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February 5th, 2017 Movie – The Devil’s Possessed


Good morning everyone. I don’t know about you, but I am Super stoked for today, because it is Super Bowl Sunday and the Falcons are playing in it. Now, before I spend the rest of the night getting all hyped up for the game,  more so than I already am, I am going to go ahead and get today’s movie out of the way. So another movie from the Pure Terror box set and yet another foreign film. I’m starting to wonder if the way that Mill Creek was able to get so many movies is by getting some movies from other countries that did not necessarily do well in the US so it would be cheaper to get them. Oh well, that is a thought for another day. For now, I am going to watch today’s movie, The Devil’s Possessed, and then get ready watch the Super Bowl and cheer on the Falcons.

The plot: In medieval times, Baron Gilles de Lancre arrives back at his home and after embracing his wife Georgelle, he asks if the alchemist has arrived. When she says he has, he quickly heads down to meet with him. The alchemist says that he will be able to give the Baron what he wants, but someone must be sacrificed via an ancient ritual in order for him to obtain the full powers necessary. The Baron balks at doing that but later, Georgelle tells him not to worry and to let her handle the alchemist. The next day, some of the Baron’s men, led by Sille, ride out and kidnap a farmer’s daughter, killing the farmer in the process. The girl is brought to the castle and the Baron prepares to have sex with her but he ends up collapsing to the ground and foaming at the mouth, and his wife has the girl quickly sent away. Outside the castle, Gaston de Malebranche is returning after a long time away when he is ambushed by some bandits. Gaston manages to kill three of the men and disarms the leader and the two talk briefly, with the leader trying to convince Gaston that the Baron is not the kind man he once knew. Back at the castle, the Baron and Georgelle have the girl chained to a sacrificial altar and Georgelle kills the girl and collects her blood in a chalice, which she presents to the Baron. Gaston arrives at an inn run by his friend and his daughter Bastiana and he asks for news of his family. When some of the Baron’s men show up and insult Bastiana, Gaston demands they apologize and ends up fighting with the men. Gaston kills three of the men and chases the others away but his friend warns him that more will return and says that he will explain everything later. Meanwhile, the Baron heads to his dungeon to watch as a bandit leader is tortured, then orders the man’s brother, who turned him in, to have his eyes gouged out as punishment for betraying his family. Later, the Baron says that they are no closer to finding the philosopher’s stone and Georgelle says they must sacrifice someone at the old ruins. Meanwhile, Sille heads out to collect taxes from a family and when they can’t pay, he takes the daughter while killing the father and his young son. Sille and his men later run into Gaston and when he says that he is a friend of the Baron’s, Sille escorts him to the castle. At the castle, the Baron throws a feast in Gaston’s honor, as he had saved the Baron’s life years ago, and later takes him to the alchemist’s lab and invites him to join in his plans and says that they will talk more in the morning and invites Gaston to spend the night. In their bedchamber, Georgelle tells the Baron that Gaston must be killed and the Baron refuses, as Gaston saved his life and he is already haunted by the people that have been killed already. That night, one of the Baron’s men tries to kill Gaston as he sleeps but he fends off and kills the assassin and then escapes the castle. Riding to his home, Gaston finds out about the outlaws and arranges to be taken to them, where he learns that an old family friend, Graciela, is one of the leaders. Back in the castle, Georgelle says they should kill all of Gaston’s family before the can rebel but the Baron wants to take a peaceful approach first. Back at the outlaw’s camp, Graciela tells Gaston she must go back to her father’s house and warns Gaston not to let some of the men taunt him into fighting. After she leaves, Gaston is taunted into showing his skills in fighting but after winning the battles, they other outlaws accept Gaston as one of their own. Later, Gaston leads the rebels to intercept Sille and his men as they are bringing a shipment of gold to the Baron. Gaston and the rebels kill the men and steal the gold, while Gaston fights with Sille and beats him, but lets him live to deliver a message to the Baron. The Baron is upset when he learns that Gaston has joined the rebels and tells Sille that if any of the knights are attacked during the joust tournament that he is hosting, he will hold him responsible. Gaston holds up one of the knights scheduled to compete and takes his place to face off against the Baron, revealing himself to Georgelle before their match. As the joust commences, Gaston manages to catch the Baron across the face, causing him to lose his left eye. As he recovers in his bed, Georgelle tells the Baron that Gaston’s friend knows of a secret passage into the Malebranche castle and the Baron orders him captured and tortured until he tells them about it. When he hears that his friend was captured, Gaston and some of the other head to the dungeon to rescue him but are too late. The Baron has sends his men through the secret passage to capture the elder Malebranche and Graciela, setting fire to some of the homes in the nearby area as they leave. Hearing about what has happened, Gaston decides to surrender in exchange for his family’s release but the Baron refuses and decides to torture Gaston’s uncle and sacrifice Graciela. The other outlaws gather up all of the surrounding peasant and lead them in a revolt to free Gaston and the others and to kill the Baron. They manage to free Gaston and he joins the fight, killing Sille as he goes to rescue Graciela. At the ruins, the Baron and Georgelle are preparing to sacrifice Graciela but Gaston throws a dagger at Georgelle, killing her. The Baron becomes enraged and begins fighting with Gaston and the two battle all across the ruins but just as the Baron gets the upper hand, the rest of the peasants arrive and kill him, then free Graciela, who embraces Gaston and kisses him.

This is a slow, boring, and somewhat confusing movie to watch. The acting was ok, with Paul Naschy doing a good job of playing Baron Gilles de Lancre and his descent into madness. The basic plot is good, but the pacing and random scene changes made it hard to really follow the story. The effects were decent for the time, but there was honestly nothing overly scary that would make this worth being considered a horror movie. I mean, I guess all of the scenes of torture and the sacrifices but for the most part, this felt more like a bad adventure movie than a horror movie. Interesting but honestly not worth making a big effort to try and watch it.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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