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November 12th, 2016 Movie – Psycho Shark (a.k.a. Jaws In Japan)


Ok, so back in July when I started looking for some new shark movies, this is one that popped up on my list. To be fair, the particular list this movie was on was one about really bad shark movies, which is fine with me because I enjoy those just as much as good shark movies. When this movie was first announced, there was some legal problems with the original title because the producers did not get permission to use the name Jaws in their movie, and even though the movie was changed to Psycho Shark, the original title managed to stick around. Anyways, I decided to buy today’s movie but I couldn’t find really find it on DVD so I purchased a digital copy of it and that is what I wound up watching today.

The plot: Three girls, Aya, Kayo, and Shizuka are having fun videotaping each other . As the girls have fun on the beach and discuss their various love lives, a girl is shown watching the video and as the video fades to static, various blood soaked images suddenly appear on the screen. Some time earlier, Miki and Mai arrive on the island and head to their hotel, where the manager greets them and as he is showing them to their room, he tells them that video cameras are provided free of charge for the guests’ use, which excites the girls. After going in their room, the girls have fun filming themselves with the camera before heading to the beach. Heading back to their room, Mai goes off to take a shower and when she comes back, she sees Miki hooking up the camera to the room’s TV so she can watch the video. Mai goes to the store for some food and drinks but when she can’t find a store but when she gets back, she runs into the Kenji, the man that gave her and Miki a lift to the hotel, and heads down to the beach with him to cook some BBQ. In the room, Miki is looking for the remote for the TV and discovers a video tape hidden underneath the couch. Putting it in the camera, she sees the three girls and recognizes Kenji in the video later on. Meanwhile, some men are making some sort of exchange, giving the hotel owner a small, metal shark in exchange for a stack of video tapes. Back in the room, Miki goes to take a shower and when she comes back, she continues watching video and when the footage starts acting jumpy, she sees what looks like the person holding the camera being attacked by a shark. She rewinds it, but when she doesn’t see anything strange, she figures that she is just tired and lays down on the bed. After waking from a dream where she sees a giant shark heading towards Mai, Miki wakes up and looks around but noticing Mai back in the room, she decides to go back to sleep, unaware that the camera is recording them. The next morning, Miki wakes up and notices Mai and the camera are both gone. Heading outside, she finds the camera lying on the steps to the beach and after picking it up, she looks at the recent footage. She sees Mai and Kenji on the beach but when Mai mentions the tape is running out, she turns off the camera and the footage switches to old footage of Kenji with the girls. Aya and Kayo film Shizuka walking towards the end of a rock wall with Kenji and as they are facing each other, Kenji grabs something from behind his back and jabs it into Shizuka’s stomach. As Shizuka collapses, Aya and Kayo run away and the tape suddenly ends. Miki goes to rewind the tape when Mai approaches her and Miki tries showing her the footage but all they see is Kenji with Shizuka. Miki tries to convince Mai that there was more on the tape but Mai refuses to believe her. When Kenji shows up, Mai walks off with him but turns around and tells Miki that she is staying there and Miki should return home without her. As Miki returns to the room and lays on the bed, images of Miki and Mai, as well as the other girls, are seen as if viewed from afar. Miki grabs the camera and watches the footage, once again seeing the footage of Kenji doing something to Shizuka, then watches as the camera shows Kenji holding a knife and then attacking whoever is holding the camera. Footage is then shown of a bloody Kayo and Shizuka being thrown from the rocks into the water below, then someone (presumably Kenji) holding the camera and tracking down Aya and attacking her before also throwing her into the water. Miki drops the camera and races off in the direction Kenji and Mai went, not noticing the hotel manager watching her from the building’s porch. At the rock wall, Mai and Kenji are staring out at the water when Kenji asks Mai to close her eyes. When she does so, Kenji pulls out a knife and starts running it across her body before cutting her across the leg. Miki reaches them and calls out for Mai, attracting Kenji’s attention but he grabsbs Mai and refuses to let her go. Miki charges at Kenji and slams her hands into Kenji’s chest, causing Kenji to fall back into the water. As the girls turn to leave, the find the hotel director facing them with camera in hand and as he says the camera is recording, Kenji climbs up out of the water. Suddenly, a giant shark rears up out of the water and Mai and Miki run as the shark attacks Kenji. When Mai falls, Miki turns to her but stops when she sees the shark jumping out of the water to attack the two girls and the hotel manager, and the camera is shown falling between some rocks as blood falls all around it. Some time later, someone picks up the camera as it suddenly starts showing the footage of Mai and Miki when the first get to the hotel.

This was a very odd, and confusing movie. The acting was ok for the most part, since it mainly consisted of a bunch of girls prancing around in the surf in bikinis. The story was confusing, with no explanation for what is really going on. I mean, the whole Kenji being a serial killer wasn’t that big of a problem but the deal with the tapes and Miki being the only one to see the footage of Kenji killing people was never explained. And for something that is supposed to be a shark movie, there was hardly any shark in it and it was honestly hard to tell if the shark was supposed to be real or just some strange figment. Either way, there are dozens of shark movies out there so you are better off picking another one.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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