day, Tony calls Helayne to check on Fran and then invites her out to go horseback riding. Helayne accepts and the two end up beginning to date. After a week goes by, Fran comments to Helayne about her being so happy and when Helayne tells her she has been seeing Tony, Fran warns her and tells her about Tony and Andrea. That night, Helayne says she is considering going back to Europe and when Tony asks about them, she asks him about his relationship with Andrea. Tony tells her it was over and they have a strictly business relationship now and that he loves her and convinces her to go with him to get married that night after his show and Helayne agrees. As Tony is packing his bags, Sally comes to see him and informs him she is pregnant but Tony tells her he can’t help her and leaves. Tony and Helayne head to Tijuana to get married, then return to the house to celebrate as Andrea is out of town on business. Unknown to them, Andrea has returned early and decides to relax by having some drinks and taking some pills. Helayne sees Andrea walking around outside by the cliffs and tells Tony, who goes to talk to her. Tony informs her that he married Helayne and Andrea laughs as she thinks he did so for the money and informs Tony that a clause in Martin’s will stated that if Helayne got married before she turned 25, then she would get married. When Tony says he can support her on his record sells, Andrea says that she can keep the record delayed indefinitely but Tony says they will find a way to make it work. Andrea suggests that he have a relationship with both of them but Tony spurns her and Andrea grabs onto him, refusing to let him go and as Tony tries to shake her loose, she ends up falling off the cliff to her death on the rocks below. Helayne had witnessed what occurred and rushes to Tony and hugs him as they head inside to call the police. The detectives rule it as an accidental death, noting the alcohol and pills in her system and that nobody knew she had come back in town. Tony and Helayne are packing to go on a trip after the funeral while Fran wonders what to do with her friend dead. Tony gets a call from Sally and agrees to go talk to her, asking Fran to take Helayne to the airport and telling her he will meet her there. When Tony gets to Sally’s house, she ends up shooting him repeatedly and as he lies bleeding on the ground, he screams out. Suddenly, Tony finds himself on the beach just as Andrea is introducing herself, as it seems that everything that had happened was just a premonition of what could happen.

Ok, this is one of the rare good movies in this set. There were a lot of good things about this movie but they were almost ruined by a poorly explained plot. The acting was good, with Peter Carpenter (Tony), Dyanne Thorne (Andrea), and Lory Hansen (Helayne) Doing good jobs in their roles. I also liked Joel Marsten (Martin) and thought the bartender duo (Al Dunlap (Charlie) and Dana Diamond (Waitress)) made for some funny little segues. The basic premise was pretty good but the dialogue made the plot overly confusing at times and you are left to guess as to some of what had occurred. The special effects weren’t exactly the greatest and there was definitely an overdose of the 70’s in the movie, especially during the opening credits. A lot of potential but a bit disappointing as a final product.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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