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December 23rd, 2016 Movie – Resident Evil: Extinction


I have noticed a slight pattern with this series of movies. Even though I enjoy watching the movies, I ave yet to see one in the theaters. I can honestly attribute this to a number of factors. Monetary reasons are one, as going to the movies tends to be more and more expensive and for a while, money was kind of tight. The other reason is that there have been a lot of movies coming out and I would probably go see something else that I was more interested in seeing. Regardless, the movies get their money from me so it is all good in the end. So let’s get right into today’s movie, Resident Evil: Extinction.

The plot: A naked Alice wakes up in the shower in the mansion above the Hive in Raccoon City. After getting dressed, she starts to explore and suddenly finds herself in the corridor in front of the Red Queen’s chamber. When the laser defense activates, Alice manages to avoid it by climbing up into the air ducts, where she keeps moving forward to the next grate. Dropping down, she finds herself in a white, hospital like hallway and, grabbing a gurney, she begins running towards a nearby window when a hidden guillotine cuts the gurney in two. Alice continues exploring but triggers another booby trap, which activates a “Bouncing Betty” style device that fires a circular volley of bullets, catching her in the stomach. As Alice lies dying, Dr. Sam Isaacs, the head of Program Alice, orders the two men with him to take a sample of her blood, then dump the body so they can start again. Later, the two men carry the body up to the surface, with the entrance hidden inside a shack, and dump her in a ditch with dozens of other Alice’s, revealing that the body was a clone, as a large fence keeps the horde of zombies from entering the area. In a voice-over, Alice explains that the infection was not contained in Raccoon City and within a month, the infection spread across the world and the Earth ended up becoming a barren wasteland. What few survivors that remain tend to keep moving and stay out of large cities. Alice (the real one) shows up at a abandoned radio station outside of Salt Lake City, responding to a distress call from someone trapped inside. When she enters the building, she discovers that it was a trap set up by a group of bandits that issue the fake distress call to kill and steal from people. Alice kills one of the men that attempts to rape her but she is knocked unconscious and dropped down a hole into the basement. Regaining consciousness, she sees the rest of the bandits mocking her as they release infected dogs to attack her. Alice kills some of the dogs, then uses the others to take out a support beam, dropping part of the ceiling which allows her to make her escape, as well as letting the dogs attack the bandits. Back at the underground Umbrella lab, Isaacs attends a meeting with holographic images of the various leaders of Umbrella facilities as well as Albert Wesker, the head of the Umbrella Corporation. Isaacs explains that he believes he can “domesticate and train” the zombies but they would need the real Alice to be able to develop a cure but Wesker tells him that until the know exactly where Alice is, they can’t waste the resources to find her and to keep using the clones instead. Meanwhile, Carlos Olivera and LJ have managed to hook up with a group of survivors led by Claire Redfield and are in the region close to Alice. Seeing a hotel nearby where they can make camp and look for supplies, Carlos and LJ go check it out but while they are there, LJ is attacked by some zombies and kills one of them while Carlos kills the other. Signaling the others that it is all clear, the rest of the convoy comes down to look for supplies. Nurse Betty, who is romantically linked with LJ, tends to a cut on his head but after she leaves, LJ lifts his shirt to reveal that he was bit when he was attacked. After the group sets up a perimeter with motion sensors, they settle in for the night, broadcasting their location on the radio, which Alice overhears. As Alice settles down for the night, she has dreams/images of herself being experimented on and accidentally uses her telekinetic powers in her sleep, destroying her bike. The signals are picked up by Umbrella’s AI, the White Queen, who alerts Isaacs to them. The next morning, Claire and her group notice a large murder of crows surrounding them and realize the crows are infected from feeding on the zombie’s bodies. Claire decides to try and leave but when the crows cause the bus to wreck, they head back to rescue the people inside. One of the men uses a flamethrower mounted on a truck to try and fight off the crows while they people are loaded into the other vehicles but the man is killed, as are Nurse Betty, Otto (the bus driver) and some