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December 26th, 2016 Movie – 12 To The Moon


So I wound up getting a lot of DVD’s as presents this year, some of them from friends and family and some of them as gifts to myself using gift cards. Now to be honest, I have been doing my best to cut back on the number of DVD’s I have been buying, which is kind of hard to do to be honest. However, there is a specific goal that some of my friends and I have and to do that, I needed to own a lot more movies than I did at the time. Thus, movies, movies, and more movies were bought which brings us to today’s movie, 12 To The Moon.

The plot: The Secretary General of the International Space Order is speaking to the world via live international broadcast and telling them about the mission to claim the moon as international territory. As he announces the 12 members of the team, led by Capt. John Anderson, they are shown making their way through security towards the elevator that will take them to the rocket ship. After a rough ride out of the atmosphere, the crew are able to leave their seats and the two medical doctors begin checking on the team, while everyone starts discussing their chances of returning to the Earth. As they continue heading for the moon, the ship is buffeted by a meteor shower, then passes through a magnetic field before they finally make it to the moon. After landing on the moon’s surface, they start to explore the surface when they are bombarded by small meteors, but their magnetic deflectors keep them from getting hurt. After planting the International Space Order’s flag on the moon’s surface, the team begins to explore the moon’s surface but find themselves constantly bombarded by falling rocks as more meteors strike the surface. Two members of the team, Dr. Sigrid Bomark and Dr. Selim Hamid, are sent off to see if they can find any evidence of air. The two end up exploring a cave, where they find some strange plants that combust when picked, and Selim realizes that there is air inside so they take off their helmets and share a kiss before continuing further in the cave, unaware that a strange force appears and seals the cavern behind them. Outside, the crew are looking through the mineral samples and find a strange rock which fascinates them, but Dr. Asmara Markonen is wary of it and calls it evil. Using an explosive on a nearby rock face to try and find more stones, the explosion causes a liquid to start pouring from the rocks. Dr. Feodor Orloff goes to examine the liquid but when he touches it, he cries out in pain as it burns his hands and he is quickly treated and taken back to the ship by Dr. Hideko Murata. When they realize that Sigrid and Selim have not returned, John decides they should go look for them as their oxygen supply will soon run out. Following their footprints, they come to the cave and find their helmets but are unable to go further due to the wall of ice at the back of the cave. As they are leaving, Dr. William Rochester steps into some quicksand and despite their efforts to save him, sinks from view in the sand. Heading back to the ship, they are forced to put off any further search for the missing members as the temperature has become too cold. Dr. David Ruskin is finishes dictating his report on William’s death and talks with Asmara for a few minutes before John has everyone report to the main deck. When they all arrive, John tells them that they have lost contact with Earth and as they try to reestablish contact, strange symbols begin appearing on the monitor. Hideko attempts to translate and says it is a warning for them to leave the moon alone and to leave. The message says that they are keeping Selim and Sigrid, so they can observe the emotion called love, and also demands that they leave the cats behind, as they have a bizarre fascination with the animals. After Dr. Erich Heinrich suffers a mild heart attack, John realizes that they don’t have much choice if they want to live so they place the cats in the cave and leave, with an unseen presence taking the cage after they leave. As the rocket takes off for Earth, they are able to establish contact with Earth briefly before they end up losing contact again. Suddenly, a dog on board starts barking and John and David head down and discover the strange rock has begun to catch fire so they quickly work to put it out, then through the rock into a vacuum chamber, so that it will not be able to catch fire anymore. After passing through another meteor shower, they get close to Earth but discover that the Earth is in the midst of massive freezing, with all contact from North America being lost while the other world leaders try to come up with a solution. With their own engines threatening to fail, the team decides to come up with their own way to stop the big freeze. Feodor and the others come up with the plan of fashioning an atomic bomb and using the space taxi to transport it to a volcano and dropping it inside, causing an eruption that will heat the atmosphere and stop the big freeze. However, the chances of those piloting the taxi surviving are slim so he suggests drawing lots to see who will go. John gives the ok for the bomb, and they work to build it but as it is being finished, Dr. Etienne Martel disconnects the bomb so it won’t work. Feodor catches him and Etienne tries to convince him to let him continue, as their biggest rivals would be dead and they could rule the west but Feodor refuses, saying he is a human being, not a murderer. Etienne attacks him and Feodor calls out for help, and John shows up and stops Etienne from killing them. With Etienne restrained, the remaining members draw lots and Erich and David are the ones to pilot the taxi. They set off and successfully deliver the bomb but the explosion is not big enough and they are caught in the freeze effect. As they begin to crash, Erich pilots them towards the volcano and the crash into it but there is still no effect. As the remaining crew watch helplessly, the freeze effect reaches the rocket and as it becomes engulfed in ice, they all huddle together for warmth. Suddenly, the alien symbols appear on the monitor and Hideko begins to translate. The alien writing says that now they know the power the possess, but the Aliens also learned of the power of human spirit and self sacrifice, as well as love from Selim and Sidrig, so they are freeing humanity from the suspended animation they placed it in and say that next time they come to the moon, they will be more welcome. As the ship starts to thaw, they are contacted by the Earth, and the Secretary General starts to tell them about what happened over the last few hours.

I love watching classic sci-fi movies because it is always fun to see if they can still hold up watching them down the road. Today’s movie is one that does not really hold up. The acting was ok but because they had so many characters to try and focus on, that for the most part, they would only have one or two scenes, maybe 2 minutes tops, to try and create any sort of character development, which meant they all felt kinda of lame. The story was ok but some of the random plot points, like Etienne suddenly going homicidal, were never explained and then completely ignored afterwards. The special effects were kind of laughable and there were several goof in the movie that just made this funny to watch. Not a great sci-fi movie but kind of funny to watch at least once.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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