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December 1st, 2016 Movie – Raiders Of Atlantis


Holy cow, it is already December. This year has really flown by, which to be honest is a pretty good thing. Now this should be interesting. I have watched dozens of Italian horror movies, and several Italian sci-fi movies, but today’s movie is a little different. Today I get to watch an Italian sci-fi/action movie, which is a little new for me. Now I have to say that this is part of the Sci-Fi Invasion box set, so there is every possibility that this will be an absolute terrible movie but that really remains to be seen as I watch today’s movie, Raiders Of Atlantis.

The plot: In 1994, Mike Ross and his partner Wahington (who says he is reborn as Mohammed) make their way to a Miami mansion, take out the guards, and kidnap the owner. Later, the two meet with a colonel and his two men and are given a $50,000 payment and told to stay low, and Mike says they plan on sailing down to Trinidad. As they are sailing, a helicopter flies around them before continuing on and landing on a deep sea platform. Dr. Cathy Rollins  disembarks and complains about why she was brought there from her archaeological dig site and Professor Peter Saunders explains that they are there to raise a sunken Russian sub when they found an ancient tablet which they want her help in trying to translate. Cathy works on translating the tablet and says she believes it is proof in the existence of Atlantis. Meanwhile, progress is made on raising the sub but as it gets close to the surface, some strange surges start affecting their equipment. Meanwhile, in Miami, a man grabs a clear skull mask and after putting it on, leads a gang of raiders as they kill a couple outside their home. Back on the platform, the crew are ordered to evacuate just as a tidal wave strikes the platform and destroys it. Meanwhile, Mike, Washington, and their boat hand Manuel are trying to stay afloat during the storm and notice a strange island that seems to rise up out of the ocean. When the storm passes, they notice the survivors of the platform and pick them up, one of which happens to be Bill Cook, the helicopter pilot that passed them earlier and an old war buddy of Mike and Washington. When their boat runs aground on San Pedro, Mike and Washington start to look around when they hear a scream from the boat and return to find Manuel holding Cathy hostage. Manuel says that he is taking Cathy and has to kill all of them but when Mike manages to disarm him, Manuel jumps into the ocean and swims away. The group all head ashore and discover that the entire island has been ransacked and the people killed. As they look inside a large building, they see Manuel approaching, who warns Mike that they should all leave, as he doesn’t want to kill them but they will in order to get to Cathy. When the raiders appear, led by Crystal Skull, Manuel approaches them but is killed, as is Frank when he goes to try and reason with them. The raiders begin shooting at the group and one of them, James, tries to find another way out. When the raiders start to regroup, Mike notices that they have captured James and he quickly leads everyone out a back window. As the group tried to find a place to hide or weapons to use, they eventually find a warehouse with several shotguns and liquor bottles, which they use to make moltov cocktails. When the raiders begins to attack the warehouse, they are able to fend them off, killing several raiders in the process. During the brief moment of peace, Mike explores the warehouse further and discovers Larry Stoddard, along with his wife Barbara and daughter Liza, who had been hiding in the warehouse all night. Peter gets the generator working so they have some light while Larry explains what happened on the island, which coincides with when the storm hit. When Crystal Skull and the raiders start attacking again, Liza is killed by a man with a flamethrower. When the raiders start using gas on them, they retreat to the far side of the warehouse but the raiders continue attacking, eventually killing Barbara and kidnapping Cathy. Mike and Washington go looking for her and Mike runs into Klaus Nemnez, an escaped prisoner that had been fending off the raiders on his own. Returning to the warehouse, Peter tells Mike that Cathy had deciphered the tablet and learned that Atlantis had suffered a civil war before it sank and that the raiders, and Manuel, were descendants of the survivors. Peter also says that radiation from the sub they raised is what caused the portion of Atlantis to rise. Grabbing some weapons from the police station, they make their way towards the dock where a helicopter is kept, with the plan of destroying the island in order to get the people to return to normal. When they reach the island, they find the sub had washed ashore on the island and Mike has Peter work on neutralizing the warheads in the sub, with Washington and Bill guarding him, while he goes to look for Cathy and Klaus offers to join him. As Mike and Klaus make their way through the jungle, Mike sees James running through the jungle and discovers Cathy’s knapsack with the tablet, which he uses to guide them towards Cathy. Meanwhile, Bill and Washington work on fending off the raiders but Bill is killed in the process. Peter manages to deactivate the warheads and tells Washington but he then notices James and calls out to him, only for James to shoot him, who is then shot by Washington. Elsewhere, Mike and Klaus make it to where Cathy is being held but before they can enter the base, they are attacked by raiders and Klaus is killed. Mike heads inside and fights with Crystal Skull, eventually smashing the mask and causing the shards to embed in his face. Continuing through the base, Mike encounters a booby trap but is saved by Washington and the two continue looking for Cathy. They eventually find her and discover that she is being controlled by the descendants of Atlantis and she warns them that the dome is closing and the island will sink again so they should leave. The tablet flies out of Mike’s hand and into a panel in front of Cathy and she disappears so Mike and Washington make a run for it. Reaching the helicopter, they are surprised to see Cathy inside but Mike manages to get the helicopter airborne and they escape Atlantis before it sinks back into the ocean.

Well, that wasn’t quite what I expected. This is an interesting, albeit confusing movie to watch. The acting was ok but the dialogue, or maybe just the dubbing, was pretty bad. The story was confusing as it kind of bounced around a lot and didn’t really do a good job of explaining things except for a half-hearted attempt towards the end of the movie. Even the ending was confusing because there is no real explanation as to what happened with Cathy and how she managed to appear in the helicopter after she vanished in the room. I honestly think that the director or producer watched Mad Max one too many times because the raiders really looked like they belonged in the Outback Wasteland with Mel Gibson chasing after them. The action scenes were pretty much your typical cheesy 80’s action scenes, with nothing really standing out and simply a lot of shots fired and people dying, with the occasional explosion or hand to hand combat thrown in. If you feel like a senseless action movie, then feel free to give this a shot. Just be aware that there are better movies out there.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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