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April 1st, 2017 Movie – Legacy Of Blood

legacy of blood

Happy April Fools everybody. I always find the idea that a day dedicated to playing jokes on people is kind of neat, so long as the jokes don’t go too far. Now I don’t think that the date has anything to do with today’s movie, but you never know. This movie comes from the Legacy Of Horror set, and I have liked just about every one of the movies I have watched so far. But the joke could be on me and this movie could be terrible. Guess I will have to watch it and see for myself so let’s dive right into today’s movie, Legacy Of Blood.

The plot: Tom Drake arrives at the mansion of the late Christopher Dean and proceeds to play a recording that serves as the last will and testament. Christopher leaves $1 million each to his three servants (Igor, Helga, & Frank) to be drawn as wages so long as they stay and maintain the house and property. He leaves the bulk of his estate to his four children (Gregory, Veronica, Johnny, and Leslie) provided that they spend one week living in the house. After Tom leaves, Leslie and her husband Carl head upstairs, where Leslie worries on if her father hated her but Karl does his best to assuage her fears and tells her to get some sleep. Elsewhere, Johnny and Veronica are playing pool and Veronica is talking about spending all of their father’s money, while teasing Johnny over his feelings for Leslie. When Carl shows up, Johnny leaves and Veronica starts teasing and attempting to seduce Carl. Meanwhile, Gregory and his wife Laura are outside trying to find their dog only to discover that someone has killed it. Sheriff Dan Garcia is called in to investigate and as he is searching the grounds, he hears a scream coming from the house and heads that way, not noticing that someone was behind him with an axe. Dan heads to the house and asks about the scream and Carl says that Leslie suffers from bad dreams and was sleepwalking. Dan goes to leave and runs into Igor, who was burying the dog. When his car won’t start, Dan starts cursing Christopher and his family, then gets out to see if he can fix it, with Frank showing up to help him. After getting his car started, Dan leaves but comes across a car that was abandoned on the side of the property and as he goes to investigate, someone kills him with an axe. The next day, Carl and Veronica are talking about what happened between Johnny and Leslie, then head upstairs to get some food. Veronica grabs a foil wrapped plate, believing it to be some leftover ham, but when she takes off the foil, they see that it is Dan’s severed head. Veronica screams and Frank and Igor show up and when they see the head, Frank has Igor cover it back up. Getting everyone together, they try calling the police but realize that the phones are dead and the last time anyone remembers the phones working was when they called Dan the night before. As people try to get some sleep, Carl takes some wine to Veronica’s room but she turns him down. Gregory and Laura try watching TV for a while before heading back to their room, when they pass by Johnny who is laughing hysterically. Johnny heads downstairs and Frank soon joins him and they play a game of pool before heading into the kitchen for a snack. Meanwhile, Gregory and Laura get ready for bed but as Gregory goes to turn out the lamp, the two end up being electrocuted. The others notice the lights flickering in the house and go to investigate and soon discover the bodies. Everyone begins getting suspicious of each other as they realize that someone in the house is most likely the culprit. Johnny seems to be slipping further and further into madness and asks Helga why there is so much hate in the house and Helga tries to comfort him. Veronica goes to see Frank, as she has always had a crush on him, but Frank kicks her out of his room then loads his gun for his protection. Leslie starts having flashbacks to what happened between Johnny, herself, and her father, and wants to speak to Johnny but Carl gives her some medicine and convinces her to wait until morning. After he leaves the room, Johnny sneaks in to talk with Leslie and the two end up kissing before Johnny runs from the room screaming. Johnny heads downstairs and ends up pursued by the killer. Leslie puts on a robe and goes looking for Johnny but when she gets downstairs, she finds Johnny’s body in the fish tank. Leslie runs from the room and heads outside, where she is pursued by someone and starts screaming. Carl hears her screams and goes outside looking for her. Frank also hears the screams and heads downstairs, where he finds Johnny’s body before heading outside. Eventually, a gunshot is heard and Carl finds Leslie’s body with a bullet hole in her forehead and a gun on the ground nearby. Carl picks up the gun but has it quickly grabbed from his hand by Frank, just as Veronica shows up. They take him back inside the house, where they tie him to a chair and lock him in a cupboard. Veronica expresses some doubt that Carl is actually the killer and believes it could be Igor and Helga. Frank tries to calm her down by kissing her, admitting to her that he wanted to do that the first moment he saw her. Meanwhile, someone opens the cupboard door and releases a container full of bees into the room. Frank and Veronica hear Carl screaming and open the door to find him dead from multiple bee stings. Seeing someone moving in the dark, Frank grabs the figure only to discover that it is Christopher. Veronica is shocked to find her father still alive but Christopher says that he was not the father to any of them, saying their mother probably didn’t know either. Suddenly, the shelf next to them topples over and Frank, Veronica, and Christopher are all killed, while Igor and Helga stand over the wreckage and smile. Heading up to the kitchen, Igor asks Helga for a snack and says for her to address him as Mr. Garin. Helga prepares the snack, then heads into the other room and begins playing the piano. Igor soon stumbles into the room and sits in the chair next to her. He asks about the cookie and she confirms that it was poisoned. Igor asks her why before he dies and Helga stops playing the piano and, addressing the audience, says, “And I’ll bet you thought it was the butler all along.”

Yeh, I think the joke was on me this time. This sounded good on paper but wound up being a bit of a confusing mess. The acting was ok, with nobody really doing anything to stand out, though I did think Richard Davalos (Johnny) and Brooke Mills (Leslie) did a good job playing their own shades of madness. The basic plot sounded great, in the whole people being killed off for an inheritance motif, but the sub-plots and back stories they put in to try and create some character development just wound up being confusing. The special effects were definitely on the cheap side and actually detracted from the intended scares at times, especially the scene where Dan was killed as it just looked especially cheesy. So yeh, the joke is on me because I know how this could be called a Legend of Horror.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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