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December 4th, 2016 Movie – Razortooth


What a fun, relaxing weekend this has been. I started off yesterday as I spent the whole day watching a bunch of B-grade sci-fi/horror movies, starting with yesterday’s movie, Raptor Island (which I noticed I had mistakenly labeled as the movie for November 3rd and had to update it), and I get to start off today with another B-grade sci-fi horror movie. Now today’s movie is one that I remember watching on Syfy years ago when it debuted, and it fit just about every criteria necessary for me to enjoy it; that being it was a low budget, cheesy sci-fi/natural horror movie. Now it’s time to see if today’s movie, Razortooth, is as good now as I thought it was back then.

The plot: Two prisoners escape from prison and head into the swamp, pursued by several police officers. As they continue searching for the crooks, the police are attacked and killed by a giant eel, and the crooks, who had been hiding during the commotion, go to see what happened and quickly take some guns from the dead officers before heading back into the swamp. Elsewhere, local animal control officer Delmar Coates is making his rounds across his small town and trying to get his lazy assistant to help him out. Out on the swamp, a group of high school students are going on a weekend excursion in the swamp as part of their Canoe Club while elsewhere, 4 college kids (Holly, Dean, Mark, and Jay) are heading out to the campsite of Dr. Soren Abramson to assist him in his research. Delmar shows up at a small assembly where his ex-wife, local sheriff Ruth Gainey-Coates, is warning the town folk about the escaped criminals. After the assembly, Delmar speaks with Ruth for a few minutes, then speaks with a lady about her missing dog. Delmar starts looking for the dog with Ruth along the banks of the swamp and discovers a strange, slimy substance at the edge of the water. Meanwhile, the college kids arrive at the campsite to find it in disarray and no sign of the professor at all. When they hear a splash coming from the swamp behind them, they turn to look and are joined by Soren, who greets his new interns and tells them of his plan to capture some eel specimens and use them to test his serum that will render them sterile, thus protecting the ecosystem. Meanwhile, Delmar and Ruth find what is left of the missing dog and when Ruth steps in a hole and loses her shoe, Delmar carries her back to her car and after talking for a while, they end up going back to Delmar’s place to have sex. During the night, several people are attacked and killed by some eels and two of the kids on the canoe trip have gone missing. When Delmar and Ruth go to the diner to eat and find the bodies of the owner and cook inside, Ruth calls the paramedics and after learning about all the other attacks from her deputy, she calls in for soem backup. One of the missing boys’ father, Lott Dryer, is organizing a posse to hunt down the convicts, believing that they are the ones behind the killings but Ruth stops him and organizes the search parties to include one of her deputies or state patrol officer. Meanwhile, Delmar sees Soren and his interns nearby and punches Soren, blaming him for all of this and when Ruth shows up, Delmar explains that the deaths were the result of an eel that Soren had created. Soren tries to deny it but when Ruth and Delmar pressure him, he reluctantly admits that an eel had rapidly grown to monstrous size and escaped before it could be destroyed. Elsewhere, the two convicts head to the cabin of one of the convicts cousins but find no sign of Cousin Lou, as he was killed by an eel earlier. As they look for food, they notice the canoe club paddling by and decide to raid their camp later for some food. Back at the base camp, Ruth organizes patrol sectors and everyone heads out to find the canoe club while keeping an eye out for the convicts and the eel. Deputy Chubby and the two men encounter the eel and are killed by it, as is Jay. Delmar, Ruth, Lott, Soren, and the other interns find the Canoe Club’s campsite, with the boot from one of the convicts showing that they were there, but there is no sign of anyone. Hearing some shots in the distance, the head towards them and find the remains of one of the convicts, and later they find Everett, the only survivor of the club. Unable to talk due to shock, Everett takes them to Lou’s cabin, where Ruth, Delmar, and Lott find evidence of the club members all being killed by the eel inside. As Ruth, Delmar, Mark, and Dean look for the bodies, Delmar discovers the hole that the eel used to get in the cabin and they are surprised when the other convict briefly climbs out of the hole before succumbing to his injuries and dropping back down. As Delmar and Ruth prepare to get everyone together to head back, the eel shows up and kills Mark. Soren uses a generator to try and lure the eel to them but the eel attacks him, causing him to accidentally shoot Lott with his syringe tipped crossbow bolt. Delmar and Ruth try to save Soren but he waves them away, then ups the voltage on the generator to try to electrocute the eel but while Soren dies from the electricity, the eel is only stunned. As they go to leave, Everett starts going into diabetic shock and that gives Delmar an idea on how to kill the eel. Using Mark’s glucose supplements, Delmar melts them down and loads them into a syringe, then lures the eel to where Ruth is hiding so she can shoot it with the syringe, taking advantage of it’s inability to digest sugar to kill it. When the creature manages to survive and go back in the swamp, Delmar heads back to Lott’s body to try and find a weapon to use and finds two grenades. Giving one of the grenades to Ruth, Delmar heads out into the swamp and manages to grab onto the eel and get it to swallow the other grenade. Making it back to shore, Delmar and Ruth sit down and kiss when the eel resurfaces just before it explodes, showering them in blood and gore. Delmar and Ruth walk away and head back to town, not seeing several more eels coming out of the swamp behind them.

This was a pretty funny movie to watch for several reasons. The acting was pretty good with several of the supporting actors doing good jobs in acting out the various stereotypes you would expect to see in their setting. The plot was a little crazy, and while they tried to explain how the eels could get in some of the places, it still seemed pretty unrealistic a couple of times. However, I did like how they treated this like a classic horror movie at times, such as the seen with the eel appearing  in the shadows behind Delmar’s neighbor but as she turns around, it disappears out of sight, only to appear behind her as she keeps moving. The special effects regarding the eel were decent for the most part, though I did find the constantly changing colors from a lighter green to a greenish brown to be a  it annoying. Still, it kept me entertained which is all I really ask of a movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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