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February 22nd, 2017 Movie – Frankenstein 80


Another day, another horror movie. Now when it comes to the Pure Terror box set, this is the type of movie I expected to see; an Italian horror movie that offers up some blood, gore, and chills. To be honest, I have never seen this movie and am only speculating as to what type of movie this actually is. It could be a complete bust of a movie, as some Italian horror movies have been. But considering that this is something of a retelling of Frankenstein, I have some high hopes for today’s movie, Frankenstein 80.

The plot: A young woman is strangled to death as she walks home from the store and afterwards, the killer uses a scalpel to cut her open and remove some of her organs. Meanwhile, a man is killed in a car crash and the body is taken to the hospital, where Professor Schwarz plans on performing heart transplant surgery to save a sick woman’s heart, using his experimental serum to prevent her body from rejecting it. That night, someone steals the serum, then goes to the morgue and removes the liver from the dead body. With the serum stolen, the woman dies and her brother, reporter Karl Schein, is given permission to investigate and begins questioning some of the hospital staff that was working that night, and one of the men says he smelled formaldehyde near the professor’s fridge but there was no reason for it to be there. Meanwhile, a strange man goes to the local butcher shop and when the butcher goes to get some meat from the back freezer, the man follows her inside and proceeds to beat her to death with a bone. Some time later, Dr. Otto Frankenstein, the man that stole the serum, is working in his secret lab on Mosaico, a man that he pieced together from dead body parts, and who also happens to be the man that killed the young woman and the butcher. Using Schwarz’s formula, Frankenstein hopes to keep the various organs and body parts from being rejected. As Frankenstein is working in his lab, Karl pays a visit to his house but gets no answer when he rings the door, so he goes next door and speaks to Frankenstein’s niece, Sonia, and asks her to have Frankenstein call him when he gets back. That night, Mosaico leaves the house and attempts to get a prostitute, with the first one running away but the second one takes him to her room. Mosaico has sex with the woman, who is horrified at his appearance but when she tries to leave and damages his eye in the struggle, he ends up killing her. Frankenstein had gone looking for Mosaico and finds him just as he kills the prostitute and they quickly leave. The police are investigating the first girl’s murder and are puzzled as the fingerprints appear to come from two different people, but they are on the same hand. When Karl reads the story about the prostitute’s death, he goes to talk to the police and they mention that they smelled formaldehyde in the prostitute’s room when he asks them. Karl goes back to see Frankenstein, who is expected to be back soon and Sonia invites him in for a drink. Meanwhile, Schwarz goes to see Frankenstein, as the police traced the lancet used to cut the organs from the first victim was traced back to the hospital. When a crashing sound is heard behind a bookcase, Schwarz asks about it and Frankenstein admits to having a secret lab and shows it to Schwarz, but as they witness Mosaico thrashing about, Frankenstein kills Schwarz, then uses his eye to replace the one injured by the prostitute, and then sends Mosaico to grab the male nurse that knew Schwarz had gone to see Frankenstein. Mosaico grabs the nurse and brings him back to the secret lab, where Frankenstein begins a blood transfusion for Mosaico. The police arrive at the hospital to investigate the missing nurse and Karl shows up and has Schneider come with him to speak with Frankenstein. After speaking with Frankenstein, Karl and Schneider goes back to the hospital and start searching Frankenstein’s office and find the secret lab, with the remnants of Schwarz’s serum as well as Shwarz’s head. MEanwhile, Mosaico breaks into Frankenstein’s house and attempts to grab Sonia but Frankenstein stops him and has Sonia run. When Frankenstein threatens to destroy Mosaico for attacking him, Mosaico grabs a cleaver and uses it to kill Frankenstein. Karl and the police head back to Frankenstein’s, running into Sonia along the way, and discover Frankenstein’s body. Back at the station, they try to figure out what to do, as according to Frankenstein’s notes, Mosaico will die in 48 hours but they want to find him before that in order to ensure nobody else is killed. That night, Mosaico murders a stripper, as well as several other people throughout the night. As the 48 hours is nearly up, Karl has Sonia stay at his house in order to keep her safe but Mosaico breaks in and attempts to grab her. Karl begins fighting with Mosaico to keep him from Sonia but Mosaico is easily able to overpower him. Mosaico begins strangling Karl but before he can kill him, he loosens his grip and clutches at his head as blood begins pouring from his eyes, mouth, and wounds before he collapses to the floor. Karl and Sonia leave the house as the police arrive and Karl tells Schneider it is all over as they walk off, leaving Schneider to deal with the body.

A little confusing at first, but otherwise a pretty decent horror movie. The acting was pretty decent from what I can tell, though the dubbing at times was pretty bad in a funny way, especially a lot of the scenes with Schneider and his cops. The story was essentially a bit of a retelling of Frankenstein, though with a bit of a modern twist. The make-up and special effects concerning Mosaico were a lot better than I expected, doing a great job of making him look mostly human, with some scars showing how he is essentially a patchwork man. A decent movie that is good for a couple of scares and worth watching if you are in the mood for some classic 70’s style horror.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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