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April 17th, 2017 Movie – The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave

the night evelyn came out of the grave

Man, did I have a pretty relaxing weekend. The majority of it was spent watching the new episodes of MST3K on Netflix. So with all of the cheesy movies that I have watched over the weekend, what’s one more movie to start the day. Today’s movie comes from the Pure Terror box set so odds are, it will probably be just such a movie. So let’s see what kind of movie we have today as I watch, The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave.

The plot: A man climbs down a bed-sheet ladder and attempts to escape from a mental institution but the guards manage to quickly grab him before he scales the fence and carry him back to the main building. Some time later, the man, Alan, has picked up a prostitute and takes her back to his old family estate. The prostitute is a little nervous but attempts to seduce him but Alan begins whipping her and straps her to a chair. Alan is prepared to brand her but ends up breaking down when he hears the voice of his deceased wife Evelyn calling out to him. When the voice asks him to come to the garden, he refuses, saying that is where he saw her running naked to a strange man. The prostitute is frightened and asks who Evelyn is but Alan ignores her and picks up a knife. As he approaches the prostitute, she tells him her friends wrote down his license plate but he tells her he used a fake plate to pick her up, then kills her, unaware that he is being watched. The next morning, Alan is burning the prostitutes clothes and belongings but the smoke is seen by his friend and psychiatrist Richard, who is on his way to the hospital. Richard has his driver stop the car just as Alan is about to drive off and Richard and Alan head inside to talk. Richard warns Alan that if he is not careful, he could spend his days in a criminal asylum instead of a normal one. Alan tells Richard that he is planning on having a seance to contact Evelyn’s spirit in an attempt to put her memory behind it and invites him to come but Richard forbids him to do it. After Richard leaves, Evelyn’s brother Albert, who works as a groundskeeper for Alan, comments about hearing strange noises coming from the castle and Alan pays him off to be quiet. That night, the seance is held and Alan’s cousin, and only heir, George is in attendance as well as their friend Farley. As the seance commences, Albert demands to attend it but Alan ends up fainting before it can truly get underway. A short time later, Alan makes the decision to head back to London to live and tells Farley and George this. In London, Alan goes to a strip club and picks up a stripper named Susie, offering 1000 pounds to spend the weekend with him. Susie eagerly accepts but when Alan takes her back to his family’s estate, he proceeds to whip her and chokes her into unconsciousness. As Alan goes to prepare a syringe, Susie, who had faked being unconscious, sees this and quickly runs from the room with Alan giving chase. Susie manages to make it outside and Alan catches up to her but before he can kill her, Alan hears the voice of Evelyn again and passes out. When Alan comes too, Susie is gone and Alan gets rid of her things and pays off Albert when he gets suspicious. Richard goes to check on Alan and says that he shouldn’t be in London as he needs peace and relaxation. Richard also suggests getting married again and Alan says he will consider it. Later, Alan calls Farley and tells him he wants the family castle restored and tell Farley he has his full authority to spend as much as it takes. In London, Alan attends a party that George is hosting and sees a woman named Gladys, instantly falling in love with her. Alan manages to finally introduce himself to Gladys and after talking for a while, they end up having sex and Alan asks her to marry him and she accepts. They return to the family estate and Evelyn is amazed at how it looks before Alan introduces her to George. Later, Alan is walking the grounds and Albert confronts him, saying it was a mistake for him to remarry but Alan ignores him and walks away. That night, Gladys exits the shower and as Alan is kissing her neck, she asks if he can remove the portrait of Evelyn that is in the bedroom. When Alan notices his glass of milk isn’t on his night stand, Gladys goes to fetch him a new glass but when she returns, she tells him that there was a new maid with red hair in the kitchen, which freaks out Alan. The next day, Alan questions his Aunt Agatha, who is in charge of hiring the maids, about the incident but Agatha assures him none of the maids have red hair and that Gladys must have been mistaken. As Alan continues to