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March 2nd, 2017 Movie – Horror Rises From The Tomb


Man, March kind of snuck right up on me. It might have something to do with the messed up weather. Anyways, today I have another movie from the Pure Terror box set. Now the fun part about this is that this movie stars Paul Naschy, which means that this is most likely a cheap, Spanish horror movie, but this time he is not a werewolf. Well, here’s hoping that today’s movie will at least be entertaining as I watch Horror Rises From The Tomb.

The plot: In 15th century France, Alaric de Marnac is accused of being a warlock by his brother Armand and an official, Andre Roland. They take Alaric and his mistress, Mabille de Lancre, out to a field and sentence Alaric to be beheaded, with the head and body buried in separate locations, and Mabille to be tortured and executed but before their deaths, Alaric and Mabille both lay curses on the two me and their descendants. Centuries later, Hugo de Marnac goes to visit Maurice Roland, an artist friend who has been busy painting and repainting a canvas, and Maurice tells him he has become obsessed with a pair of dark eyes that he keeps seeing in his head. The two meet up with Sylvia (Hugo’s girlfriend) and Paula (Maurice’s girlfriend) and later are joined by two friends, Jean and Dale, who tell the group about a medium they went to see. The group decides to go see the medium, except for Maurice, and while there, the medium, Madame Irina, makes contact with Alaric and they learn where he is buried. While this is going on, Maurice has visions of Alaric’s head and paints it onto the canvas but when he sees the head dripping blood onto the painting, he quickly takes a knife and rips it up. Hugo, Paula, and Sylvia return and as they discuss what happened at Madame Irina’s, Hugo is quick to denounce everything as a hoax but suggests they drive to his family’s lands in the mountains and investigate the ruins of the cloister and monastery to see if the bodies are buried there. As they are making their way up the mountain, they see a man roll down the hill in front of them and when Hugo and Maurice get out of the car to check on him, realize it was a trick as the man points a gun at Hugo while his partner knocks down Maurice and tries to steal the car. The girls struggle with the man, causing him to wreck and he makes a run for it only to be shot by a local villager. Meanwhile, Hugo had knocked out the other thief and then went to check on the girls with Maurice when Andre Govar, the village leader, shows up with another villager and the prepare to hang the thief. While the two villagers get the thief ready for hanging, Andre speaks with Hugo and the others, then offers to sell them a car so they can continue their journey. Making their way to Hugo’s family chateau, Hugo speaks with the caretaker Gaston, who tells him that strange things had been occurring at the ruins of the monastery, as people would go down into the catacombs but never come back. Hugo has Gaston hire some villagers and they head out to the cloister to try and locate the head. Maurice has another vision of Alaric’s head and notices a patch of discolored ground, which he tells the others to start digging. They soon find a chest but are unable to open it so they take it back to the house with plans to get a blowtorch from the village the next day. That night, the two villagers sneak back to the house and use a blowtorch to unlock the chest. As one of them starts to open it, Gaston catches them but the man who opened the chest suddenly grabs a sickle and kills both Gaston and his friend before taking the chest from the house. Gaston’s daughter Elvira hears the commotion and heads to the house to let Hugo and the others know what happened. Meanwhile, the possessed villager takes the chest down into the catacombs and places it on an altar. The next day, Hugo and Maurice are forced to dispose of the bodies in the lake, then discuss what is happening andthe villagers’ reactions to them. That night, the possessed man sneaks back into the house and kills Chantal, Elvira’s sister, and kidnaps Paula. Elvira finds Chantal’s body and screams, bringing the others to the scene and Sylvia gives Elvira a sedative to get her to sleep. Maurice blames Hugo for Paula’s disappearance and strikes him before Sylvia is able to get him to calm down. Later, Hugo goes to check on Elvira and it is revealed that the two love each other. Maurice wanders the grounds and sees Paula, who is now being possessed and he quickly approaches and embraces her. As night starts to fall, Hugo goes to look for Maurice but while he is gone, a now possessed Maurice shows up and knocks Sylvia unconscious and carries her into the catacombs. In the catacombs, Maurice and the villager break into the crypts and retrieve Alaric’s and Mabille’s bodies, then place the Alaric’s head onto his body, bringing him back to life. Alaric then lays Sylvia onto the skeleton of Mabille before he stabs her and kisses her, and Mabille absorbs Sylvia’s flesh and blood in order to return to life as well. Meanwhile, Elvira remembers that her father had hidden something which he said would protect them from evil and they retrieve the item, which turns out to be the talisman of Thor’s Hammers. Hugo tells Elvira to wear them and that night, when Alaric shows up in her room to grab her, the talisman forces him to run. The next night, Alaric sends the recently killed people, including Gaston and Chantal, to attack Hugo and Elvira but Hugo is sets a fire around the door way, keeping the undead at bay. The next day, Maurice shows up with no memory of what happened but when he goes with Hugo to retrieve the cadavers from the lake, Maurice shoots him with a shotgun. Maurice then heads back to the house to grab Elvira but when he touches the talisman, he is freed from Alaric’s control. Trying to figure out a way to stop Alaric, Maurice reads some of the legends and learns that placing the talisman on Alaric’s head will destroy him, while Mabille can only be killed by stabbing her in the heart with a silver needle. That night, Paula attempts to lure Maurice outside the house but Elvira gives Maurice the talisman and when he embraces Paula, it touches her and she collapses to the ground. Mabille appears but Maurice holds up the talisman and chases her away. Meanwhile, Alaric appears inside the house and attempts to seduce Elvira but Maurice returns and wards him off with the talisman. As Maurice chases after Alaric, Mabille returns and kills Paula then attempts to kill Elvira but Elvira stabs her with a silver needle. Meanwhile, Maurice and Alaric struggle and Alaric manages to kill Maurice but is seriously injured in the process. As he crawls up the steps, Elvira rushes to Maurice’s body, grabs the talisman, and places it on Alaric’s head, causing his head to fall off and he finally dies.

Well, this isn’t as bad as I thought but it is still not that good of a movie. The acting was ok for the most part, though there were plenty of times that the dubbing was atrocious. The story seemed like it should have been pretty straight forward but the execution was kind of a confusing mess at times. There were also a lot of times where it seemed like they were trying to make Alaric more of a vampire instead of a warlock, as several of his mannerisms fit more with a vampire character, such as his going for Elvira’s neck or his always throwing the cape up to cover his face like many versions of Dracula did. The special effects were ok but nothing really special or note-worthy. Something to waste time on if it is on but not necessarily to hunt down to watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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