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February 13th, 2017 Movie – End Of The World


I know everyone makes this complaint, but sometimes the weekends just don’t seem long enough. Oh well, I made do and will just get through this week and try to find time to relax next weekend. Now onto today’s movie and we have another movie from what is becoming my favorite box set of movies, the Legends Of Horror box set. Today I get to watch an old Christopher Lee movie that I honestly never heard of, but he doesn’t play Dracula so let’s see what we have in store with End Of The World.

The plot: As the owner of a small town diner plays pinball on a slow night, he is surprised by the appearance of Father Pergado, who appears out of sorts and says he needs to call the police. The owner hands him a quarter for the payphone, but as Pergado looks at the phone, it suddenly explodes, as do several other items in the diner which kills the owner. Pergado leaves and heads back to his church, only to see a double of him appear and welcome him back before the two men walk off. Some time later, Professor Andrew Boran is working for NASA studying radio signals from outer space and contacts a friend in the military to report a pattern forming but can’t make out much more than that. Andrew leaves to get ready for a banquet but returns to the lab with his wife Sylvia head back to the lab so he can continue studying the signals. Andrew manages to decipher three words from the strange transmission, saying “Large Earth Disruption”, but is unable to figure out what they mean. As they leave the banquet, they hear a news report on the radio about a large earthquake in China and Andrew wonders if that was what the strange transmission meant. The next day, Andrew is told by his boss that Washington is sending him on a speaking tour and though Sylvia wants to try and make the best of it, Andrew is to focused on trying to figure out that rest of the messages he deciphered. After giving one of his lectures, Andrew hears a news report of a volcanic eruption and decides to make a detour on the way to their next lecture. Heading to a small town, Andrew and Sylvia stop at a convent, where Andrew believes some sort of transmitter might be but they find no sign of it. Heading to another set of coordinates nearby, they come across an abandoned zoo and sneak inside to look around. As Sylvia looks inside a cage, it suddenly closes on her and a strange sound causes her to freak out and panic before Andrew returns and calms her down. As the two start to leave, Andrew notices something and the two head down a passageway but they are suddenly captured by a group of people. As the leader starts to question them, he recognizes Andrew and reveals that he is Commander Joseph Beckerman, Andrew’s military contact that he speaks with. Beckerman takes them inside his base and asks what they are doing there but Andrew says he can’t tell him. The next day, they return to the convent to look around again and meet with Pergado, who is in charge of the convent. Andrew asks if Pergado or any of the nuns have heard any strange sounds and when Pergado says no, Andrew asks if he can look around and Pergado has one of the nuns accompany them around the grounds. Returning to NASA before heading back out, Andrew checks his instruments and deciphers another message, which describes him and Sylvia. Realizing where it came from, they head back to the convent to find the transmitter but find themselves captured by Pergado and the nuns. They are taken to a secret underground lair, where they find the alien transmitter. Meanwhile, the real Pergado is shown to be in the convent’s chapel when two of the nuns approach and lead him down to the secret lair. Inside the lair, Pergado is led towards a device and placed inside, which kills him when the nuns activate it. The Pergado duplicate approaches Andrew and Sylvia and introduces himself as Zindar. He speaks with Andrew for a bit before telling Andrew that he must steal the Barius crystal, a top secret experiment that Andrew is working on, or else Sylvia will die. Andrew and Sylvia are take to a room, but they attempt to escape through the woods, unaware that Zindar is watching them. As they run through the woods, they end up back at the convent and Andrew realizes that the aliens are somehow messing with their minds to keep them from escaping. They keep running and eventually manage to flag down a car and convince the driver to take them to the police but before they get in the car, it mysteriously catches fire and explodes, killing the driver. Andrew and Sylvia appear defeated when Zindar appears and takes them back to the convent. The next day, Andrew tells Sylvia not to antagonize Zindar or the nuns, then heads back to NASA to steal the crystal, using chloroform to knock out the guards in his way. Andrew manages to get the crystal and starts to leave but is spotted by one of the guards, who sounds the alarm but doesn’t shoot him. As some more guards give chase and try to shoot him, the one guard yells at them to stop when suddenly, the pipe breaks on a fuel tank and mysteriously explodes, killing them. Andrew returns to the convent and hands Zindar the crystal but when he demands Sylvia be released, Zindar says that the agreement was terminated, then renders Andrew unconscious when he tries to attack him. Andre comes too inside the control room and Zindar explains that the Earth was a disease that was in danger of polluting the universe and had to be destroyed, but they couldn’t finish the job until they had the crystal, which would allow them to safely escape the planet’s destruction. As the nuns begin to teleport to their ship, Andrew and Sylvia look at the monitors, which show natural disasters occurring all over the planet. Zindar says that the convent will be the last thing destroyed, and offers to take them with him before he steps in the teleporter. As they look at the destruction shown in the monitors, Sylvia is in disbelief but Andrew decides that whatever happens, they will face it together. The two step into the teleporter and are transported from the Earth just before it explodes.

Well this was a nice bit of confusing cheerfulness to start the day. Actually, this was a bit more confusing than I thought it would be. The acting was honestly a little bland and even Christopher Lee (Pergado/Zindar) seemed to give a half-hearted effort in his performance. The story was ok, but some of the smaller details were a little confusing, like what exactly Andrew did at his job. Was he supposed to be studying radio signals or was he working on a secret project. That honestly didn’t make much sense and had me a little confused. The special effects were on the cheap side to be honest and looked like something out of a TV show instead of a feature film. Definitely not one of Christopher Lee’s better works.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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