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February 28th, 2017 Movie -Guru, The Mad Monk


So I am going to go on record here and say that this is probably going to be a messed up movie. Normally I tend to give a movie a chance before making such an assessment but just going on the little plot summary that is given on IMDB, this looks like it is going to be messed up. Now since this is a movie based during the 15th century, and there was a lot of torture done in the name of religion, I have a feeling that there will be quite a bit of maiming involved, which makes it fit with the Pure Terror box set that it is part of. So let’s see exactly what I will be getting with today’s movie, Guru, The Mad Monk.

The plot: At the Lost Souls Church of Mortavia, the chapel for an island prison, 2 hooded men drag a woman towards a cell. The jailer, Carl, tries to get the men to stop frightening the girl and after they place her in the cell and leave, he attempts to talk to the woman. When he learns her name is Nadja, he has her look at him and when she sees who it is, the two kiss through the bars. Carl asks what happened, as they were supposed to meet long ago, and she tells him she was kidnapped by gypsies and forced to steal for them. The leader of the gypsies forced himself on her and when she wound up pregnant, abandoned her and when Nadja gave birth to a stillborn child, she was accused of killing her baby and the court ordered her execution. Carl goes to see Father Guru, who is in charge of the church, and ask for his help in saving Nadja. Seeing how much Carl loves Nadja, Guru says that he will help her and tells Carl to go see a woman named Olga, who will make a potion that will fake Nadja’s death, but afterwards he must bring the body to him in order to give her the antidote. I exchange for his help, Guru asks Carl to leave a body or two off the register every month, as Guru plans on selling them to help raise money for the church. Carl goes to see Olga, who says she will help him in exchange for his help in letting her collect blood from the dead before they are buried and Carl reluctantly agrees. The next day, people are brought to see Guru before they are executed and when it is Nadja’s turn, he asks if she would like to receive last rights and she agrees, allowing him to give her the drugs. Heading outside, they see Nadja collapse and after he pronounces her dead, Guru tells Carl to take Igor, Guru’s hunchbacked servant, and bury Nadja to keep up the pretense, then quickly unbury her and bring her to him. Meanwhile, the various prisoners are given their punishments/executions, Olga is shown to go down and lick the blood from the execution table. After Nadja is revived, Guru has Igor take her up to the tower to hide, then sends Carl away to keep his promise for saving Nadja. While Carl is away, Guru is shown to be suffering from split personality, with the cruel personality gaining more and more control. When Igor tells him he has a visitor, Guru goes to the church and sees a young man from a fishing boat asking for mass. Guru questions the man and when he learns that he is alone and has no family or friends, kills him and has Igor take the body away, with Olga following after him. As Nadja tries talking with Igor in order to pass her boredom, she sees a young woman enter the church. Guru speaks with the woman for a while then leaves as Olga enters the chapel and speaks with the girl before using a necklace to hypnotize her, then quickly bites her neck to kill her. When Carl returns and goes to see Nadja, she tells him she wishes to leave, having misgivings about the church, but Carl says they have to wait 3 months, as he will have paid off his debt to Guru by then. Guru receives a letter from Bishop Kopel, saying that he will be arriving with Father Polanski, a young member of the church who will be taking over Guru’s duties at the prison chapel. When Guru tries to protest, Kopel sends Polanski to look around, then tells Guru that he will be returning with him on the afternoon ship but Guru refuses to leave and kills Kopel. Polanski runs into Nadja, who tries to warn the young priest about the strange occurrences on the island and he says he will look into it. As Polanski goes looking for Kopel, Igor tries to guide him away but Olga shows up and sends Igor away before telling Polanski to follow her. She takes him to the basement and has him remove a cloth from a nearby table, where Polanski sees the severed head of Kopel and as he turns his face in horror, Olga attacks and kills him. Nadja heads down to the basement and runs into Olga, who begins talking to her. When Nadja refuses to talk to her, Olga attempts to hypnotize her but Igor saves Nadja and Olga leaves. Nadja thanks Igor and says that when she leaves with Carl, they will take Igor with them as Igor takes her back to her room. Guru goes to see Nadja and after speaking with her, attempts to rape her. Igor saves her and attacks Guru but Olga stops him and Guru and Olga nail Igor’s hands to the wall. Carl returns and Nadja tells him what has been happening while in the chapel, Guru tells Olga he is leaving and refuses to take her with him. Olga attempts to kill Guru but he stops her and she ends up stabbing herself with a dagger. Suddenly, Igor appears, having ripped his hands free from the nails, and chases Guru up to the tower. Guru manages to kill Igor but as he tries to escape, Carl loops the bell rope around his neck and Guru ends up hanging himself, and Carl and Nadja leave the church together.

I was right, this was a pretty messed up movie and I honestly don’t know where to start with this. The acting was pretty bad for the most part although the times that Neil Flanagan (Guru) was arguing with himself were pretty good as he did a good job portraying different aspects of himself. The basic plot about Guru trying to stay in power was good but they left so many unexplained plot points that it just made things confusing. The special effects, involving the maiming and killing of people, were pretty cheap looking, mostly involving cut aways to avoid showing any real violence actually occurring. The copy used in this box set was pretty bad, with a lot of lines and scratching sounds in the film which made it look even cheaper than it possibly was. Great idea but a really bad execution.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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