other people. When Carlos tries to save a girl from the flamethrower, the flames suddenly stop and he sees Alice telekinetically controlling them to kill the crows. When the White Queen notices the signal again, Isaacs reprograms a satellite and uses it to locate Alice. He tells Wesker, who refuses to authorize an attempt to recapture him unless there is 100% proof, but Isaacs disobeys his orders and heads to Las Vegas to set a trap for Alice. Alice tells Carlos and Claire about her belief that there is a safe haven in Alaska and Claire puts it to a vote for the rest of the convoy, who choose to take the chance. The group heads to Las Vegas to get gas for the trip and find the city is practically deserted and half buried in sand. As they find a place to get gas, Alice investigates a steel container when it suddenly opens to reveal a horde of zombies that Isaacs had infused with Alice’s blood in order to create a super zombie. As the group attempt to fight off or run from the zombies, several of them are killed and LJ finally turns into and is killed by Carlos, but not before LJ bites him. During the fight, Isaac manages to take control of Alice and cause her to stop moving but Alice manages to fight back against the program and regain movement. As Isaac tries to get control again, Alice races to where Isaacs was observing and kills the security team inside the tent. Isaacs escapes and heads for the helicopter but is bit by one of the super zombies and tells the pilot to head back to the lab so he can get the anti-virus. When he gets to the lab, he begins dosing himself with massive amounts of the anti-virus, claiming he needs it, but Wesker’s second in command, Slater, shoots Isaacs but instead of killing him, it triggers the mutation and Wesker quickly kills Slater and the two guards with him. Alice uses the computers to find where the helicopter went, the surviving members of the convoy head towards the lab, intending to steal the helicopter to make the trip to Alaska. Carlos chooses to sacrifice himself to allow the other to make it past the zombie horde by driving the gas tank at the gate and blowing it up. Heading inside, Alice helps Claire and K-Mart get the survivors inside, then tells them to leave as she chooses to stay behind. After they leave, Alice discovers the grave filled with clones and heads inside the shack and down to the lab. In the lab, Alice meets the White Queen, who tells Alice that her blood holds the key to stopping the biohazard, which is why she is choosing to help Alice but tells her that Isaacs is trapped in the lower levels and must be stopped first. Heading down to kill Isaacs, Alice discovers another clone of herself when Isaacs attacks. Alice manages to chase him off but the clones is set free from her containment and as Alice holds it, the clone appears to die. Alice chases after Isaacs and the two begin fighting, even using telekinesis on each other. The eventually end up in the Red Queen’s corridor and Isaacs moves to kill Alice but the clone recovered and uses the laser grid to kill Isaacs and save Alice. Some time later, Wesker is holding a meeting with the other heads of Umbrella facilities when Alice appears via hologram and tells them that she is coming for them and bringing some friends. Alice then closes the connection and stands next to the clone as she looks out at the containers filled with more clones of Alice.

Resident Evil: Extinction met with poor reviews from the critics, as shown by the 22% rating it shows on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is that, “Resident Evil: Extinction is more of the same; its few impressive action sequences unable to compensate for the pedestrian plot.” The movie was originally titled Resident Evil: Afterlife but for some reason, the movie’s title was changed to Extinction and Afterlife would be used for the fourth movie. The movie was a box office success, earning $147.7 million off of a $45 million budget.

I will be honest, this movie felt a little flat to me. The acting was ok but you don’t really get much character development and even Milla Jovovich (Alice), Oded Fehr (Carlos), and Mike Epps (LJ) seemed somewhat disinterested in their performances. The story had some good elements, although I personally had to laugh at the theme of taking blood samples from the dead clones to make new ones, thereby making a slightly better clone each time. The reason I laughed is because, while I am sure this idea was possibly used in other stories, I just remember that this was how Doomsday, the creature that killed Superman, was created in the comics. The special effects were pretty good, with the scene involving the crows being one of my favorites. It’s a decent movie but could have been a lot better.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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