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March 21st, 2017 Movie – Keep My Grave Open

keep my grave open

Well, I have come to an end to the comic book movies for the time being. So now it is back to some bad horror movies. I am probably being a bit harsh with that but I am honestly pretty disappointed in this Pure Terror box set. So today’s movie is another 70’s horror movie that has a great sounding title for a horror movie. I’m pretty sure the studios gave some of these movies titles like this just for the sole purpose of getting them to see the movie because they weren’t able to do it based on the merits of the movie itself. Let’s see if  that holds true with today’s movie, Keep My Grave Open.

The plot: A hitchhiker is getting a ride on the back of a pickup until the driver pulls over and tells him to get off. The man starts walking down the road until he comes to the entrance to an estate and, seeing the no trespassing signs on the gate, decides to risk going to the house. When he reaches the house, the man calls out to see if anyone is home and when no one answers when he walks in, he heads to the kitchen to grab some food. The man then gets spooked and leaves, not noticing a light upstairs suddenly turning off. As the man is cooking some of his stolen food on a fire, a figure approaches him and kills him with a sword. Some time later, Leslie Fontaine heads to the local market to get some supplies and picks up a package from the post office. When she gets home, she calls out to her brother Kevin that she is making coffee but Kevin refuses to come down. When Robert, the farm hand that works on the farm, enters the house and asks to use Caesar, the prize horse, in a calf roping contest and Leslie says she will think about it. As she tries talking to Kevin again, Dr. Emerson calls, saying she missed another appointment and asking if she is all right. Leslie gets irritated with Emerson and finally agrees to allowing him to make a house call next week. Suzie, Robert’s girlfriend, gets a ride to come visit Robert, who she says has been to busy at the Fontaine place to come see her. When Suzy keeps pestering Robert to fool around, he grabs her and drives her back home and after they leave, someone takes the horse out for a ride. Inside the house, Leslie is arguing with Kevin and goes to lay down in her bed but when she gets up later and tries talking to him, she doesn’t hear a response and goes outside, yelling for Kevin to come back. Meanwhile, Suzie had snuck back out to the barn and is waiting for Robert to come back when someone locks her inside the barn. As she tries to get out, the person begins dragging a sword across the sides of the barn, occasionally stabbing through the walls of the barn, all in order to scare Suzie until the person finally stabs her through the chest as she tries to escape. The next day Emerson shows and questions Leslie about her relationship with Kevin, saying they are unnaturally close, and Leslie says that when they were raised by their aunt, who hated children, they were forced to grow close because they were all each other had. Robert shows up for work but Leslie tells him to come back tomorrow, as the only thing to be done was feed to horses. That night, Leslie dresses up and gets lost in her memories of being with her lover but is interrupted when Robert starts knocking on the door. Leslie answers it and invites Robert inside, where he asks her about being able to use Caesar, but she asks him to dance with her and wants to be with him. Leslie says she wants to shower with Robert and heads into the bathroom but when Robert goes in after a few minutes, he is attacked and killed by Leslie, who is dressed as her brother Kevin. The next night, Leslie heads out to a bar and hires a prostitute to come to the house and when she gets there, Leslie questions her for a few minutes before having her wait in the bedroom. When Leslie shows up in Kevin’s clothes, the prostitute tries to seduce her until she sees it is Leslie, then she gets upset and gets her clothes back on. As she goes to leave, she sees Leslie with the sword and tries to run but ends up on the balcony. When Leslie approaches her, the prostitute manages to slash Leslie’s arm with a knife she had hidden in her purse. The two women continue to struggle and the prostitute makes it to the barn, where she hides in a car that is inside it but finds that Leslie had stored the bodies of her other victims inside the car, just before Leslie stabs her through the window. In shock, Leslie calls Dr. Emerson and asks that he come over. When he gets there, he asks about Leslie’s arm but she ignores him, and tells him that Kevin is gone and she has made Emerson the executor of her will. She then tries to seduce Emerson but he refuses her and says that she needs to get out of that house. As Emerson leaves, Leslie heads up into the bathroom and takes a bunch of pills in order to commit suicide. Later, Emerson is commenting about her death at her grave site and after he leaves, Kevin shows up to say his goodbyes. Kevin then heads into the house, yelling upstairs that coffee will be ready soon, before heading outside and grabbing a shovel, commenting that she could have at least buried them, before heading toward the car in the barn.

Yup, another confusing mess of a movie that didn’t really deliver the scares. The acting was pretty uninspiring as most of the characters just seemed to be going through the motions with their performances except for Camilla Carr (Leslie), who did a pretty decent job in her role. The story sounded interesting but there were too many times where it just kind of came across as a poor copy of Hitchcock’s Psycho, especially the times when Leslie was dressed as Kevin and attacking people. The film quality used in this box set was pretty bad as there were a lot of lines and scratches in the film, but even those physical problems couldn’t help some of the bad camera work, primarily the lighting, in this movie. Unless you are a fan of Camilla Carr, then you would be better off passing on this.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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