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February 21st, 2017 Movie – Fear (1990)


I hate when I wake up and feel even more exhausted than when I went to bed. It basically means the day is going to drag. Hopefully, today’s movie will serve as a pick me up. Now some of my friends have decided to help me in my movie watching endeavor by buying movies for me to watch. Now while my old roommate Emily tends to buy me movies that she will get a kick out of me watching and reviewing, her husband Mark goes a different route and tends to find some cult classics that are actually well reviewed, despite being relatively unheard of. Today’s movie, Fear, was actually part of a double feature DVD that he got me for the second movie, so hopefully it will be just as good.

The plot: At the scene of a crime, psychic Cayce Bridges is helping the police track down a killer, using her abilities to link to the killer’s mind and lead the police to where he is before he kills a young girl. 4 years later, Cayce is in Los Angeles to promote her latest book and the host asks her questions concerning her abilities. While this is going on, a man with a tattoo on his hand approaches a house in the suburbs and knocks on the door, which is answered by an old woman. A short time later, as a delivery truck stops in front of the house to close their doors, the man is seen back on the sidewalk, whistling as he walks away. Back at the studio, Cayce is talking with her agent Jessica as they are leaving when she bumps into a show runner, causing him to drop the papers he was carrying. When they get outside, Cayce gets a strange feeling and heads back inside,  walking into the studio where the news is about to go on, and hears the top story about a murder. Cayce heads to the police station and speaks with Detective Webber and his partner, Detective Wu, and introduces herself. Webber believes that she is a fraud but when Cayce starts telling him things about his personal life, as well as aspects of the case that are not known to the public, he starts to believe her just as she tells him the killer has already claimed another victim. That night, Cayce leads the detectives to the home of the old woman and the find her body in the kitchen’s pantry, with the words “Fear Me” written in blood on the door. The next day, Cayce is going through the house and telling Webber and Wu the impressions she is feeling as to how the killing went down when she suddenly finds her mind in a different place and sees a man starting to wake up in his bed. That night, Cayce receives a strange call from a wrong number and starts hearing a voice whispering in her head that it is ok to be afraid. While at dinner with her agent and a book publisher and his wife, she starts having visions and realizes that the killer is psychic like her only much stronger and is projecting what he is doing as he attacks and kills a girl. Freaked out over what happened, Cayce decides to head home but along the way, gets a vision about the killer and realizes he is nearby. She sees her neighbor, Jack Hays, who she mistakenly believes is a cop, and tries to get him to help look for the killer but he tells her that he is a fireman and escorts her back home. Jessica calls Cayce and as she is on the phone the killer starts psychically talking to her and ends up taunting her about possibly showing her his face, but leaves off his eyes. The next day, Cayce is riding with Webber and Wu when the killer projects him entering a house. As Cayce describes the house, Webber realizes that it is his house and that his kids will be home any second. Webber rushes home and as he and Wu check out the house, Cayce sees the killer down the block, who psychically tells her to stay away from the police or else he will kill Webber and his family. Thinking that the killer is too close to her and if she leaves, he will slow down or make a mistake, Cayce decides to go to New York and Jessica takes her to the airport. As she is on the plane, the killer contacts Cayce and is angry about her leaving and says he will do anything to make sure she stays. As Cayce looks out the window, she sees Jessica watching the plane from the terminal and the killer standing behind her. Cayce tells the stewardess to let her off the plane but as they finally get her off the plane, with airport security called to escort her off, the killer attacks and kills Jessica, telling Cayce he will kill someone every hour if she ever tries to leave again. The next day, Jack comes by to check on Cayce and the two end up talking about her abilities and the case. Wanting to help her, Jack takes her to the mall where the killer first started actively projecting into Cayce’s mind. Jack helps Cayce to focus and she is able to see what the killer is doing without him noticing her and sees him at a laundromat washing his clothes. Jack and Cayce head there in order to get more information to give to the police so that they can arrest him but as Jack is speeding there, Cayce bumps her head on the truck and the killer realizes she is watching him. Enraged over this, the killer quickly manages to escape before they get there, then tells Cayce that he never planned on hurting her but now he was going to hurt her in the worst way possible. Jack and Cayce drive around, as Jack figures that the killer must live close to the laundromat. Suddenly, Cayce sees the killer leaving his house and get into his car and as she continues watching him, she realizes that he is behind them. Telling Jack this, they keep driving, with the killer psychically taunting Cayce all the while. Seeing a fari nearby, Cayce tells Jack to head in there, then goes into the fair while Jack gets held up by security, telling him she is the only one that can stop him. The killer heads into the fair and starts following Cayce, who eventually leads him into the Chamber of Fear. Inside the mirror maze, Cayce and the killer come face to face. As Cayce starts smashing some of the mirrors, the killer starts talking and laughing at her. Suddenly, Cayce calmly tells the killer that he knew they were following him because he was reading Jack’s thoughts, not hers, and proceeds to smash him with the flashlight. The killer manages to escape her and smashes his way out of the maze and up the back stairs. As Cayce catches up to him, she sees him standing at a window and he manages to jump onto the nearby ferris wheel, then taunts Cayce as he yells at the operator to let him off. As the ride continues one more loop, Cayce jumps onto the ride as well and the two begin struggling in the basket. Jack shows up and helps the operator stop the ride but the sudden stop causes the killer to fall out of the basket and as he hangs onto the frame, he tells Cayce he is going to die before he loses his grip and falls to his death, after which Cayce and Jack leave the fair together.

This was a surprisingly good movie, definitely much better than I expected. The acting was pretty good, with Ally Sheedy doing a good job as Cayce and Pruitt Taylor Vince doing a great job as Shadow Man, the killer. The plot was interesting but honestly seemed to get a little lost as far as what kind of story they were trying to tell. There really wasn’t a whole lot of action scenes except for the very end and the only special effects were really the scenes of Cayce and Shadow Man projecting/receiving thoughts, which was simply a weird, blue tinged view of things. Probably not on anyone’s must watch list but definitely worth giving a shot if you get the chance.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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