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January 7th, 2017 Movie – Beware! The Blob


I am about to say something that is honestly hard for me to admit. I honestly never heard about this movie until a few years ago. Now I have seen the original The Blob many times, as well as the 80’s remake, but I honestly didn’t have any idea that this sequel existed. The way I found out about this was due to boredom one day and looking at movies on Youtube (before Netflix, Hulu, or the like were available as apps on your smartphone). One day, this movie came up and I decided to watch it, think it was merely a cheap knock-off of the original, but quickly realized that it really was a sequel. So when I bought The original and remake of The Blob, I decided to buy today’s movie as well, Beware! The Blob.

The plot: An oil pipeline layer named Chester has just returned home to Los Angeles from working at the North Pole and is preparing to go on a fishing trip. When his wife Mariane finds a container that he had placed in the freezer, she asks him about it and he tells her it is a sample of something that his bulldozing crew dug up and the two leave it one the counter while the fool around, allowing the container to thaw. When Mariane’s kitten Samuel comes inside through the kitchen window, he knocks the lid off the container and a fly lands on the container, which contains a piece of the Blob, and it ends up being eaten, as is Samuel a few minutes later. Mariane, thinking Samuel went back outside, goes out looking for him and the Blob attacks her and she screams for Chester but he is watching TV and doesn’t hear her. As Chester gets another beer, the Blob enters the house and engulfs Chester as he sits back down to watch some more TV. Elsewhere, Lisa and her friend Leslie are decorating the house for Lisa’s boyfriend Bobby and goes to Chester’s house to pick up their gift for Bobby but when she gets there, she sees Chester being dissolved by the Blob and runs out of the house. Meanwhile, a group of scouts, led by Scoutmaster Adleman, are heading up to the nearby mountain for a camping trip and Adleman is growing irritated by the kids continually messing with him. Lisa drives off to get Bobby, causing a car to wreck in the process, and as they are heading back to Chester’s house, they pass the accident and the Sheriff Jones, who was taking a statement from the other driver (Edward Fazio), follows them. When they reach Chester’s house, Bobby goes looking around inside while Lisa stays close to the door but when they don’t see any sign of Chester or Mariane, they head back outside only to encounter Sheriff Jones, who listens to Mariane’s story and decides to call in for back-up. Meanwhile, two of Bobby and Lisa’s friends are smoking pot and playing guitar in a storm drain when they are caught by a police officer. When a second officer says they have been called to assist Jones, the first one chooses to stay and deal with the kids but as the other officer drives off, the Blob shows up and kills the officer and the kids. Back at Chester’s house, Jones has one of the arriving officers accompany him in the house while another keeps an eye on Bobby and Lisa. When they don’t see anything, Sheriff Jones lets them go, despite of the protests of Fazio, who had followed the sheriff. Meanwhile, the Blob attacks a barber and his customer in the barber shop, then tries to attack a visiting foreigner while he is in the bath but the man is able to escape and goes running down the street naked until he is picked up by the police. Bobby and Lisa return to the house where the surprise party is being held and the people start celebrating when Bobby gets there but Lisa is still upset about what she saw so Bobby decides to leave the party and take her back to his place. At the police station, Jones is told by one of his deputies that some people are coming up missing but the sheriff doesn’t think much of it, figuring that they are at the big tournament at the bowling alley. Meanwhile, the Blob shows up at a farm, where it proceeds to eat several chickens in the farm and some hobos, who are sleeping in the barn, hear the noise and one of them goes to investigate but ends up being killed by the Blob, as are the other two hobos when they go to help him. Bobby and Lisa get back to the farm, unaware that the Blob is in the hayloft above them. They see the fire from the scout’s campfire up the hill, not knowing that the Blob had already been through the camp and killed Adleman and all of the scouts. As Lisa hugs Bobby goodnight, the Blob begins to envelope the car and the two find themselves trapped. When the Blob starts to get inside the car, Lisa accidentally turns on the AC and the Blob retreats from the car to avoid the cold. Bobby and Lisa manage to drive away and stop at a gas station, running into two of their friends, Leslie and Joe, who are there as well. While Bobby tries calling the sheriff, Lisa tells Leslie and Joe what happened and Leslie decides to stay with them but Joe drives off and ends up being killed by the Blob down the road. Learning the sheriff is at the bowling alley, Bobby, Lisa, and Leslie head there but when they see the Blob, with Joe’s dune buggy inside it, Leslie jumps out of the car to help Joe and is killed as well. Reaching the bowling alley, Bobby and Lisa look for the sheriff and try using the PA system to call him as well as warn people to leave but they are grabbed by security and taken to the owner’s office, who happens to Fazio. As he yells at them in his office, the Blob attacks the bowling alley and begins killing the people inside. Bobby, Lisa, and Fazio head to the connecting ice skating rink and manage to find shelter in the control booth. When the sheriff and his deputies arrive, Bobby uses the PA to explain what is happening. Jones and two of his deputies go in to try and rescue Bobby and the others but one of the deputies is killed by the Blob and Jones and Deputy Williams head back outside, where Jones decides to try and burn the creature to death. When the creature tries to come in the control room, they accidentally knock over a mini freezer and they see the piece of the Blob retreat from the ice. Babby asks Fazio how to freeze the skating rink and Fazio tells him it is almost instantaneous but the controls are on the far side of the room. Bobby manages to climb out a trap door and make his way across some ropes to the control panel and turns it on, freezing the Blob solid. Outside, Sheriff Jones is preparing to light the building on fire when he asks for a light and the scouts show up, having run from the Blob when it attacked Adleman, and hands him their zippo. Bobby runs out and stops Sheriff Jones from torching the building, explaining that they froze the Blob and has Jones follow him back inside. Inside, the skating rink, the people all stare at the frozen Blob while Bobby, Lisa, and one of the scouts climb on top of it. A news reporter and his assistant asks to interview Sheriff Jones on top of the frozen Blob but while the interview is occurring, one of the lights melts a portion of the Blob and it oozes out and around the sheriff’s boot, who sees it and looks at the camera in surprise.

Not as good as the original but this movie did have a couple of good laughs to it. The acting was decent although outside of Richard Stahl (Fazio), none of the stars were really that good. Some of the cameos and minor roles were pretty funny, such as Dick Van Dyke (Adleman), Tiger Joe Marsh (the naked Turk), and director Larry Hagman (young hobo). The story was essentially the same as the original, but did explain how the Blob returned as well as subtly linking this to the original movie. The special effects were pretty much the same as the original in regards to the Blob, but they tended to put more into some of the comedy aspects as opposed to the horror. Personally, I thought it was funny that Chester was watching The Blob before he ends up eaten by the Blob. I also liked when this was re-released in 1982 because they gave it the tagline “The film the J.R. shot.”, making a play off of Hagman’s role of J.R. Ewing on Dallas and the plot line where he was shot. Not the same type of movie as the original but worth at least one watch just for some laughs.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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