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November 26th, 2016 Movie – Queen Of The Amazons


Good morning everybody. Today’s bit of fun will involve a lot of driving for me as I am heading up to Nashville to see some family. The downside to this is that I will be driving back later that evening because I have to go in to work for a couple of hours tomorrow. Knowing that I had a lot of driving to do today, I went ahead and watched today’s movie yesterday because a) it was short and b) I had the time to do it. Now this is one of those movies from the Sci-Fi Classics set that has nothing to do with Sci-Fi, which makes it one of the movies I absolutely hate to watch. Let’s see how bad it is as I watch Queen Of The Amazons.

The plot: Jean Preston, accompanied by Colonel Jones, Wayne Monroe, and the Professor, is in India searching for her fiance, the Colonel’s son Greg, who has been missing for a month. Despite Wayne’s warnings that they should turn back due to tensions between the Indian people and foreign travelers, Jean continues on and goes to check in to her hotel, where the Colonel and Professor notice a native girl looking particularly interested in them but when they look again, she has disappeared. After getting their room keys, Jean and the others head to their rooms and the desk clerk calls someone to tell him about the group looking for Greg. As Jean is putting her clothes up, Tondra, the young woman from earlier, knocks on her door and tells Jean that her husband was one of the men on Greg’s safari. Tondra says that one of the guides and Greg were attacked and killed by a Tiger but Jean doesn’t want to believe her and asks that Tondra bring her husband so she can question him and Tondra agrees after Jean offer her some money. That night, Tondra introduces Jean to Moya and Jean shows him a picture of Greg, Moya says that Greg was not on the safari attacked by a tiger. He tells her that Greg was looking for Ivory and had boarded a ship for Africa but before he can say much else, he is shot by an unknown assailant from outside. The mystery man contacts the front desk to tell him that a local was killed in Jean’s room and to report it to the police. Wayne returns to the hotel and heads to Jean’s room to find out what happened and as they all see the locals starting to riot in the streets, they fell it best to leave and head to Africa after Greg. When they arrive in Africa, Wayne feels like Jean is wasting their time but Jean is adamant to continue on. Hearing that the only available guide, Gary Lambert, has a problem with women, Jean goes to talk with him and impresses him with the fact that she is a skilled marksman, making him agree to lead the expedition. After Gary acquires the services of Gabby, a cook friend of his, the local commissioner approaches him and tells him he had a second reason for wanting him on the expedition; that being to investigate some contraband that has been smuggled out of the jungle in the area they are going. After traveling by boat as far upriver as they can, they reach a native village that Gary is on good terms with and ask the chief to spare some men to help them. Unfortunately, most of the men are scared of the white she-devils that they say live in the area, but they eventually are able to get enough men for the trip. After making their way through the jungle, the come across a native boy with a gold coin belonging to Greg, letting them know that they are on the right track. That night, while Gary and Jean are talking, a lion makes its way into the camp and attacks Gary. Wayne is able to fend it off with a torch but later tells the Colonel that he feels someone is actively trying to stop them from finding Greg. Meanwhile, Jean is tending to Gary’s wounds and Gary tells her that he felt a collar on the lion’s neck while he was struggling with it. As they continue talking, Jean admits to having feelings for Gary and is confused on what to do about them but before they can kiss, she chooses to head to her tent. The next day, they discover Wayne has been killed and someone is attempting to frame a native warrior for the crime. When their scout is killed by a lion, Tonga, the native leader, leads a hunting party out to kill the lion before the group is able to continue. Meanwhile, Greg is alive and living with Zita, the Amazon Queen, and the two are  shown to be in love with each other. When Zita notices that some of her pet lions are injured, one with a bullet wound, she realizes that there are strangers nearby and finds out more information about the safari. Greg says that he would like to meet the safari, as it has been a long time since he had seen anyone from the outside world but Zita insists it is best that he stay out of sight, as she plans on dealing with the intruders to keep the Amazon’s existence a secret. Three warriors approach the safari and deliver a note inviting three members of the safari to meet with Zita and Gary and the Colonel agree to go and, though they argue against it, Jean says that she wants to go as well. Meeting with Zita, they ask about Greg and she admits that he is there then asks to speak with Jean alone. Zita tells Jean that Greg is there and has chosen to remain because the two are in love and when Jean says that she holds no sway on what Greg does, Zita says she is happy as she would have killed Jean in order to keep Greg. Suddenly, they are interrupted by two women, who are carrying the Professor, and he explains that he was looking for insects when they caught him. Meanwhile, Gary asks Zita about the ivory smuggling and she asks if he will keep her and the tribe out of it if she tells him who is responsible but before she says anything else, Gabby reveals himself to be to smuggler. Gabby has his men take Gary, the Colonel, and the Professor away but Gary causes a distraction to allow them to get away. Meanwhile, Tonga and his men arrive and help Gary and the others fight with Gabby’s men and when Greg and some other natives arrive to help, Gary goes to rescue Jean and Zita. Inside Zita’s hut, Gabby prepares to kill Zita and Jean, throwing a spear at them which pins Zita to the side of the hut. Before he can kill her, Gary arrives and starts fighting with him and Gabby is eventually killed when one of the Amazons shoots him with a poisoned blow dart. With the ivory smuggling dealt with, a double wedding is held as Greg marries Zita and Jean marries Gary.

To be honest, this was a pretty boring movie. The acting was ok at best but nobody really did anything to stand out and instead, they seemed somewhat emotionless half the time. The story was totally unoriginal and completely predictable for the most part, though I will say that the ending with the double wedding was a slight surprise. There wasn’t much in the way of special effects but the parts with stock footage thrown in looked even cheaper than the movie budget probably was. Even if you do have an hour to kill, there are better ways to spend it than watching this movie.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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