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January 12th, 2017 Movie – Bloody Pit Of Horror


While, it has been a while since I have watched an Italian horror movie. Now if anything belongs in a box set called Pure Terror, it is an Italian horror movie. So today’s movie should be interesting since it is supposedly based on the writings of the Marquis De Sade. Now the question is, will the movie focus mainly on sex, or torture. Well the only way to find out is to get right into today’s movie, Bloody Pit Of Horror.

The plot: In the mid 17th century, the Crimson Executioner is sentenced to death for using his own torture chamber to kill people. The Crimson Executioner is taken to the dungeon of his castle and placed in one of his own torture devices (a variation of the iron maiden) and the lock is sealed with the tribunal’s seal, with the orders that he be locked in the device for all eternity. In the present day, a group of people working on a horror photonovel arrive at the castle and Daniel Parks, the publisher, thinks it will be the perfect setting to take photographs in. They try ringing the bell but when they get no answer, they assume it is abandoned and head inside, only to be confronted by one of the servants of the castle’s owner, Travis Anderson. Daniel and Rick, the writer, are brought to see Travis and Daniel apologizes for just coming in then asks if they can take pictures inside the castle. Travis tells him no and says they have to leave so Daniel goes back to tell the others that they have to leave. Watching them from a secret passage, Travis recognizes Edith, Daniel’s secretary, and uses an intercom to tell them that they can stay the night but must leave in the morning. Daniel asks if they can take pictures and Travis agrees, but as his two servants show them their rooms, the group is warned to stay out of the dungeon as it is off limits. As the girls start getting ready, Raoul and Perry (two of the assistants) decide to explore the dungeon and Perry accidentally breaks the seal on the torture device holding the Crimson Executioner’s remains. As Dermott, the photographer, starts taking pictures of the girls, Edith tries to get an audience with the castle’s owner but she is turned away. Rick shows up and escorts her back to the others and Edith asks him about the owner, saying that she was curious about him. As the photo shoots continues, Dermott is taking a picture of Perry as he lies on a stone table when a rope holding a spike slab over him breaks and Perry is impaled. As Daniel tries to get the Annie, Kinojo, and Nancy to continue with the photo shoot, Dermott shows Rick the negative of the photo he took before Perry died and they see what appears to be a man’s head in the background. Meanwhile, Suzy and Raoul had snuck off to have sex before the accident when they see a man wearing a crimson hood and pants approach them. The man briefly struggles with Raoul before breaking his back, then approaches Suzy. Upstairs, Dermott tries printing the photo but they can’t make out any details in the picture. Travis approaches them and tells them the legend of the Crimson Executioner but as they look down towards the dungeon, Edith shows up and stares at Travis. Rick asks if they know each other but Travis says he has never seen Edith before in his life. Rick and Dermott head down to the dungeon and when they see the iron maiden, they open it and discover Suzy’s body inside. Rick tells Dermott to go get the police, then he heads upstairs to see Daniel, who is in the room with Annie and Nancy, and tells him what is going on. Rick goes to see Travis, knocking out one of his servants who tries to stop him, and finds Edith in Travis’ study. Edith shows him a portrait of her above the fireplace and explains that she was once engaged to Travis but he suddenly disappeared. Rick and Edith go looking for Kinojo and find her caught in a trap, with the floor booby-trapped to fire arrows at her if the wires are touched, while a robotic spider with poisoned fangs steadily approaches her. Rick tries crawling under the wires to rescue Kinojo but just as he clears the wires, the spider reaches her and kills her. Rick tells Edith to go get the others and leave while he gets Kinojo’s body free of the trap. Edith and Daniel find the front doors have been locked while outside, Dermott is shown driving hsi car in circles, having been shot in the neck with an arrow. Edith leaves Daniel, Annie, and Nancy to keep trying the door while she goes to tell Rick that they are trapped but she is suddenly captured. Rick uses the spider to set off the arrows so he can leave the room but he is knocked unconscious by one of the servants. In his hidden study, Travis begins ranting to Emily and says that he is the Crimson Executioner reborn, then heads down a secret passage to his torture chamber, where Daniel, Annie, and Nancy are being held. As Travis begins torturing the three people, Rick comes too and finds himself tied to raoul on a bed, with a spiked canopy slowly descending towards them. Rick manages to get free and and goes to find the others only to be attacked by one of the servants. As they struggle with each other throughout several rooms, Rick manages to defeat the servant and hears Edith calling out from behind the wall. Edith warns him as the second servant attempts to shoot him with a crossbow. Rick manages to get away and tricks the servant into shooting Raoul’s body, sending it over the castle wall. Meanwhile, Edith manages to find the secret passage and heads down there to witness Travis killing Daniel, and attempting to kill Annie. Edith tries to stop him but Travis kills Annie, then grabs Edith and straps her to a torture device. As the other servant comes back, Travis prepares to torture/kill Nancy but Rick shows up. The servant tries to shoot Rick but Nancy, stumbling in pain, ends up getting shot instead and Rick strangles the servant. Rick and Travis then fight and Rick shoves Travis into the Lover of Death, where the poisoned barbs pierce Travis and kill him. Rick frees Edith and as he carries her out of the torture chamber, she explains Travis’ reasoning for his madness and Rick says he plans to stop writing horror fiction as truth is stranger than fiction.

This was an interesting movie to watch but the cuts that were made to the version I have kind of hurt it. The acting was ok, but the dubbing actually made this pretty funny since people would be screaming but their mouth’s wouldn’t move, while Mickey Hargitay (Travis), was made to seem like a cartoon character when he was ranting like a mad man. The story was interesting and wasn’t really that complicated, just a basic man going crazy and killing people due to his delusions. The cuts made from the original to the US version did cut off some elements that helped make more sens of some scenes, such as when they try to get into the castle, Perry climbs the wall to get inside and let the others in, but that is cut from the US version as it shows him talking about climbing the wall, then the people start heading inside. The special effects were ok and the director did his best to show as many medieval torture devices as possible in the movie and how they were used. An interesting movie but I might have to watch the original before I can really recommend this.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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