November 14th, 2016 Movie – Puddloe Cruiser


Ok, so this past weekend I was taking a mini vacation to visit my friends in Austin. As I try to do before hand, I watched several of the movies that I was scheduled to write about in advance and at the very least, wrote up the plot for the movies. However, as I was finishing up writing the review for yesterday’s movie, force of habit caused me to post it instead of saving the draft, which is why Pterodactyl ended up posting Saturday afternoon. So my apologies for that little faux pah. Now on to more important things. 5 years before they made Super Troopers, the Broken Lizard Comedy Troupe made their first movie, which did well at Sundance but didn’t get a theatrical release. So let’s see just how good today’s movie was as I watch Puddle Cruiser.

The plot: Three students, Felix, Grogan, and Matt, break into the university cafeteria at Coburn University but when Felix sneaks back out, Matt and Grogan get caught by campus police. Sometime later, Felix is at a party and talking with his friend Zach about the situation and how Grogan and Matt are mad at him because he didn’t get caught and actually flaunted that fact by talking to the cops as they were being taken away. Felix asks about a girl that Grogan was talking to earlier and Grogan tells him that her name is Suzanne and she is acting as his and Matt’s lawyer for their case. Felix wants to know more about her and Zach tells him that she is student council president. Felix goes to talk to Suzanne as she is talking to their friend Emily and continually tries to strike up a conversation with her throughout the night. The next day, Felix has Emily invite Suzanne to a party and Emily does so, having told Suzanne that Felix likes her, but when Felix and Emily wind up alone, he ends up stumbling over himself and says he doesn’t like her. Felix manages to convince Suzanne to go to dinner with him and, since she has been having problems with her boyfriend, but during dinner, it becomes apparent that Felix was given some bad information about her. The two continue hanging out and after attending a play that Emily is in, the two wind up kissing but afterwards, Suzanne says she is troubled because she likes Felix but is still technically with her boyfriend Traci. Felix says he doesn’t have a problem with things as they are if she is ok with them and Suzanne agrees, but things get awkward when Suzanne runs into both Traci and Felix at a local bar and ends up leaving with Traci while Felix ends up sleeping with someone else. The next day, Felix is talking with Zach about the situation for a while but then stops and tries to help Zach work up the nerve to ask a girl for her phone number. Meanwhile, Suzanne is talking with Grogan and Matt about their case and says she can possibly work out a deal for them to get a lighter sentence by telling them who the third man was but Grogan and Matt refuse to rat out Felix, making fun of the situation instead. Some time later, Felix and Suzanne apologize to each other and go back to Suzanne’s room after a party but they wind up arguing again and Felix ends up leaving after hear Traci talking on the answering machine. The next day, Suzanne is talking with Matt and Grogan before their court case and they end up revealing that Felix was the third man as he walks into the room. Matt and Grogan head to the court room while Felix tries talking with Suzanne but she says can’t deal with him right now and plans on going home for the weekend. When the trial starts, Suzanne is forced to recuse herself due to what she was told before the trial and Grogan and Matt, choosing to defend themselves, are sentenced to 500 hours of community service. Felix and Zach are in a bar talking about what happened with Suzanne and when Zach tells Felix that Suzanne is with Traci, he ends up hooking up with the same girl that he slept with last time while Suzanne is telling Traci about her and Felix. When Suzanne gets back, she tells Felix that she broke up with Traci and Felix says that changes things and they should stop seeing other people, causing Suzanne to wonder what he did over the weekend. Felix had joined the school’s rugby team to impress Suzanne and learns that their next match is against Traci’s team. When Suzanne finds out, she tries to get Felix to get out of the match but she refuses. Suzanne breaks up with him and tries to get Traci to not play but he refuses, choosing to take the opportunity to beat up Felix during the match. On the day of the match, Suzanne tries appealing to Felix and Traci one last time but when it doesn’t work, she leaves and informs the campus police that Felix was the third man in an attempt to get them to arrest Felix before the game can start. When the police show up, Felix moves to turn himself in but the other rugby players and fans convince the police to let him play the match and arrest him afterwards, much to Suzanne’s disgust. As the match plays out, Traci continuously attacks Felix and by the end of the match, Felix is left with multiple injuries including a broken arm and a sprained neck. Felix goes to see Suzanne, who walks away but when he chases her down in her own car, they eventually make up. Some time later, Suzanne and Felix are sitting on a bench watching the sunset and Suzanne tells Felix that the girl Zach is interested in likes Zach but she has a boyfriend in another school, making Felix laugh at the similarities. Meanwhile, Grogan and Matt end up getting busted in the school cafeteria again, this time with a third student, Freaky Ricky, getting caught with them.

You can definitely tell that this was the group’s freshman effort but it did give a preview for the comedic talent that they had. The acting was pretty good, with several characters doing their parts to make for some funny scenes. The plot was pretty confusing to be honest and actually hurt the movie to be honest. A lot of the comedy was juvenile, which is somewhat to be expected since it is a college themed movie. Like I said, a decent movie but definitely did a good job of showing what was to come from these guys.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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