think that Evelyn is calling out to him, Gladys is worried about him and speaks to Richard about it. Learning that Alan had planned to divorce Evelyn and Evelyn wanted the baby to try and save their marriage, Gladys wonders if Evelyn faked her death. Getting the necessary papers, Gladys heads to the cemetery and asks the grounds keeper to open her tomb but they discover that it is empty. Meanwhile, Albert, who is upset that Gladys is trying to replace his sister, is watching them when a mysterious stranger sneaks up on him and has a venomous snake bite him in the neck. As Albert succumbs to the venom, the stranger grabs him and drags him to an open grave and proceeds to bury him. The next day, Agatha is still trying to figure out how Gladys could have seen a red headed maid and George suggests it might have been a thief disguised in one of the maid’s outfits and Gladys had simply surprised her. When Agatha checks the china cabinet, she discovers all of the silver has been taken, giving credence to George’s theory. Agatha wants to call the police but Alan tells her he doesn’t want the cops involved. That night, Gladys sneaks out onto the grounds to look around and Agatha follows after her. When her wheelchair can go no further, Agatha stands up and peers out from behind a bush as Gladys heads towards the walled off chapel but someone strikes Agatha repeatedly with a rock, killing her and dragging her body to the fox cages. Gladys enters the chapel but Alan shows up and yells at her to leave, then starts to slap her until George shows up, telling him of Albert’s death and convincing Alan that Gladys couldn’t have opened the chapel. After Agatha’s body is discovered, Alan seems to be having slipping more into a psychotic state, and starts to strangle Gladys when he believes that she is Evelyn. Apologizing for what happened, Gladys begs Alan to get rid of the portrait of Evelyn and Alan allows her to destroy it. Later that night, as a storm rages, Gladys screams out and says she sees Evelyn outside and Alan heads out to see for himself. Heading towards the chapel, Alan sees a skeletal Evelyn heading out of the chapel beckoning to him and he passes out and Evelyn heads back into the chapel, where she takes off the mask and wig to reveal that it is Susie. Richard comes to take Alan back to the mental institution, saying he might never recover and, with him being incapacitated, his will is read, with George and Gladys getting the bulk of it while some money is also given to Richard and Farley. Gladys and George have sex and reveal that they had worked together to drive Alan insane so they can get the money and George takes Gladys to a cottage so they can celebrate without raising suspicions. George pours them some champagne but while Gladys drinks her glass, George doesn’t drink his. As Gladys starts to feel weird, Susie shows up, saying she impersonated Evelyn and reveals that she was working with George to get all of the money and that they poisoned the champagne. As the two mock her plight, Gladys manages to grab a knife and repeatedly stab Susie, killing her, then starts crawling towards George before the poison finally kills her. George quickly leaves the cottage but he is confronted by Richard and Alan, who reveal that they faked Alan’s last attack as they realized someone was trying to manipulate him. George strikes Richard and then struggles with Alan, before Alan ends up throwing George into the nearby pool, then Alan throws some bags of fertilizer into the pool, raising the acidity of the pool and causing it to horribly burn George before the police arrive to take him away.

This was an interesting little horror mystery but I feel like it could have been a little better. The acting was ok, though the dubbing was a little off at times. The story was a nice little mystery, and did have a twist or two that I honestly didn’t expect, but the pacing was thrown off by the sudden jumps from scene to scene, which left little explanation as to what was going on at times. If they did a better job transitioning between scenes, it would have kept the mood a lot more effective. Aside from the film’s pacing, the only thing that I didn’t care for was the actual film quality, as it looked seriously roughed up at times and there was one part where it looked poorly developed and out of sync, as in it looked like the first couple inches of the bottom of the frame was on the top and a noticeable line separating the top and bottom of the frame. It did get cleared up but it was seriously annoying. Still, it was a decent Italian horror movie, not enough to give you nightmares, but good for watching on a stormy night.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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