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December 12th, 2016 Movie – Quarantine 2: Terminal


With the first movie being a modest hit at the box office, it was only a matter of time before a sequel would come about. However, unlike it’s predecessor, this sequel would have no relation to [REC] at all. Now I honestly didn’t hear anything about this movie until I saw it as a preview trailer on another DVD I was watching. Since I already had the original movie, I decided to go ahead and pick this up when I was buying the sequels to [REC], which is more or less fitting now that I think about it. So let’s see if this purchase was worth it as I watch today’s movie, Quarantine 2: Terminal.

The plot: After attending a concert, flight attendants Jenny and Paula are on their way to the airport to work a plane flying from Los Angeles to Nashville. As they get ready to start boarding the passengers, Jenny is put in charge of caring for George, a 13 year old boy flying between visiting his divorced parents. As more passengers start to board the plane, Jenny sees Henry trying to place an pet carrier carrying hamsters in an overhead bin but it doesn’t fit. An overweight passenger named Ralph offers to try putting it in one further back but as he tries, one of the animals nips his fingers, and Jenny has the cage placed in the cargo hold. When all of the passengers have boarded, the plane takes off and once they reached cruising altitude, Jenny begins checking on the passengers. When she offers Henry a drink, she notices him watching a news report about an apartment building in downtown Los Angeles but Henry says they aren’t saying what is going on. Ralph begins to feel sick, and ends up throwing up on Jenny and demands to be left off the plane. While Paule tries tending to Ralph, Jenny goes to wipe the vomit off of her but as she starts heading back, she is knocked down by Ralph as he races down the aisle and begins banging on the cockpit door. Henry and some of the other passengers manage to help subdue and restrain Ralph, while unnoticed, one of the passenger’s cat is shown eating some of Ralph’s puke. The pilots call in the incident and they are told to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport so Paula and Jenny have the passengers get into crash positions. As they try to get Ralph into a seat, he regains consciousness and bites Paula in the face and as he attempts to get up, Henry and some other passengers force him into the restroom and hold the door closed. When they finally land, the tower is not directing them towards a runway so the pilot decides to head to one where a baggage handler, Ed, is working and gets his attention to help them. With Ed’s help, they have all of the passengers escape from the plane except for the pilots (Captain Forrest and his co-pilot Willsy) and an elderly couple, Bev and Doc (who is paralyzed and mute). Ed leads the people down the gangway to the terminal only to find the door is locked so he takes them down through the baggage loading area only to discover that was is locked as well and he realizes that the terminal is in lockdown. George and Jenny look out a window and see police and health officials putting up tarps across the surface of the building. Shilah, a military medic that was treating Paula, tells Jenny that she can help keep Paula alive if she gets her medical kit from the plane so Jenny, Ed, Henry, and two other passengers (Nial and Preston) head back to the plane. When they get there, they find that Forrest, Willsy, and Bev have disappeared, Ralph has escaped from the bathroom. They find Doc is still in his seat so Jenny has Preston take Doc towards the door while the others head down into the cargo hold. Jenny finds Henry’s pet carrier, which had broken open during the turbulence, as well as Shilah’s bag while Nial retrieves his gun from his bag. Ed sees a rat trying to attack him and tries to kill it while Jenny heads back out of the hold and sees Willsy moving around like an animal at the far end of the plane. As she turns around, she sees Forrest, who grabs her and attempts to bite her. Henry and Ed try to help her and Nial eventually shoots him, but some of Forrest’s blood gets on his face and in his eye. Returning to the gangway, they find Preston is dead and while Ed and Henry check Doc for injuries and take him through the doorway, Jenny keeps looking around and finds Bev, who begs for help before turning and racing to attack her. Jenny rushes for the door and as Ed and Henry rush to close and barricade it, Jenny takes Ed back to the other passengers and gives Shilah her bag. After George gives her a message from her father before saying the cell phones were dead, Jenny looks around and notices a blood trail and decides to get Ed and Henry to join the others before she assumes command of the group. As they argue about what to do, a rat leaps down and bites Doc on the head and they capture the rat, then place Doc in a baggage cage as a precaution in case he is infected. When they notice that the rat has a tag on it, George says Henry brought them in his carrier case and Jenny takes Henry aside to question him and Henry says George is mistaken as he never would have gotten the rats through security. As they start to head back to the group, they are attacked by Ralph