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January 27th, 2017 Movie – Suicide Squad


Well, yet another DC movie that I did not go see in theaters. To be honest, I don’t really know why I didn’t see this in theaters because I was actually somewhat curious about it. Oh well, I may not have seen the movie but I definitely saw plenty of it’s influence at Dragoncon this year, as there were SOOOOOO many Harley Quinn cosplayers walking around. Now, you have to admit, a movie about a bunch of criminals trying to be good guys may be a bit of a stretch but here’s hoping DC did a good job with today’s movie, Suicide Squad.

The plot: Following the death of Superman, intelligence officer Amanda Waller has a meeting with government official Dexter Tolliver to discuss her plan of using criminals with special abilities to be used as disposable assets for high risk missions for the government. She tells him about her recruits; Deadshot and Harley Quinn (who were captured by Batman), Captain Boomerang (who was captured by the Flash), as well as a pyrokinetic named El Diablo, the genetic throwback Killer Croc, and Dr. June Moon, who is possessed by an ancient entity called Enchantress. Dexter goes to the Pentagon to pitch Amanda’s idea, and after a demonstration of Enchantress’s abilities, they agree to Amanda’s idea. Amanda tasks Col. Rick Flag to lead the team and takes him to Belle Reve prison to meet the members of Task Force X. That night, Enchantress takes control of June’s body while she is asleep and teleports to Waller’s home to take back her heart, which Waller uses to control Enchantress. However, the case containing the heart is booby-trapped and as she looks for a way to deactivate it, she finds the statue containing the spirit of her brother Incubus and quickly grabs it and teleports to Midway City. Once there, she grabs a man and opens the statue to allow Incubus to possess the man. She then tells him to build up his strength and she will return before teleporting back to the apartment June shares with Flag. Back in Midway City, Incubus begins attacking and absorbing some people, growing to giant proportion in the process, and as the military is sent in to stop him, Flag heads there with June and tells her to summon the Enchantress to stop Incubus, but instead Enchantress disappears. When Flag tells Waller, she starts stabbing Enchantress’s heart but Incubus shares his power with her, allowing her to survive and she begins building a weapon to wipe out humanity. Waller has Task Force X assembled in Midway City, where Flag informs them that they have been injected with nano-bombs in their necks, which will kill them if they do not follow his orders. They are joined by Slipknot, a mercenary that excels in scaling walls and buildings, and Katana, a martial artist and expert swordswoman who serves as Flag’s bodyguard. Meanwhile, Joker has learned what has happened to Harley and heads to the lab of Dr. Van Criss, who made the nano-bombs, and kidnaps him, then heads for Midway City to rescue Harley. Harley, who was secretly given a phone by Griggs, one of the guards at Belle Reve, sees Joker’s message and motions Deadshot to keep quiet when she notices that he saw it as well. When they arrive in Midway City, Captain Boomerang convinces Slipknot that the bombs are fake and he tries to escape but Flag sets off the explosive in Slipknot’s neck, decapitating him. As they continue with the mission, Deadshot and Harley plan on killing Flag and the soldiers, then having Joker help remove the bombs from their necks, and start spreading the word to the other team members. When the group is attacked by some people that have been transformed into monsters, Deadshot and the others are forced to help Flag and the soldiers in order to save themselves. Continuing towards their target, Flag speaks with Deadshot and says that if he will get the other members of Task Force X to work together, then he will use his influence to help Deadshot. When they reach the building, the head inside and are attacked by more of the transformed humans. When the creatures go after Flag again, Deadshot and the others keep him safe, then Deadshot pushes El Diablo, who had refused to fight, into using his powers to help them. When they reach the top floor, Flag and Deadshot enters the secure room, where Deadshot learns that Waller was the target they were sent to rescue. Waller kills the other people in the room and heads outside, where the other team members consider killing her but Waller threatens to kill them all. They head up to the roof but find that the Joker has commandeered the helicopter and has Dr. Van Criss disable Harley’s bomb. When she