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November 23rd, 2016 Movie – Python 2


So back in 1999, a nice little movie about a giant killer snake was released on video and it would be followed by two sequels, or so I thought. Now here is where things get very a little interesting. See, I saw today’s movie years ago on Syfy (back when it was Sci-Fi), and it was very obvious that it was a sequel to Python. However, if you looked the movie up, it would list that there were three sequels, not the two that I knew of, and that the other movie, Boa a.k.a. New Alcatraz, came out before today’s movie. Now to be fair, I do own Boa (no surprise there) and even though they were produced by the same company, I don’t remember any references to Python in that movie. So I’m pretty sure that today’s movie, Python 2, is the real sequel and that is what I will be watching today, which is good since I already watched Boa a while back.

The plot: At a military base in Russia, US Army Colonel Robert Evans Jefferson Jr. is giving order to a team of Russian soldiers, whose mission is to head into the Ural mountains and help Jefferson capture a large, bioengineered python that had escaped the lab and hidden in some caves there. When they get there, Some of the Russian soldiers are tasked with luring the snake to where Jefferson is stationed with two men armed with high powered stun guns but the team is attacked by the snake, which kills one of the men. Jefferson regroups with the Russian team and has two of the men set charges to lure the snake out of hiding and when the charges are detonated, the two soldiers are injured but the snake pops out from behind some rocks, allowing Jefferson’s men to stun it and Jefferson calls for the transport team. The plane carrying the snake begins having engine trouble and alters it’s course to avoid flying directly into a storm but ends up being shot down by Chechen rebels. As the rebels approach the wreckage, they are killed by Russian soldiers under the command of Colonel Zubov, who inspects the wreckage but is called over by one of his men, who has found a large container, and Zubov orders it taken back to their base. The next day, American Dwight Stoddard, his Russian wife Nadia, and her brother Vladi are delivering cargo to a man named Aziz, who attempts to rip them off but when he offers money to sleep with Nadia, Dwight throws an object at Aziz, knocking him to the ground. As Aziz’s men start to surround them, they back up when a car pulls up and Greg Larson steps out. Larson writes a check for what Aziz owes them, then talks with them and offers them $100,000 to pick up and deliver the cargo from the plane. Dwight wants to take the job but Nadia is reluctant as she doesn’t trust Larson but they agree the money is too good to pass up. At the base, Zubov wants the container inspected but when it is opened, the python escapes and begins attacking the men at the base. Dwight, Nadia, and Vladi meet up with Larson, who is accompanied by some mercenaries, and they had off towards the base but find the place seemingly deserted. As Larson and the mercenaries look around the place for signs of life, Dwight, Nadia, and Vladi climb a lookout tower and discover the base shows signs of having been attacked. As Larson and most of the mercenaries head towards the main entrance, two men find a secondary entrance and check it out but they are attacked by the python and when one of the men uses a flamethrower to chase off the snake, he accidentally ignites the barrels of gas that were inside the entrance, causing an explosion that kills both men. Seeing the explosion, Dwight sends Nadia back to the truck while he and Vladi check things out. Meanwhile, another mercenary is at the vehicles getting more supplies when he is attacked and killed by the snake. When Nadia gets there, she sees the vehicles have all been damaged, including their truck, but as she inspects on of the mercenaries’ vans, something strikes it but disappears. Dwight, Vladi, and Larson show up and while Dwight and Vladi check on Nadia and their truck, Larson sees the leg from the dead mercenary and makes a call to his boss, who tell him to get the snake’s DNA. Returning to Dwight and the others, Larson cuts them a check for the $100,000 they are owed and tells them to leave but since their vehicle is damaged, they choose to stay and help Larson. Rejoining the other mercenaries, the group head inside the base but come under attack from the python. As they try to escape the creatureVladi picks up a dropped machine gun and begins shooting at it but is blinded when it spits acid into his face. One of the mercenaries throws a grenade, which causes Nadia to be temporarily blinded by the blast but startles the snake enough for them to escape while the python proceeds to eat Vladi. Heading deeper into the base, they find the original container and Larson tells Dwight about how he is a CIA agent and how he had survived when another snake had attacked his town. Larson collects the DNA from the container and calls his boss only to learn that they had already called in an airstrike to level the base and kill them. Larson and two of the mercenaries go to check on the alternate escape route but when they see the fires are still going, they have the third man bring them the C4, which they plan to use to blow out the fires, but he is killed by the python on his way to them. Meanwhile, Dwight and Nadia are attacked by Zubov, who managed to survive and mentions that there are two snakes in the base. When Larson and the others return, they realize their only chance of escape is to have Nadia climb through the ventilation system to get the explosives from the van and bring them back so they can put out the fires. While she is gone, Zubov manages to get away and call for reinforcements and Larson is about to kill him but Dwight stops him. Nadia returns and they head out for the escape route but when Zubov follows them and yells out not to leave him, one of the pythons grabs him and kills him. The second python attacks one of the other mercenaries, who throws Larson the explosives, and though Dwight and Nadia try to save him, the python grabs him and they fall down into the cavern below. Larson gives the explosives to the remaining mercenary, who sets up the charges but once he is done, Larson kills him. As Larson prepares one more explosive, Dwight and Nadia show up and he attacks them, telling them that this was a black ops mission and he couldn’t leave any evidence behind. Dwight starts fighting with him and as they all end up in a standoff, Larson is killed by one of the pythons. Dwight grabs the explosive and throws it into the python’s mouth, then has Nadia detonate it, blowing the snakes head off. The two then race out of the base and head for the gates, just as the bombs are dropped, destroying the base and killing the second python. Dwight and Nadia leave the base, planning to head home but they end up being arrested by the Russian military that arrive on the base.

You know, a lot of the good things that Python had going for it were kind of lost in the sequel. The acting was ok, with Billy Zabka doing a good job reprising his role of Greg Larson, and I liked Dana Ashbrook (Dwight), Simmone Mackinnon (Nadia) and Marcus Aurelius (Jefferson) but some of the other actors were not that food. The story was interesting with the whole “government wanting a giant snake to be used as a weapon” bit but they never explain where the second snake comes from, which was a little annoying. The special effects were definitely worse than the original movie, which was a little disappointing, especially when they weren’t bad in a funny sort of way. I have seen worse sequels than this but this is still a decent movie to watch.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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