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February 4th, 2017 Movie – The Devil’s Nightmare


Man, I hate when I get in one of those do nothing moods. It makes getting things done a little bit harder. Ok, make that a lot harder. Now while I attempt to get myself into gear, I am hoping that today’s movie will help me get started. Unfortunately, I don’t know if that will really happen since this movie is from the Pure Terror box set. These movies so far have been a little disappointing so here is hoping that this will break the trend as I watch today’s movie, The Devil’s Nightmare.

The plot: In 1945 Berlin, Baron von Rhoneberg is waiting out the nearby battle in his castle home while his wife is giving birth. His wife dies during delivery and Greta, the nursemaid, informs him that his newborn child is a girl. Rhoneberg orders his butler to escort Greta from the castle, then christens his daughter before taking a dagger and killing her with it. Years later, Rhoneberg is telling a reporter about the events, and the curse that was placed on his family after his actions. The reporter asks if she can take pictures of his family’s castle but he refuses. The reporter ignores him and decides to go take pictures anyways but as she is there, something frightens her and she tries to leave, as lightening and thunder start to occur. A strange spear is thrown into one of her tires, preventing her escape, and as she tries to run away, she trips and falls into some brush, then covers her eyes as more thunder is heard. Later, a bus full of tourists (Matt Ducard, Nancy, Mr. Mason, Howard, Corrine, Regine, and Alvin Sorelle) is driving through the German forests when they come across a roadblock. Seeing a man burning some brush in a nearby field, they ask him how to get to their destination and he tells them to take the ferry but it doesn’t run after sundown so they will probably miss it. When asked about hotels in the area, the man directs them to the castle, saying the Baron might be open to guests staying. Meanwhile, authorities have collected the body of the reporter and when they see a strange, claw shaped burn on her body, an old woman says it is the mark of the devil and another man says the succubus has returned to the castle. At the castle, the tourists approach the front door, which opens on it’s own, and as CorrineĀ starts to head inside, a piece of the castle’s facade breaks off and falls to the ground, nearly killing her. Inside, the group is met by Hans, the Baron’s butler, who says he was told that they were coming and shows them to the rooms he prepared. Hans gives a brief history lesson of each room to the different people. In their room, Corrine seduces Regina, who wanted to get some sleep, and the two end up having sex while in their room, Nancy chastises her husband, Howard, for his attraction to Corrine and says he only married her for her money. During dinner, Rhoneberg tells the tourists about the history of the castle, and the curse that has befallen his family. His ancestors had made a pact with the devil, and the first born daughter of each generation would become a succubus. One of the women asks if he had a daughter and Rhoneberg shakes his head no. Meanwhile, a woman named Lisa Muller arrives at the castle and Martha, the head maid, says that she promised not to return to the castle and says there are no rooms left. Hans appears and says there is one room left, and shows Lisa to her room, then escorts her to the dining room to join the others. After dinner, Nancy asks to see Rhoneberg’s alchemy lab, while Regina goes to bed and the others go about exploring the castle. Mason, Matt, and Alvin notice that the doors are locked and attempt to open them when they hear Regina scream. As everyone races to her room, she points to the ceiling, where blood is dripping down, and they head to the attic to find a wounded cat had been tortured and left to bleed to death. Eventually, everybody goes about to do their own things or to sleep. Alvin heads to the library and begins reading some books about the succubus, and is joined by Lisa, who leaves when he spurns her advances, and later by Rhoneberg. Lisa is actually the succubus and plans on picking off the tourists and claiming their souls for Satan by killing them with their own weaknesses, which mirror the seven deadly sins. Matt ends up heading to the kitchen, where he finds Lisa their with a feast of food, which she offers to him. He begins eating while she pours him some wine but as he drinks the last glass of wine, he ends up choking to death from all the food he gorged on. Nancy heads out to look for a hidden treasure and after she leaves, Howard heads out and meets with Corrine and the two embrace and kiss before heading upstairs to have sex. Nancy heads down to the lab and is joined by Lisa and as they head further into the lab, they spot a room full of gold powder but as Nancy stands among the gold, she turns to face Lisa and sees her demon form, just as the powder ends up falling around her and burying her. As Howard and Corrine have sex, Mason hears them from his room below and yells at them to be quiet, so the two lovers head to another room, followed by Lisa. They head up to the attic and Lisa pretends to be Corrine and traps Howard in a guillotine, cutting off his head. Corrine sees this and screams out but she ends up stepping into an Iron Maiden, which suddenly closes on her and impales her on the spikes. Mason is tired of all the screaming and when he steps out of his room, he sees Lisa walking down the hall and follows her, yelling at her for making all of the noise. As he makes his way up the castle tower, Lisa reveals herself and ends up throwing Mason from the tower window, where he falls onto some wooden stakes below. Lisa then uses her powers to transform a stick into a snake and sends it into Regina’s room, while she heads back to the library and attempts to seduce Alvin again. When Regina wakes up and sees the snake, she screams out, distracting Lisa and she reveals her true form. Alvin quickly leaves the room and heads up to check on Regina, only to find her dead. Lisa appears and tells Alvin not to run, as he will join the other 6 tourists and she approaches him but Alvin uses his rosary to fend her off. Heading outside, Alvin sees the old man that directed them to the castle, and watches as he proceeds to load coffins into a horse drawn carriage. The man reveals himself to be Satan and tells Lisa to leave and says he will deal with Alvin. As Satan approaches him, Alvin runs at first and heads to the castle’s chapel to seek shelter. From the doorway, he confronts Satan and offers up his own soul if Satan will relinquish the souls of his companions. Satan tries to tempt him with different offers but when Alvin remains steadfast, Satan produces a contract for Alvin to sign, ensuring their bargain and when Alvin signs the contract, it suddenly bursts into flames. Alvin wakes up in the castle and finds all of his companions are alive, and believes he merely had a dream. Rhoneberg is fencing with Hans but ends up being wounded in an accident. As he lies in bed waiting for the ambulance, he confesses to Alvin that he did have a daughter but killed her when she was born so that she would not become a succubus. When Alvin leaves the room, Martha tells him that Lisa is the succubus, as she had an affair with Rhoneberg and Lisa is his daughter but he never knew it. As the tourists prepare to leave, Alvin chooses to remain in the castle with Lisa. Alvin and Lisa watch the bus head down the main road but the bus swerves to avoid hitting Satan’s funeral wagon, and ends up crashing down a hill as Lisa and Alvin embrace in horror. After starring at the wreckage, Satan looks up at Lisa, who smiles back at him as they have reclaimed the souls they had taken the night before.

This was an interesting movie to watch, but I will admit that my mind is not focused enough to enjoy it as much as I probably would. The acting was ok, though the dubbing involved (since this was a Belgium/Italian movie) was pretty bad at times. I will say that Daniel Emilfork made for a very creepy Satan. The story was interesting and definitely had some religious overtones, which were used very effectively in this movie. The general tone was the same as a lot of European B-horror movies back in the 70’s, with a somewhat slow and methodical pacing that was intended to increase the suspense. The effects were minimal, but done pretty well for the most part. The main problem I had was some of the times where they left Lisa in the succubus make-up in some scenes when she had just appeared normal seconds before, making it seem somewhat lazy of the producers. In truth, this is a pretty good bit of suspenseful horror that made this movie creepy at times and well worth watching.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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