receives a text from the Joker, Harley heads for the helicopter and begins climbing a rope. Waller tells Deadshot to shoot Harley but he misses on purpose so Waller orders the helicopter to be shot down. Harley manages to survive but the Joker seemingly dies when the helicopter crashes. Another helicopter is sent for waller but Incubus brings it down and Waller is captured and brought to Enchantress, who gets her heart back and uses her magic to control Waller’s mind. Flag convinces Deadshot and the others to go after Waller, rejoining with Harley on the street, but when Deadshot learsn the truth about Flag and his connection to Enchantress, he chooses to go to a bar to drink and the others follow him. After a while, Flag heads into the bar and destroys the device controlling the bombs, telling the others that they are free to go, then hands Deadshot some letters that his daughter wrote to him but Waller had kept him from receiving. Deadshot and the others decide to help and Killer Croc joins a SEAL team to swim down through a flooded subway tunnel to retrieve an explosive, which they plan to use to kill Incubus, while Flag tries to remove Enchantress’s heart. Reaching inside the building, Enchantress attempts to stop the team by showing them their heart’s desires but El Diablo sees through it and wakes the others from their dreams so Enchantress has Incubus battle them. In the subway, Killer Croc and the SEAL’s are attacked by the transformed humans but manage to hold them off long enough for LT. Edwards to grab the charge and get it in position. El Diablo uses his powers to maneuver Incubus in position and tells them to blow the charge, sacrificing himself to ensure Incubus dies. Seeing her brother die, Enchantress activates her machine, then begins to attack the team herself. After fighting for a while, Enchantress quickly disarms them and offers them mercy if they will join her. Harley decides to join her but uses it as a distraction to grab Katana’s sword and cut out Enchantress’s heart. With the heart removed, Flag gives Killer Croc an explosive to throw at the machine, and Harley gives Deadshot her gun so he can shoot it. Enchantress tries to stop Deadshot by showing him a vision of his daughter but he ignores her and pulls the trigger, shooting the explosive and destroying the machine. Approaching Enchantress, Flag demands that she release June but she refuses so he destroys her heart, killing the Enchantress and freeing June from her curse. The team prepares to leave but Waller shows up with her control of the bombs and says they are going back to jail but says that she will take 10 years off of their sentences and gives special privileges to Deadshot, Harley, and Killer Croc but Joker breaks Harley out of prison and the two escape. Some time later, Waller meets with Bruce Wayne, who offers to protect her from the Midway City fallout in exchange for her information on the meta-humans. As he leaves, Waller tells him he should stop working nights, indicating that she knows he is Batman, and Bruce tells her to shut down Task Force X or he and his friends will.

Suicide Squad met with mostly negative reviews from the critics, holding a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is that, “Suicide Squad boasts a talented cast and a little more humor than previous DCEU efforts, but they aren’t enough to save the disappointing end result from a muddled plot, thinly written characters, and choppy directing.” While the movie was mostly finished in 2016, the criticism over Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice caused Warner Bros. to reshoot some scenes to give the movie a more comedic and light-hearted tone. The movie was a box office success, earning $745.6 million off of a $175 million budget.

Well, it could have been better but this was not that bad of a movie. The acting was decent, with Margot Robbie stealing the show as Harley Quinn, but Will Smith (Deadshot), Viola Davis (Waller) and Jay Hernandez (El Diablo) also doing good jobs. Jared Leto’s performance as the Joker was interesting but not as bad as the critics were saying. The story was ok but the way it was filmed was pretty disjointed and in parts wasteful, such as the fact that they spent half an hour just doing set-up or introduction of the different criminal members. The special effects were pretty good, especially regarding El Diablo and his powers, especially when he used them to grow into a monster. All in all, it’s a fun movie to watch, but DC has a long way to go to catch up with Marvel when it comes to live action movies.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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