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January 24th, 2017 Movie – Curse Of Bigfoot


Ok, back to my normal schedule. So today I am watching another movie from the Pure Terror box set. You know, with all the movies I have watched over the years, or just for this blog, I think I am becoming a little jaded in regards to what I find scary. Now when I am watching some of the movies in this set, I can sometimes see how they would have been scary a few decades ago, but not so much by today’s standards. So let’s see how today’s movie stands out as I watch The Curse Of Bigfoot.

The plot: A narrator begins by stating a creature that was somewhere between man and beast, first walked the Earth 2 million years ago and as time passed, mankind would sometimes encounter this creature. In the present day, a teacher shows his class a movie where a monster approaches and attacks a woman outside her home. He then begins lecturing them about how Hollywood making movies about monsters is the latest in mankind’s storytelling about the unknown. He tells his class he is bringing in a special guest who is an authority on Bigfoot, then begins telling the class some history and theories regarding the creature. When his friend arrives, the teacher introduces the class to Roger Mason, who begins telling them about his own experience with Bigfoot and how he was on a trip with 5 of his students and after their encounter, 3 of the students were driven mad, with one girl becoming completely catatonic and mute. Roger and his students reach a mountain cabin and begin hiking around the area to explore and shows them some pictographs that were drawn on a rock. Later, they find a strange ancient stone tool and Roger and the others go to the area that it was found and figure it had somehow rolled down from a ledge up above. Roger and the other men (Dr. Bill Wyman, Norman, Bob & Johnny) climb the ledge while Sharon and Linda choose to stay behind. When they reach the top of the ledge, they make their way down to the other side of the mountain and discover a stone slab with prehistoric markings on it. The men attempt to move the slab but when they do, a strange steam issues forth from the ground. When the steam clears, they see that the slab was covering the opening to a cave so some of them climb down to explore and find some clay pots and signs of prehistoric life inside, as well as a prehistoric mummy covered in mud. They take the mummy back to the cabin and place it in the shed for the night. As they discuss taking the mummy to the museum in the morning for study, Norman thinks he sees one of the hands move but the others don’t believe him. That night, Johnny and Sharon walk into town while Norman heads back to the shed to examine the mummy and when it starts to rise up, he runs back to the cabin. He tells the others, who don’t believe him at first but follow him back to the shed to find the door smashed open from the inside. They head inside and find pieces of mud that was covering the mummy, but no sign of it at all. Meanwhile, Johnny and Sharon start walking back, cutting through the woods on their way back and they run into Bob, who was looking for them and they head back to the cabin. Elsewhere, the creature makes it’s way to the Mitchell house and breaks in, then kills the young woman that was babysitting. The next day, Sheriff Walt shows up and talks to Roger, Bill, and Johnny about what happened. The sheriff examines the shed and they begin trying to track the creature, noticing some blood from where someone had apparently shot at and wounded it. With it starting to get too dark to track, they decide to set a trap for the creature and see if it comes back. After waiting for a while, they start to think that the creature won’t come back but Walt says he sees something from his vantage point and goes to investigate. Walt gets out of his car and looks around and ends up being attacked by the creature. The others get worried when they don’t hear from Walt and go looking for him only to encounter the creature themselves. Roger tries shooting it but the bullets have no effect so they douse the creature with gasoline and set it on fire. As the creature catches on fire and collapses to the ground, they check on Walt to make sure he is still alive.

This was one of the most confusing, boring movies I have watched in quite a while. The acting was so boring and one dimensional that a robot could have sounded more realistic. The story was a mess, going from a documentary style movie to begin with and then bouncing around between different story angles. The actual movie didn’t really start until almost 30 minutes in. The camera lighting was terrible in this, with there being plenty of times where people’s faces were obscured by shadow while the person next to them would be brighter than normal or the scene is supposed to be at night but it is still daylight outside. Definitely not something to rush out and watch.

Rating: 1/2 out of 5


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