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April 21st, 2017 Movie – The Nightmare Never Ends

the nightmare never ends

So another low budget horror movie for me to watch and I honestly have no idea what I am getting into with this one. Based on the cover art alone, it looks like I am getting something with zombie Nazis. If that is the case, then this could be interesting, but I learned a long time ago not to judge a movie by it’s cover. So will I be entertained or disappointed with today’s movie? Only way to find out is to go ahead and watch The Nightmare Never Ends.

The plot: Claire Hansen has a nightmare involving fire, smoke, and demonic laughter. The next day, her husband James takes Claire to Las Vegas for a vacation but during the drive, Claire wonders about her dreams. When the couple attend a show, the clairvoyant uses Claire in part of his act and has her close her eyes. Claire ends up falling into a trance, where she witnesses a group of Nazis having dinner before their commanding officer comes in and, after chastising the squad’s leader for not meeting his quota, kill the women that are playing music for the soldiers. After the show, Claire approaches the clairvoyant and asks for his help in dealing with her nightmares and, even though the man admits he is not a clairvoyant but a former ventriloquist, Claire invites him to dinner. After she leaves, the clairvoyant is preparing for his next act when he is engulfed in a strange red light and ends up dying. Claire feels guilty and goes to the crime scene and speaks to the police, where the only clue they have is the word Moloch, which the clairvoyant wrote before he died. Elsewhere, Abraham Weiss is watching TV when he sees a man named Mr. Olivier being interviewed and gets very agitated. He heads across the hallway to his neighbor, police Lt. Sterne and asks for his help, saying he found the man he had been searching for, as Weiss is a Holocaust survivor who spends his days hunting down Nazi. The two head to the ballet and Weiss sees Olivier and convinces Sterne to follow him to his house but afterwards, Sterne feels it is crazy as the man hasn’t appeared to age a day. Weiss takes him back to his apartment and shows him pictures of Olivier in a Nazi uniform and Sterne agrees that the faces are identical but it is impossible for them to be the same man. Sterne heads back to his apartment but Weiss heads back to Olivier’s house, intending to kill him but ends up being attacked. Meanwhile, Claire and James are at dinner and Claire is telling James she received a call from Weiss complaining about James’ new book, “God Is Dead”, but James dismisses it as nothing. The next day, Claire is working at the hospital when Weiss’ body is brought in, being brutally beaten and with a strange 666 tattoo on him. In another part of the hospital, Sterne is talking to the officer that found Weiss, who says Weiss’ last words were “Look at the wall.” James is doing a book signing, though some people aren’t happy with it, and Claire tries to get him to cancel the publication but James feels like this is his most important piece of work. Meanwhile, the man Weiss was after is being shown slides of James and is told that James is doing their work but is not one of them and that the biggest deterrent to that is Claire. James goes to a meeting at the foundation he works at and is told that they don’t need the controversy that his book will generate. A man named Papini pays a visit to James and tries to warn him that there is a God and a Satan but James dismisses him. When James is out for a run, he runs into Papini again and Papini continues to try and convince James that there is a God when he suddenly starts staring out into the ocean, saying something is there, then quickly leaves. That night, Papini is keeping watch on the Hansen’s house when 4 police officers show up and arrest him, with Papini screaming out to the Hansen’s that they are in danger. Claire wakes up from the commotion and goes to look out the window only to have a giant snake leap at her, and when she goes to wake James, he is a zombie, causing her to wake up from yet another nightmare. James takes Claire to a disco, which happens to be run by Olivier, and run into their nephew Jim and his girlfriend Ann. At the same time, Sterne and his partner are at the disco keeping tabs on Olivier. After James and Claire leaves, Ann ends up leaving with Olivier, where she witness him taking off his pants to reveal cloven feet and screams out. Back at the disco, Jim is trying to locate Ann and is told she left with someone but as he continues to wait as the disco closes, a car pulls up and Ann is dumped out of it. Sterne goes to Olivier’s house to warn him about Jim seeking revenge as well as question him about Weiss’ death. When Jim goes to try and kill Olivier, he is attacked and killed and Olivier is brought in for questioning. Claire continues to worry about James and begs him not to do this television special but he insists on doing it. Olivier sees the special and calls James, asking to meet with him and saying a boat will be at the pier to pick him up. James gets on the boat and is taken to Olivier’s island home but as he waits for Olivier to show up, he falls asleep and has some nightmares. When he wakes up, Olivier calls out to James from his balcony and tells James to accept Satan as his master but when James refuses, saying he doesn’t believe in either God or Satan, and Olivier ends up killing him. Papini tries calling Claire, who says she can’t see him right now, so he sneaks into the hospital and confronts her, saying that is she had listened to him, James might still be alive, but now he plans on going to confront him and only one of them will live. Olivier sneaks out onto the island but is confronted by one of Olivier’s women, who reveals herself to be a demon and summons a storm that forces Papini out of the house and back into the sea. The next day, Sterne has Claire examine the body and the Olivier, who claims not to know him. Sterne and his partner go back to the Weiss’ apartment, where Sterne shows his partner the photos on the wall and they realize that Olivier is over 100 years old. Heading to Olivier’s house, Sterne has his partner wait in the car while he goes to check on it but Olivier manages to kill Sterne’s partner and when Sterne goes to check on him, the car explodes when he open the door, killing him. The next day, Claire sees Olivier leaving with Ann and she hits Olivier with her car, then has Ann help her take him to the hospital. Using an unused operating room, Ann takes out Olivier’s heart and plans to incinerate it but when her back is turned, Olivier gets up and kills Ann, then Claire, before putting his clothes back on and calmly walking out the door.

To be honest, this was a very confusing movie to watch. The acting was ok, with Faith Clift (Claire) and Cameron Mitchell (Sterne) doing decent jobs, but Richard Moll just seemed to robotic in his portrayal. The basic plot actually seemed interesting at first but the way it was cut and edited together just didn’t really make for an effective story. The special effects definitely showcased the low budget and the light effects that were used actually hurt the movie at times instead of helped it. Probably not something that anyone is going to be in a rush to see.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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