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February 24th, 2017 Movie – The Fury Of The Wolfman


Well, this should be interesting. A few weeks ago, I watched a Spanish/Italian horror movie called Dr. Jekyll And The Werewolf, which was apparently it was part of a series of werewolf movies that Paul Naschy did back in the 70’s. Today’s movie happens to be another one in the series, the 4th movie to be precise. So let’s see what we will get with today’s movie, The Fury Of The Wolfman.

The plot: Professor Waldemar Daninsky returns home from a trip to the Himalayas, in which his team was killed in the mountains but he survived with only a bite wound on his chest. As he lays in bed with his wife Erika, he is woken by a storm outside and begins having flashbacks to what happened in Tibet, where he was apparently bitten by a yeti and tended to by a local monk. The next day, Dr. Ilona Ellman is teaching her class and discusses the possibilities of making a hybrid human before dismissing her class.She then heads to Waldemar’s class and he talks to her about the illness he is suffering from and hands her a container, saying the answers can be found there. As Waldemar is leaving, an associate hands him a note but before he can read it, he is approached by Ellman’s assistant Karin, who is worried about what Ellman has been working on but can’t say much more. Waldemar gets in his car and reads the note, which tells him that his wife is having an affair with one of his students. Angered, he drives off but ends up losing control of his car and getting in a wreck. Meanwhile, the student meets up with Erika and tells her that he sent Waldemar a note about the affair and sabotaged his car so he would get in a wreck and the two embrace before discussing plans for the future. Waldemar survives the wreck and makes his way to Ellman’s house, who tends to his wounds. Waldemar returns home and confront’s Erika before changing into a werewolf and killing her, as well as her lover when he shows up, then runs from the house but ends up being electrocuted and dies. Ellman reads the news story and tells Karin to prepare for a possible trip before she leaves for a trip, during which Karin is questioned by a reporter about Ellman’s experiments. Ellman hires some men to dig up Waldemar’s body and they discover that he is still alive, but very weak and they take him to a secret lab. Ellman summons Karin to help her and introduces her to two assistants that she hired to help them, but Karin is shocked to see that Waldemar is still alive and the subject of Ellman’s experiments. Meanwhile, a reporter friend of Karin’s is concerned and breaks into Ellman’s home to try and find papers on Helmut Wolfstein, whose work Ellman was highly interested in, but he is caught by Detective Kaufmann. Back at the secret lab, one of Ellman’s assistants is unnerved by her experimenting on people and so another assistant kills her. Karin hears the screams and goes to investigate but is frightened by a man walking around in a mask. When Karin asks Ellman about him, she tells her that she hopes to make the man human again and Waldemar is the key to her success. Waldemar regains consciousness and asks Ellman why she is keeping him alive but she chains him to a wall and when he transforms into a wolfman, she proceeds to whip him. Waldemar makes his way through the city and breaks into a house to kill a young man. When his mother finds the body, she calls the cops and they show up and use a scrap of cloth in the boy’s hand to try and track the killer. Meanwhile, Waldemar breaks into a house and lays in bed with a woman but quickly leaves when he hears the dogs. He later breaks into another house and kills the people inside before finally making his way back to the castle that Ellman’s lab is in. The next day, Ellman leaves to get more supplies and when Karin asks what Ellman is really trying to do, Ellman says that Karin is too young to understand. When she leaves, Karin goes down to the lab to free Waldemar but as they are trying to leave, Karin is grabbed by a man in a suit of armor. Waldemar makes his way to the dining room, where he sees Ellman’s servants and assistants drinking and partying and quickly grabs an axe from a display case. He the heads back to where he left Karin but is attacked by the armored man and forced to kill him, then he grabs the unconscious Karin and carries her away. Meanwhile, Ellman heads back to the university, and tells Karin’s reporter friend Frederick that she hasn’t seen Karin, saying Karin told her she was traveling with him. The police arrive and question Ellman and when she leaves, Frederick¬†decides to follow her. Back at the castle, Waldemar tries to use the axe to open the door but is unable to escape so the try and find another way out. Seeing a wall that is recently paved, Waldemar smashes it and discovers the bodies of some of Ellman’s servants. Continuing on, they find the dungeon that Ellman hides the people she is experimenting on and Karin decides to free them. They then find Ellman’s journal and learn that she caused Erika and the student to have the affair, then decided to cause Waldemar to kill them and commit suicide, all under the belief that he is a werewolf. They also learn that Ellman is the daughter of Helmut Wolfstein. Leaving the dungeon, Waldemar attacks some of Ellman’s servants before he is attacked by the masked man and the masked man falls from the banister and is revealed to be a horribly disfigured Helmut Wolfstein. Frederick stops at an inn near the castle and learns the truth about Ellman and calls Kaufmann, who says he had learned the same thing and plans to meet him at the castle. That night, Karin is laying in bed with Waldemar and as he is asleep, she decides to get up and check Ellman’s desk but is caught by Ellman, who finds her injured assistants and learns that Waldemar killed her father. When Waldemar goes looking for Karin, he finds Ellman in a room with her assistants and her father’s body. Ellman says that if he wants to see Karin again, she must do as she says and she chains him to a wall. She then shows him the body of Erika, saying she brought her back to life but that Waldemar had also infected her with his disease. She then shows him Karin lying on a table, and says that she is curious to see what will happen. As the full moon rises, both Waldemar and Erika transform and Erika breaks her restraints and goes to attack Karin. Waldemar breaks his restraints and attacks Erika and eventually kills her. Ellman chains up Karin and tells Waldemar to kill her but he refuses and attacks her instead, throwing her from the top of the stairs. Severely injured, Ellman manages to pull out a pistol and shoot Waldemar, killing him, then crawls towards his body and dies next to it. The police and Frederick arrive and free Karin, then leave hoping to forget the horrors they saw inside the castle.

Holy cow, this was a convoluted mess of a movie. The acting was ok, with Paul Naschy doing a good job as Waldemar, and while I liked Veronica Lujan as Karin, Perla Cristal (Ellman) honestly seemed to emotionless and robotic to be truly effective. The story was a confusing mess that honestly didn’t really seem to do a good job explaining itself. The special effects were not the best but the funniest aspect was several of the scenes of Waldemar as the werewolf, as they were actually from other movies and the settings seemed out of place and just looked odd at times. Definitely not the best wolfman movie out there but does make me curious about some of the others in the series.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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