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March 31st, 2017 Movie – 2 Lava 2 Lantula

2 lava 2 lantula

Sometimes, they just try too hard to make a sequel good. See, when the first Lavalantula came out during the Sharknado week on Syfy a few years ago, I was honestly curious about it, especially since they got several actors from the Police Academy franchise to play in it. I wound up enjoying the movie and was happy to hear that a sequel was already confirmed to be in the works. So the next year, I eagerly sat down to watch the latest movie and…well, see for yourself with today’s movie, 2 Lava 2 Lantula.

The plot: Colton West and his friend Marty are acting in a movie called Clown Cops but the director is upset because Colton keeps trying to turn it more dramatic. When the director threatens to contact the studio, Colton fakes almost passing out from low blood sugar to get the director to leave him alone. When his assistant tells him his credit card was declined due to some suspicious charges in Ft. Lauderdale, Colton calls his step-daughter Raya, who is going to school there. As the two talk on the phone, a sudden tremor occurs at the beach and Raya gets disconnected from Colton as fireballs erupt from the ground and release lavalantulas onto the beach. Raya and her friends, Casey and Daniella, try to run but Casey is grabbed by a lavalantula and though Raya tries to help her, she is dragged into a sinkhole as more lavalantulas emerge. Back in his trailer, Colton tries getting in touch with Raya when he sees the news report about what is happening. He doesn’t want to get involved but at the urging of Marty and Teddy, he agrees to go. Marty shows him some new guns that he was working on in case this happened and, along with Colton’s assistant Kyle, they hijack the helicopter the movie was using and head towards Ft. Lauderdale. Meanwhile, Raya and Daniella head back to get their bags and try to warn the people at the hotel about the lavalantulas when lavalantualas begin attacking the hotel. One of them jumps on Daniella and burns her shoulder but Raya is able to knock it away. Colton sends Kyle to get a car while he and Marty search a hotel for survivors. When they split up, Colton finds a man being tortured by two Columbians when a lavalantula attacks and kills the two thugs while Colton saves the man. Meeting back up with Marty, Colton and Marty head out of the hotel but see the body of the man Colton saved surrounded by lavalantulas and they proceed to kill the spiders but some of their blood gets on their clothes and they are forced to take them off. After getting a change of clothes, Kyle catches up to them and they continue heading to find Raya. Meanwhile, Raya and Daniella are trying to figure out what to do and duck into an auto shop. Inside, they find TJ and Brick, two men that are fans of Colton West and built their own freeze guns to deal with the lavalantulas. Learning that Colton is Raya’s stepfather, they agree to help her just as some lavalantulas attack the shop. Colton, Marty, and Kyle are heading towards Ft. Lauderdale when they come across a military roadblock and even though Colton tries to explain who he is, the MPs refuse to let him through. Suddenly, the ground starts to open up and lavalantulas begin attacking the roadblock and Colton is forced to leave but ends up getting his car stuck in the everglades. Colton receives a call from his son Wyatt, who had heard the news and is worried about Colton and Raya but Colton says they are fine and they are going to be leaving the city soon. Making their way through the glades, they come to the home of Alligator Dundee, who agrees to loan them a boat to get to Ft. Lauderdale. Raya, TJ, Brick, and Daniella are trying to get out of the city but when they come across a sinkhole, they are attacked by lavalantulas and run out of liquid nitrogen for their guns. Daniella suggests going to their school and getting some from the medlab and though Brick thinks it is a bad idea, TJ decides to head there. Back in the glades, Alligator is leading them to the boat and shows them a strange outcropping that appeared in the swamp when lavalantulas suddenly start coming out of it. As Colton and the others fend off the lavalantulas on their way to the boat, the lavalantulas begin firing spines from their bodies, killing Alligator as Colton gets the airboat moving. Kyle uses Colton’s phone tracker app to locate Raya and they start heading off in her direction. Meanwhile, Raya and the others reach the school only to find it deserted. As Daniella starts to feel sick, TJ asks Raya if she was bitten or burned, telling her what happened to people that were bitten in Los Angeles, and Raya insists that she was burned. Heading