January 11th, 2017 Movie – Blood Sabbath


Well, I have had my fun but it is back to the box set movies today. These are always interesting to watch because you never know what you are going to get out of them. With today’s movie, I decided to look it up and see what I was getting into. Apparently, this is yet another one of those movies that was nothing more than an excuse to see a lot of naked women. Well, this is going to make for an interesting morning as I watch today’s movie, Blood Sabbath.

The plot: A man named David is walking through some woods after having left Vietnam. When he lays down to take a nap, he is kept awake by a group of people (2 men and 4 women) that harassed and sprayed him with beer earlier in the day. After he finally falls asleep, the 4 women, who are naked, show up and attempt to hold him down so they can rob him. David manages to get away from them and starts running through the woods to get away but is chased by the 4 women and eventually falls into a nearby river, where the women leave him for dead. David comes too on the riverbank and sees a woman watching over him. When she goes to leave, he stops her and asks to see her again and she agrees to meet him the next day before she swims away and David passes out again. When David comes too, he finds a man named Lonzo staring down at him and Lonzo takes David to his house so he can rest. The next day, Lonzo tells David he found some of his clothes but nothing else and David asks him where the river is so he can meet the mystery girl again but as he walks the river bank, he doesn’t see the girl, unaware that she is swimming in the river behind him. The next day, David returns to the river and sees the girl, who says her name is Yyalah, and she leads David to a cave that she says she goes to when she wants to be alone. Inside the cave, the two start to kiss but Yyalah tries to push David away and says he must leave. David refuses to leave and says that he wants to be with her and Yyalah says she wants him to but she has to go and heads back for the lake. A woman named Alotta had seen David and Yyalah together and goes to Lonzo and asks him to give David to her but he refuses, saying that he will give her a child from the village each year like they have arraigned but since David is not from the village, he is not part of their agreement. Alotta, who is the queen of a local coven of witches, tries using her magic to influence David’s heart and make him fall in love with her. David meets with Yyalah at the river, who threatens to leave if he comes closer to her. David admits his love for her and she says she loves him too but says that he has a soul but she doesn’t and she can’t be with anyone that has a soul. David complains about the situation to Lonzo, who suggest the head into the village to get a drink at the local cantina. While they are there, Lonzo is approached by the local padre, who argues with Lonzo about the arrangement that they have with Alotta but Lonzo refuses to stop, which upsets the padre. The padre heads to Alotta’s lair and sees a girl held prisoner there and demands Alotta release her. Alotta attempts to have his coven of girls seduce the padre but he refuses them, and learning that Alotta is doing blood sacrifices, tells her that the village won’t be giving her anymore of their girls. When he leaves, Alotta tells one of her girls to bring her likeness of the padre, which she proceeds to stab with pins until the doll bleeds, placing the curse upon the padre. The next day, David sees Lonzo about to leave with a child and stops him and, after finding out that Alotta takes the children’s souls, decides to go in the child’s place. David plans to have Alotta take his soul so he can be with Yyalah but Lonzo warns him that if he isn’t careful, he could lose both his soul and Yyalah. David heads out into the woods and meets with with Alotta and her coven and after David explains what he wants, Alotta agrees. Alotta places David on an altar and, along with her coven, performs a ritual and as David screams in agony before passing out, his soul is removed. When David wakes up, he goes running towards the river to find Yyalah and the two spend the day together before having sex in the cave. That night, Alotta summons David to the altar, where her coven places a girl on the altar and Alotta slits the girl’s throat. David collects the blood in a chalice and drinks from it before passing it to one of the girls, who also drinks from it. When David returns to the cave, he tries to kiss Yyalah but she sees the blood on his face and runs from him. Alotta uses her magic to confuse David and then convinces him that if he kills the padre and brings her his head, she will help him get Yyalah back. Meanwhile, Yyalah goes to see Lonzo, who tells her to give David up for her sake but she can’t due to her love for him. She heads to Alotta’s coven and confronts Alotta but Alotta laughs and tells Yyalah that Daivd is hers now. David kills the padre and when Lonzo sees the body, he blames Alotta and confronts her about it but she convinces him that Yyalah did it and he goes after her. David returns to the cave to see Yyalah there and the two make up and David worries about what is happening to him. As the two start to kiss, Lonzo appears and goes to stab Yyalah but David stops him and the two begin struggling, with Lonzo getting the upper hand until Yyalah stabs him. As they look at the body, Yyalah blames herself for what happened and asks David to forgive her before she leaves. As David stares at the body of his friend, he flashes back to his time in Vietnam and it breaks Alotta’s hold on him. He returns to Alotta’s cave and tells her that Lonzo is dead and Yyalah is gone. Alotta offers herself to him and he embraces her and kisses her but uses that moment to stab her. As Alotta dies, she curses David and says that his own people will kill her. David leaves the coven but as he walks through the hills, the van carrying the people he encountered at the beginning of the movie starts chasing after him and eventually hits him, sending him flying into the river. Yyalah swims up to David’s body and kisses him, which revives him and the two swim off down the river together.

Boobs, boobs, and more boobs, and hardly a plot to be found among them. This was a fairly confusing movie to watch. The acting was pretty bad but I can’t tell if this was dubbed or just naturally bad. The story was kind of a mess and didn’t really explain a lot as to what was going on. Of course, then there the numerous times for women being naked for no real reason except to distract the audience from the sheer lack of any decent plot. There wasn’t really any special effects in the movie but the camera editing itself was terrible at times. Pretty much the only reason to watch this is to see a bunch of naked women so you might as well avoid it.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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