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January 4th, 2017 Movie – The Beast And The Vixens


So I will be completely honest here, I don’t know how I wound up with this movie. It somehow wound up in my Amazon cart when I was making some other purchases but I don’t recall actually putting it there. Regardless of how it got there, I now own this movie. Now hopefully, this will be a fun little Bigfoot movie from the 70’s that I can enjoy, but judging by the title, and the DVD cover, I don’t think that is going to be the case. So let’s see what exactly I bought here as I watch today’s movie, The Beast And The Vixens.

The plot: An explorer starts discussing the legend of the Yeti up in the Himalayas and the Sasquatch in the American Northwest, stating how sightings have occurred as recently as 1972, before speculating that the following story could happen. A woman is rowing a small boat on a lake and after reaching the dock, decides to go sunbathing when a Sasquatch appears, quickly grabbing the woman and carrying her off. Some time later, the Sasquatch has grabbed another woman and carries her to a small cave, where he sets her down before leaving and blocking the exit. Elsewhere, a man named Frenchie calls his friend Pete and tells him something is up so Pete tells him that he will meet him at the old cabin. In a nearby town, Ann wakes up and after reading a note on her dresser, she gets cleaned up and goes to pick up her friend Mary and the two drive off towards the mountains. Meanwhile, the Sasquatch brings another woman to the cave and the two women start talking about there situation, with the first woman saying that there was another woman in the cave with her but she managed to run away when the creature’s back was turned. Ann and Mary reach the cabin they are going to and after starting a fire and eating dinner, they spend the evening relaxing and drinking brandy before getting undressed and heading to bed, unaware that they are being watched by both the Sasquatch and an old hermit. The next morning, Pete reaches the cabin and after talking with Frenchie for a few minutes, Pete asks if Frenchie has the coins and he says the coins weren’t where they hid them. He says they should ask some hippies that are staying nearby, as one of the women was using a coin as a necklace, and they make plans to question them the next day. Ann and Mary decide to go hike around the mountain and they come to an old mill, where they discover the hermit living and quickly run from him. Elsewhere on the mountain, a couple drive up and decide to have sex in the woods when the Sasquatch shows up, chasing off the man and carrying the woman to the cave. After the Sasquatch brings the recent woman’s clothes and some food for the captive women, the three women make plans to escape, making a dummy in the sleeping bag and then sneaking out when the Sasquatch investigates it. Meanwhile, Ann and Mary come across four people, (Hank, Sarah, Mark, and Becky ) by the lake and head back to their cabin to eat. As they are eating and relaxing, Ann and Mary explain that they are up there to find signs of primitive man while Hank and the others say that where they are living is a boy’s summer camp, which they have been fixing up during the off season. They also mention a “phantom friend” nearby, something that comes up to the cabin on occasion and they have started leaving some food out for it. Ann and Mary think it might be the old hermit but Sarah says that she saw the thing and that it was at least 8 feet tall. When Hank is asked to sing a song, Ann starts flirting with him, which makes Sarah jealous. That night, Sarah dreams of fighting with Ann over Hank and when she wakes up, she asks Hank to make love to her. The next day, a couple go for a walk in the woods when they encounter the Sasquatch and the man fights with the creature, allowing the woman to get away. Meanwhile, Pete and Frenchie see Mary, Hank, Sarah, Mark, and Becky by the lake and ask them about the coins, ripping off the one that Becky is wearing as a necklace. After tying the five people up, they continue to ask about the coins and when Pete threatens to kill Mark, Mary says that they are at the old mill where the hermit lives. Learning that there is another girl, Pete unties Mary and takes her to the cabin to get Ann while Frenchie is left to guard the others. Frenchie decides to try and rape but while he is doing that, Mark and the others get free and Mark attacks him, allowing A to grab Frenchie’s pistol and shoot him before he can kill Mark. Meanwhile, Pete forces Ann and Mary to show him where the mill is but Mary manages to escape and eventually runs into a lumberjack, who she convinces to help her. Ann and Pete reach the mill and Pete ties her to the outside rail while he searches for the coins inside. While Pete is inside, the hermit shows up and unties Ann and tells her to run, then attempts to take on Pete when he exits the mill but Pete overpowers him and attempts to beat him to death. The Sasquatch shows up and grabs Pete off of the hermit and proceeds to trap him in a bear hug, crushing all of the bones in his body, then it leaves with the hermit. Mary and the lumberjack find Pete’s body, then go looking for Ann, who had hurt her ankle and is resting nearby. The three head back to check on Hank and the others and some time later, Ann and Mary say goodbye to there new friends and drive home.

This was a terrible movie to watch. The acting was pretty bad and there were some times where it seemed like people were talking but their lips weren’t moving, or they would be talking while off camera. The story was weird and, under better circumstances, could have been told really well. Unfortunately, the nixing of a Sasquatch movie and some sort of crime movie didn’t really work here. The Sasquatch costume was terrible, with the head basically looking like a old man with a giant nose. The camera editing was equally bad, with lines showing up on some of the frames and bad lighting messing with the scenes. Definitely not something most people will want to watch.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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