inside to the med lab, they enter the cold room to get the liquid nitrogen tanks but as they go to leave, they find a lavalantula blocking their way. Realizing that the spider couldn’t see her because of the cold from the freezer room, Daniella says they should try to lower their body temperatures in order to escape. Back in the glades, Colton, Kyle, and Marty beach the airboat at an alligator show, which suddenly comes under attack from some lavalantulas. After Colton saves the show’s owner, he asks to borrow an old helicopter and the owner agrees and Colton is able to fly it to Ft. Lauderdale. Back at the school, Raya and TJ go to get the guns and reload them, killing the spider from the room when it chases after them. After they leave, Brick and Daniella exit the freezer and Daniella asks Brick to check her wound when baby lavalantulas start popping out of the wound and Daniella is incinerated from the inside. Brick meets up with TJ and Raya and they try to escape but Brick ends up surrounded and is killed. Running through the kitchen, Raya and TJ fend off the lavalantulas but when they find themselves surrounded, they are saved by Colton and Marty. Colton tells Marty to get the helicopter ready while he has Raya pull up a thermal image of the city so he can find the queen. When Raya pulls up the image, Colton realizes that the queen is much larger than the one he faced in Los Angeles. Suddenly, the phone rings and Colton, knowing it will be the military, answers it. Colonel Jester, who has commandeered the movie set as his base of operations, speaks with Colton and Colton tries to warn him about the queen, Jester ignores his warnings and tells Colton to stay out of the way. Tj takes everyone to his house, where after fending off a lavalantula attack, they head inside. As they are eating dinner, Marty asks TJ’s father, Hal, about a chemical he used to fend off the lavalantulas. Hal explains it was fire retardant foam he had from when he was a fire fighter. When he learns that they have more of it at the airfield and planes capable of delivering it, Colton comes up with a plan to kill the queen, just as news reports show the queen emerging from the ground in downtown Miami. Jester has his men attack the queen but the heat from her body causes the missiles to explode before they even come in contact with her so Jester puts in a call to the President to order a nuclear strike. Colton and the others reach the airfield and after giving a rousing speech, Colton boards the plane with Hal, Marty, Kyle, and a few other men. Colton contacts Jester as they are flying and tells him not to use nukes, then has Hal fly the plane as high as he can to freeze the plane. The plane freezes up but they end up in a stall and start falling towards Miami. Hal is able to get the engines going again but damage from the queen’s spikes have damaged the drop mechanism. Realizing that the only way to ensure the foam makes it to the queen is to do it manually, Colton radios the hangar and says goodbye to Raya, then climbs onto the payload and has Marty and Kyle push it off the plane. Colton rides the payload down and just as the queen spits a fireball at him, he releases the foam and pulls the ripcord on his parachute. The foam covers the queen, lowering her temperature, and Hal radios Jester and tells him to attack the queen. The planes fire their missiles and the queen is destroyed, but Colton’s fate is left unknown. Hal lands the plane and he exits with Marty and Kyle, and they all hug their friends and family in the hangar. As Raya turns to head inside, she hears footsteps behind her and turns to see Colton walking towards the hangar and the two embrace. Colton contacts Jester to let him know he is alive, then heads into the hangar to celebrate with Raya and their friends.

There were some good parts to this movie, but it honestly left me a little disappointed. The acting was decent, though there were times I couldn’t tell if Steve Guttenberg’s (Colton) over acting was intentional or not. The story was good, though they could have done a better job of explaining what caused the lavalantulas to start emerging in Florida. I also think they went a little overboard in spoofing/referencing other movies in this film; as there were references to Poltergeist, Dr. Strangelove, Jurassic Park, Miami Vice, Predator, and Crocodile Dundee among others. The special effects were good and I did like the new addition of the lavalantulas being able to shoot spines from their back/abdomens, as it made for a new twist to the creatures. A good movie but I think they could have done a better job with it.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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