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March 11th, 2017 Movie – It Happened At Nightmare Inn

it happened at nightmare inn

My apologies for the lateness of today’s blog but I have had a pretty busy day. To start with, I went to see Kong: Skull Island with my two younger brothers and didn’t get home until almost 1 in the morning. Then I helped my baby brother out some and did a couple of errands. I went back home and managed to watch the movie before I had to leave to go to my niece’s birthday party. Then I got back home and managed to finish the blog for today’s movie, It Happened At Nightmare Inn.

The plot: Two sisters, Marta and Veronica, run a small inn in Spain and as they are chopping meat to prepare for meals, they complain about the rash of short-skirted tourists that constantly vacation in the area. When Laura Barkley arrives at the inn and asks about her sister, May, that was supposed to meet her there, they tell her that she had left already, then show her to a room. As Laura leaves to explore the town, Marta and Veronica head down to the basement, where they proceed to clean some blood splatter on the floor and that night, Marta proceeds to have nightmares over what they have done. The next day, Laura heads to the museum to ask about May and runs into Eduardo, who was friends with May and supposed to meet up with her. Later that day, Marta and Veronica are serving lunch at the inn and send Luis, a teenager that works for them, to take some lunch up to Laura. Luis brings the lunch to Laura’s room, where she declines the meal but asks him some questions about May. When he leaves the room, he runs into Marta, who is jealous that he spent so much time in Laura’s room, indicating they have a relationship. Downstairs, Veronica hears a horn sound and looks out the window to see a bus dropping off some tourists, and she frowns as she sees a woman in shorts splashing around in the fountain. When Marta tries to take some money from the drawer, Veronica stops her and the two begin arguing. Some time later, Veronica calls out for Marta and Luis but when she gets no response, she heads out. As she is walking along the street, she hears laughter and splashing and heads through a field, where she sees some teenage boys playing in the river and proceeds to watch them. After a while, she rushes back to the house and, after checking to make sure she is still alone, quickly makes herself presentable, as her hair and clothes are disheveled and her arms are scratched from the long grass in the field. That night, Veronica sees Marta dressing up in nice clothes and the two argue over Marta’s actions. When they hear a knock on the door, they find Helen, the young woman that was playing in the fountain earlier, and Marta proceeds to argue with the woman about coming in at a late time but the woman counters that about how Marta looks like she will be out late herself. The next day, Veronica and Marta see the woman about town flirting with several men. Laura enters the inn some time later and questions them about if May had left any indication of where she was going but they tell her she simply left. Later, Laura meets with Eduardo and they see Helen lounging in the sun and Laura comments to Eduardo about Marta and Veronica’s feelings towards here. That night, Helen comes home drunk and Marta argues with her and tells her to leave in the morning, but Helen starts mocking her and as they make their way into the kitchen, Marta ends up stabbing her. The next day, a young woman, Norma, and her baby arrive at the inn and Marta and Veronica work on getting a room ready for her. As they make the bed, Laura shows up to talk to Helen only to be told that she had checked out that morning. When Laura heads downstairs, she introduces herself to the mother and, after learning that she will be staying there, tells her to call her if she needs any help. Laura heads to the museum, where Eduardo asks about Helen, as he helped her to the inn the night before, Laura tells him about her supposedly leaving that morning. Norma leaves to go shopping and as she browses in one of the shops, the shop owner asks about the father and Norma responds that she doesn’t know who the father was. The shop owner goes to see Marta and Veronica, who she is friends with, and she tells them about Norma’s status, and the two women get upset about Norma and make plans to take the baby from her so it is raised with good morals and values. Laura asks Norma to meet with her and tells her about May and Helen’s disappearance and asks her to let her know if she decides to leave the inn. When Laura returns to the inn, she finds her suitcase outside her room and her baby is missing from her room. Hearing it crying out, she heads to the kitchen and finds Marta and Veronica with her baby, and the two sisters start chastising Norma for how she chooses to live her life. When Norma tries to take her baby back, Marta ends up killing her but as they try to get rid of the body, Veronica goes through Norma’s suitcase and finds a note revealing that she was married but getting a divorce and Veronica regrets what they did. The next day, Laura calls the inn to speak to Norma but is told that she had left. Laura tries to talk to Eduardo about it but he says if she has no proof of anything wrong then there is nothing they can do so she goes looking for proof. Laura sneaks into the inn and, seeing the key for the basement in the lock, sneaks down there and begins searching the wine containers, then quickly leaves before she is caught. Marta hears a noise and with Veronica accompanying her, searches outside for the source of the noise. When she sees the key in the lock, Marta gets angry with Veronica and slaps her when she expresses remorse over the killings. The next day, as they are serving lunch, a woman suffers a heart attack and the doctor is called in to check but unnoticed by anyone, the husband notices something and quickly hides it in his napkin. As this is going on, Marta and Veronica notice Laura and Eduardo approaching the inn and when they enter, Laura introduces Eduardo as her husband and says they would like to rent a room for a few days. That night, as people are asleep, Eduardo sneaks down into the basement and searches the wine container and discovers one of the bodies floating in the wine. As he starts to leave, Marta sneaks up behind him and kills him, much to Veronica’s horror. Meanwhile, the authorities are examining what was found and it is revealed to be a woman’s eye. Back at the inn, Laura heads up to her room and finds Eduardo’s body lying in the bed and as she recoils in shock, Veronica and Marta quickly gag her and bind her hands behind her back. As the townsfolk and authorities head for the inn, Laura attempts to escape but is unable to open the doors and is constantly stalked by the two sisters. As they catch up to her and grab her, their struggle causes the window to open and the crowd outside sees them with them bound and gagged Laura, who faces the crowd with tears running down her face.

Once again I find myself amazed at the fact that I can write so many words about a movie that is barely over an hour long. With all that, you would think that I enjoyed this movie….and you would be somewhat wrong because this movie kind of drove me crazy. The acting was ok, but a little confusing when it came to Marta and Veronica, as the actresses that played them ( Aurora Bautista and Esperenza Roy respectively) looked almost identical a number of times so it was hard to tell who was who. The basic premise was interesting and sounded pretty good, but the version I saw had about 20 minutes cut from it, so some of the plot elements regarding the sisters would be poorly explained. I also didn’t care for the ending as it was too open-ended and was never really made clear what happened. I mean, did the mob go after the sisters and arrest them for the murders, or did the sisters try and pin everything on Laura and the reason she was bound and gagged was because they captured her. There wasn’t much in the way of special effects, as even the murders were somewhat subdued. If I was able to watch the full, unedited movie, then I might think better of it but as this particular version stands, this isn’t really worth watching.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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