and, With Ed and some other passenger’s help, they manage to strangle him. The CDC send some armed men inside, who gather everyone together and administer a serum to Doc and start to give one to Louise but her cat, who is now infected, bites her. As one of the agents begins shooting at the cat, Doc turns and bites the agent but is then killed by the other agents. The agents then grab the wounded man and attempt to leave but finding the door locked, shoot the lock off and head outside, along with one of the passengers, Hvorst, but they are shot down by the men outside. Ed and Henry manage to drag one of the wounded agents back inside and, as more infected are heard coming for them, they take refuge inside a catering truck but Nial turns and drags his wife Susan away from the truck as they shut the door. Henry proceeds to question the agent, who eventually tells them that he works for anti-terrorism biological division of Homeland Security. He explains about a doomsday cult that had developed a virus in a lab at an apartment building downtown and that they were trying to find a cure for the virus before he grabs the gun from Henry and uses it to kill himself. Ed tells them about a drainage tunnel they can use to escape when Willsy suddenly attacks him from the roof of the truck. Henry tries to shoot Willsy but is out of bullets so Ed tells George to hit the button that raises the truck bed, crushing George to death on the platforms above them. The group leave the truck but notice that Henry isn’t with them just as Nicca, Hvorst’s partner, is dragged away. Running towards the engineer’s office, they encounter Paula, who has now turned, and Jenny is forced to kill her by pushing her off the railing to the floor below. Meanwhile, Henry has gone back to Nial’s bag to get more bullets for the gun when he is attacked by infected. At the engineer’s office, Shilah, Ed, and JEnny start looking for blueprints for the tunnel but George, who had stolen Henry’s bag, discovers proof that Henry is responsible for the virus and shows Jenny. After they find the blueprints for the tunnel, they are confronted by an infected Nial and Susan but Henry appears and shoots them. George accuses Henry, who admits to his part and, after shooting Ed, has George bring him the experimental antidote he had with him, then takes him hostage as a means to escape. Shilah and Jenny split up to find him and Jenny manages to kill a changed Preston, then hides from some others. She encounters Shilah, who had found a pair of thermal goggles left by the agents, and hands them to Jenny, who sees that Shilah has been bitten. Shilah then tells Jenny to go save George and get Henry, then runs out and attracts the infected’s attention, sacrificing herself to give Jenny time to escape. Jenny heads down and finds George down in a hole but is attacked by Henry, who has started to turn into a rat-like monster. During their struggle, the goggles are knocked from her head and George manages to find them, then grabs the gun and shoots Henry, rescuing Jenny who then kills Henry. As the terminal above them is set ablaze, Jenny and George find the drainage tunnel and Jenny gives George the goggles, then has him go first while she follows him. When Jenny starts slowing down, George looks back and sees that she has been bitten and says he won’t leave her but Jenny says to keep going, then purposefully slows her pace down to allow George time to escape. George reaches the end of the tunnel and manages to squeeze through the bars, then yells out to Jenny but she has finally turned and attempts to attack George but can’t get through the bars. George stares sadly at Jenny, then looks out at the terminal, which still has a helicopter circling the area, before dropping the goggles and walking away. Through the goggles, the infected cat is shown walking away, with Las Vegas seen in the background.

Quarantine 2: Terminal met with much higher praise from the critics than it’s predecessor, holding an 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, many critics liked the various horror aspects used in the movie. Deciding to go a different route, rather than remake the sequel to [REC], they decided to get rid of the found footage style of shooting as well as having a more original story line. The movie only had a limited budget and would be released as a direct to video sequel by Sony Pictures.

This was a decent sequel but kind of a disappointing horror movie for the most part. The acting was ok, but I found Jenny’s constant character shifts, from being the helpless heroine to the wanna-be take charge persona, to be a little annoying. The plot was ok but I felt like they could have done a lot more regarding the setting, mainly the various things around the airport that they could have used. The special effects were pretty good and while they didn’t have the whole “found footage” style of shooting, I did like the thermal vision views that were kind of like an homage to that style. However, the aspect of Henry starting to turn into a monster honestly felt a little cheap and completely unnecessary. Worth watching if you really want to watch a follow up to the original but otherwise, it can be skipped.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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