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December 5th, 2016 Movie – The Real Bruce Lee



For today’s viewing pleasure, I have an interesting, and a somewhat unexpected, movie to watch. Something of a documentary/biography, today’s movie, The Real Bruce Lee, talks a little bit about his early film career when he was a child. Showing clips from 4 old films, Kid Cheung, Bad Boy, The Carnival, and Orphan Sam, you could see the natural charisma Bruce Lee had, even in at an early age. After talking about Bruce Lee’s role as Kato in The Green Hornet, the documentary then goes on the talk about his returning to Hong Kong and beginning his successful movie career. After his death, the documentary touches on producers wanting to fill the void left in his passing, and showcases some scenes from one of the more prominent of the imitators, Bruce Li. After that, the documentary talks about an actor billed as the “true successor of Bruce Lee”, Dragon Lee, then showcases a film of his.

The plot (for the Dragon Lee film): Yo Long is training in the mountains when he heads back to town for work and ends up stopping 4 men from attacking a woman. Some of Yo Long’s friends show up and tell him of his former teacher’s death at the hands of Yashika, a Japanese crime boss that is trying to take over the area. Yo Long goes to his current master and asks permission to go and deal with Yashika in honor of his former teacher and his master agrees. Yo Long heads to the city when he is attacked by some of Yashika’s men, who were waiting in ambush for him, but he easily manages to beat them and continues his journey, but not before he sees a man in white ninja garb leaping away. Back in the city, Yo Long heads to the dojo to find it boarded up and, with the help of his friends, the remove the poles barring the door and enter the dojo. When two of Yashika’s men try to collect some taxes from a nearby restaurant, Yo Long stops them and after a brief fight, sends them running back to Yashika. Yo Long sends one of his friends to send a message to Yashika but when his friend arrives, Yashika attacks the messenger. Before he can kill him, a dagger with a note is thrown into the room and when Yashika reads the note, he is warned to let the messenger go or face the masked man. The white ninja appears and begins fighting with Yashika’s men, allowing Yo Long’s friend to escape, then the ninja escapes as well. Yo Long’s friend returns to the dojo, which Yo Long has reopened, and tells him what happened. When one of Yashika’s men arrives to offer a deal for Yo Long, Yo Long and his friend’s capture the man and take him back to Yashika. Face to face with Yashika, Yo Long asks to hear Yashika’s terms and Yashika says he wants a fight with Yo Long. The two fight but Yo Long manages to kill Yashika and he leaves with his friends and heads back to the dojo, but warns them that Yashika’s gang might still come after them. Suddenly, the white ninja appears and warns Yo Long that Yashika’s men will be searching for a new champion and once they do, they will get their revenge on Yo Long. Back at Yashika’s heaquarters, Yashika’s lieutenant introduces Gruber, a half Japanese, half German man, who is there to kill Yo Long. Gruber and Yashika’s men go to the dojo to meet with Yo Long, but choose not to fight with him there. Instead, they head to the mountains to kidnap the master’s daughter Yu Ling, who is in love with Yo Long. Reaching the mountain, they encounter the white ninja, who is revealed to be the master, and Gruber fights with him and eventually kills him while his lieutenant defeats Yu Ling’s brothers and kidnaps Yu Ling. Hearing about the death of the master and Yu Ling’s kidnapping, Yo Long heads to face Gruber but initially becomes trapped. Escaping the room he was trapped in, Yo Long finds himself trapped in a courtyard but manages to find another way back into the building. Inside, Yo Long is attacked by some of Yashika’s men but he manages to beat them and continue searching for Yu Ling only to be attacked by a bunch of ninjas. After defeating the ninjas, Yo Long finally faces off with Gruber and his lieutenant and after a fighting with both of them, Yo Long is able to defeat the lieutenant and kill Gruber before he walks off.

Regarding the Dragon Lee movie, this was a bit over the top at times but a pretty decent martial arts movie. The acting was ok but the dubbing was pretty bad and honestly didn’t seem to give the good guys any real emotion. In fact, the bad guys actually felt more human than the good guys, which is never a good thing. The story was a pretty typical revenge story, with party A taking revenge on party B, then party B tries to get revenge back on party A. The fight scenes were a little over the top at times, which took away from some of the good aspects of the fights. All in all, they were pretty good, but a far cry from Bruce Lee’s fight scenes. As for the documovie on a whole, it was cool to see some of the earlier footage of Bruce Lee but I would have preferred that they either do a complete documentary, or just do the movie itself, but not intermix them.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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