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February 23rd, 2017 Movie – Freshwater


You know, it has been a while since I have watched a new killer alligator/crocodile movie. I think it is a genre that doesn’t get as much love as some of the other killer animals. I mean, sharks obviously get the most love, with snakes being a distant second. And while I do enjoy watching a killer shark/snake movie, there is something about the crocodilia family of reptiles that I have always found interesting. Whatever reason, when I saw that a new movie was being released, I had to go ahead and pre-order today’s movie, Freshwater.

The plot: In a small Louisiana town of Helena, Matt and Jamie are riding around the lake on Matt’s jet ski and after Matt drops her off at the dock so she can go to work, they make plans for Jamie to meet Matt at 4 to go to a friend’s party. After Matt leaves, Jamie notices the water bubbling near the dock and when she goes to investigate, she ends up being dragged into the water and killed. Elsewhere, Fish & Game officer Brenda Gray arrives at the scene of where some of the town residents killed several alligators in order to try and find the one that ate a dog. She is then called out to the house of Mrs. Biggins, who claims to have seen a 20 ft. gator but the only thing Brenda finds is a log that looks like a gator’s head. Deputy Clyde meets with the new town sheriff, Sheriff Jones, to show him around and as they are at the bait shop, Clyde asks Kim Whitley where Jamie is, as he has a crush on her, and Kim says she was supposed to work but never showed up. As the two men leave, Clyde decides to go check on Jamie and after he leaves, Jones saves a kid from getting run over by Travis Beecher, a rich kid that is back in town for the summer. Travis goes to pick up Kim to go to the party at his house but she has to work and he ends up inviting Melody, another girl from town, to come to the party. Meanwhile, an old man is killed by an alligator as he is fishing off of a dock, as is Mrs. Biggins when she goes to retrieve her dog’s ball from the lake that she threw it in. Clyde goes to Jamie’s house and speaks with her grandmother, who hasn’t seen her, and as he goes out onto the nearby dock, he finds the various body parts of Jamie floating in the water. Jones is called out to the scene, as is CSI Sam Collins, and Sam tells them it was a gator attack. Sam goes to find Brenda, who has discovered a large gator nest, and tells her about the body and she calls the sheriff’s office and says she needs to take a look at the body, which Jones is not happy about. As she is on the phone, Sam notices something in the lake and tells her he believes he saw an albino alligator, but she is skeptical of what he saw. Meanwhile, eight teenagers (Travis, Kim, Matt, Melody, Cassie, John, Claudia, and Jason) arrive at Travis’s family house on Beecher Island and as most of them head inside the house, John and Cassie go out on the lake in a boat for some “alone time”. The two decide to go swimming but when John ducks underwater, Cassie starts screaming. The others go outside and see John thrashing about in a pool of blood before he is dragged underwater and Cassie tries to swim back to the boat but ends up being killed as well. The others quickly head back inside and find that the power is out in part of the house and the phone line ends up being cut as Travis tries to call for help. Back in town, Brenda shows up at the sheriff’s office and introduces herself and as Jones goes to handle a call, Clyde offers to show her to the morgue and Sam, who was there to drop off some files, accompanies them. At the morgue, Brenda examines the body parts and says some of the wounds look like the wounds from a gator attack and some don’t. Feeling like she has seen this before, Brenda examines her photo book and finds that the wounds are similar to a case she had worked in Atlanta years ago. When she finds something strange stuck inside the wound, she has Sam dig it out and examine it while she goes out with Clyde on the lake. Back on the island, Travis gets fed up with sitting around and takes Jason to see if they can get the boat started. When they get to the dock, they find the boat has drifted away from the dock so Travis ties a rope around him and jumps towards the boat, so that Jason can pull him and the boat back to the dock. Jason tells him this is a bad idea and attempts to pull Travis back but Travis ends up being killed. On the lake, Brenda and Clyde are heading to where Jamie was attacked when Brenda notices a strange log in the water. As she goes to retrieve it, the log turns out to be some kind of snare, which injures Brenda but she was able to get her hand out of the way before it did any serious harm. Heading back to the sheriff’s station, Clyde gets the message from Travis and heads out to rescue them while Brenda examines the snare. As she is looking through the sheriff’s desk, she finds a knife and the file on the Atlanta case and remembers Clyde saying that Jones was originally from Atlanta. Fearing Jones might be involved somehow, Brenda calls Clyde to warn him and then calls the state police for help. Clyde heads to the island and is met by Jones on the dock, who says he heard the call while Clyde and Brenda were out and came to help. Jones tells Clyde he found something at the back of the house and the two head out to investigate. The next morning, Sam receives the results from his tests and, shocked by the news, calls Brenda, who tells him it is Jones and that she is heading to the lake as that was where Clyde was going. At Travis’ house, Jason notices the lights flickering and decides to go check the fuse box but while he is there, someone attacks him. Hearing the scream, Matt, Kim, and Claudia go to check it out but Melody refuses to leave, saying it is safe there. The three go outside and see Jason’s arm still holding onto the fuse box and run back inside to find Melody is missing. Kim accuses Matt of killing Jason, as he was not in the room when he heard the scream but even though Matt and Claudia defend his innocence, Kim punches him and runs from the house. Making her way through the woods, she runs into Jones and tells him about what happened but Jones tells her that Matt isn’t the killer, as he quickly stabs her and drags her away. Meanwhile, Brenda arrives on the island and finds an injured Clyde with his foot caught in a bear trap. Clyde tells her that Jones was working with the albino alligator, which he had raised as a pet when he found it in the sewers in New York. Clyde dies from blood loss and the albino alligator appears but Brenda manages to chase it away, and it ends up killing Sam when he shows up. Brenda finds Jones and attacks him after he kills Kim but before she can kill him, Brenda is knocked unconscious by Melody and Jones shoots her. While she was happy to work with Jones in getting revenge on the kids that tormented her in high school, Melody is upset about Jones shooting Brenda and he tells her that he doesn’t want any loose ends, then pushes her into the path of his pet, which quickly eats her. Back at the house, Matt and Claudia manage to get in touch with the police just as the state police arrive. As they are leaving, they run into Jones, who says he shot the killer and offers to take Matt and Claudia back home while the state police handles the crime scene. As they get into the boat, Matt and Claudia are thankful to be alive while Jones simply whistles a tune as he steers the boat back to town.

As much as I was looking forward to this movie, this was kind of a disappointment. The acting was ok at best, but there were a couple of times where you could simply consider it bad, and not to sound sexist but most of the the bad acting revolved around the girls when they were being the “typical screaming horror movie girls.” The story was interesting, kind of switching from your basic killer animal movie and adding a serial killer twist to it. The special effects were pretty laughable regarding the alligator, with several times where the CGI didn’t sync up well with the live acting, like when the alligator attacked the old man on the dock, which admittedly was kind of funny. Definitely not the greatest alligator movie out there, but there are some worse ones out there.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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