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December 31st, 2016 Movie – Anatomy Of A Psycho


Another successful Pre-New Years in the bag and a lot of fun was had. Now to get ready for the end of the year and some more fun with friends tonight. However, first I have to get through today’s movie. Now today I am watching a movie from the Pure Terror collection, yet another box set of movies from Mills Creek Entertainment. Now these sets have not always been the best of viewing pleasures for me but we can always give them another chance, and another, and several hundred more when it is all said and done with. For now though, I need to focus on the matter at hand, which is the review today’s movie, Anatomy Of A Psycho.

The plot: When his brother Duke is sentenced to death for murder, Chet goes to the prison to pick up his brother’s belongings. As he returns home, he is confronted by three men, and one of them taunts Chet about Duke being a murderer and after Chet attacks him, the man cuts Chet with a broken bottle and the three men run off. Chet returns home and his sister tends to his injury but they wind up arguing about Chet’s going to see Duke and Chet ends up walking out. Meanwhile, Mickey, the son of the man who testified against Duke, argues with his dad about his testimony and then says he doesn’t want to live in the town anymore. Chet goes to his friend’s house, where he proceeds to start drinking, and when he hears a news report that the execution will proceed on time, he starts to go on a rampage and begins tearing up the house before his friends knock him out. The next day, Chet has his friends help him grab the district attorney’s son and Chet proceeds to beat him up before they run off when they hear someone coming. Meanwhile, Mickey talks to Patty between class, and she asks if he is ashamed of her since her brother was a convicted killer but Mickey assures her that he loves her. That night, Chet goes to see his girlfriend Sandy, who tells him that she is breaking up with him but he kisses her and drags her around the back of her trailer. The next day Patty tries talking to Chet about getting back into school instead of following in Duke’s footsteps of being a hoodlum but Chet yells at her, calling her a hypocrite for letting Duke take care of her but questioning Chet for doing the same. At Moe’s house, Chet and the others are talking about their attack making the front page when Mickey shows up to talk to Chet. Mickey invites Chet to a party, but Chet refuses to go if his friends aren’t invited and Mickey, who gets mad at Moe for remarking about Patty, leaves just as Lt. Mac shows up. Mac is wearing one of the masks that Chet and the others used when they beat the D.A.’s son and questions Chet and the others but since he can’t prove they did it, ends up leaving. Mickey and Patty go to Mickey’s house so he can introduce Patty to his dad, who is friendly to Patty at first until he learns who she is and though he questions Mickey about it, he lets him do what he wants. At the party, Mickey tells Patty about his dad being the witness to Duke’s crime and when she says she understands what he did, Mickey asks her to marry him and she agrees. Meanwhile, Chet shows up to the party and wanders around but when he sees Sandy there with Arthur, the host of the party, he waits until she is alone to try and talk to her and they start making out. Arthur catches them and tries fighting with Chet but ends up smashing into a mirror and cutting his face. Arthur runs from the room with Sandy chasing after him and Chet lights a cigarette and then, after moving a trashcan next to some curtains, throws the cigarette away, which starts a fire and burns the house down. Later that night, Mac questions Chet about the party and warns him to not let the hate consume him but Chet tells him to mind his own business. Chet returns to Moe’s house and gets a gun, then tells Bobby, one of the younger gang members, to stay away from him. Mickey shows up and tells Chet about his father, and Chet snaps and attacks Mickey but Mickey knocks him down. Moe happily confronts Mickey and the two start fighting but as Mickey grabs a knife to defend himself, Moe charges at him and Mickey accidentally stabs Moe. Realizing what had happened, Mickey panics and runs out of the shack. Chet approaches Moe, who begs Chet to get a doctor, but instead Chet pushes the knife even further into Moe, killing him, then grabs Bobby and tells him not to say anything about what Chet did. Mickey is arrested and charged with Moe’s murder and during the trial, Bobby and Chet both lie about what happened when Moe died, while Patty and Mac’s testimony is twisted to make Mickey guilty and the Jury finds him guilty. After the trial, Mac confronts Chet at Moe’s old house and says that he knows Chet lied and that he will be keeping an eye on him. The next day, Mac takes Patty to see Mickey and afterwards, they go to see Chet. Mac plans on going in alone but Patty tells him to let her talk to him first. Patty goes inside and talks with Chet and Bobby but Chet yells at her to leave. Mickey’s father shows up and confront’s Chet and starts attacking him and Patty goes to get Mac to break up the fight and get Mickey’s father out of there. While they are outside, Bobby tells Chet to admit that he killed Moe but when he refuses, Bobby goes outside and admits to Mac that Chet killed Moe. Chet goes running outside and runs around the back of the house and Mac goes after him, after promising Patty he won’t hurt him. Mac catches up to Chet as he is climbing up a electrical tower and convinces Chet that he won’t hurt him and to climb down and when he does, Chet collapses into Mac’s arms and asks Mac to help him.

This was a very bad and very boring movie. The acting was totally bland and so uninspired, that it was kind of a chore to pay attention to the movie. The plot sounded like it could have been interesting but the bad performances did it a lot of harm and did nothing to help move the story or get the audience involved in it. There wasn’t much in the way of action or special effects and even the little bit of drama that was in the movie couldn’t keep this from being a snooze fest. Not a great start for this collection of movies.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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