November 7th, 2016 Movie – Primal Impulse


Guess what folks. There is only one day left and the insanity that has been the 2016 election will be over. I for one will be glad when this is over because this has been a train wreck almost from the beginning. Now, today’s movie comes from the Sci-Fi Invasion set and there is one thing that this movie has going for it that makes me interested in it. It is an Italian movie, and those are usually pretty interesting, or at least the horror movies are. So let’s see what I am in store for with today’s movie, Primal Impulse.

The plot: On a trip to the moon, the lead astronaut contacts a man named Professor¬†Blackman, who tells them to leave immediately after hearing that the experiment is commencing as scheduled. On Earth, Alice Cespi is woken up from a dream when her friend calls her and after arranging to meet, she finishes up some work she has to turn in. As she is drinking some coffee, she notices a torn postcard on the floor and reassembles it to find a picture of a hotel, with the name Hotel Garma on the back. Alice leaves and picks up her friend and tells her of the strange dream she had about an unethical experiment and a movie she watched as a child called Footprints On The Moon. When she arrives at work, Alice is told by her boss that she had walked out midday during a session and has had no contact with anyone for two days. Alice is confused by the fact that it is Thursday, when she believes it to be Tuesday, and meets with a friend to discuss what all she remembers. She remembers doing her translating work at a hearing when she noticed everyone staring up at the booth she is in and she panics and runs out of the building. Her friend thinks that Alice took too many tranquilizers and they might have messed up her system. Alice mentions the post card she received and says that the hotel pictured feels familiar and she says she believes that there is an oriental room with a peacock painted on glass inside the building. Returning home, Alice speaks with her cleaning lady briefly and discovers a dress that she doesn’t remember seeing before, but when she tries it on it fits her perfectly. The next day, Alice decides to buy a ticket to Garma and flies off to the city. When she arrives there, she is given a lift by a man named Henry, who is in town to fix up a house he owns there. Arriving at the Hotel Garma, Alice speaks with the desk clerk and asks for the oriental room, saying it has a balcony overlooking the sea. After being shown to her room, Alice goes for a walk around the hotel grounds and ends up lounging around on a chair. A young girl named Paula (though she calls herself Mary) approaches Alice and starts talking to her as if she knows her. When she sees a pin on Alice’s jacket saying Alice, she comments that that is not Alice’s name, but that her name is Nicole before she is called away. As Alice is walking out of the dining room, she is met by an old acquaintance, who says that he saw her on the beach on Tuesday. Alice goes to speak with Paula, who says she doesn’t think that Alice is Nicole anymore, because Alice is nicer and has shorter hair, then says that the woman who is always knitting saw her and Nicole on the beach. Alice heads down to the beach and sees the knitting woman and after talking with her, learns that she (Nicole) had headed up the North Beach towards the ruins of an old village. Alice goes exploring the ruins and runs into Henry thereand the two talk briefly as they head back to the hotel. When she gets there, Alice is told that she received a call, asking if she would be staying longer, but the clerk was unable to tell if it was from a man or a woman. Laying down for a nap, Alice continues having the strange dreams about Prof. Blackmann, who says the test subject was not reacting as planned and they needed new volunteers. Alice goes walking again and runs into Paula at the beach and the two talk for a minute and Paula says that Nicole had been hiding out at the ruins. After Paula leaves, Alice notices Fox, a stray dog that Paula feeds, shaking a red wig around and she manages to get it away from Fox and takes it back to the hotel. Noticing the name of the shop on the wig, she heads there and the shop owner seems to recognize her and restores the wig and has her try it on but Alice tells him to send it to the hotel and rushes out of the shop. As she walks down the street, she notices a dress in a window just like the one she found in her closet. The shop owner seems to recognize Alice, saying that some of the items she wanted before were finished but the handbag was not. When the shopkeeper mentions a friend of hers, Alice starts having visions of playing tennis with a man but can’t think of his name. Alice tries to leave the hotel but can’t find her wallet but a note from Mrs. Heim (the knitting woman) says that she has her wallet and asks that she join her for mass, forcing Alice to stay another day. Attending mass with Mrs. Heim, Alice is given back her wallet, as well as a strange key. Back at the hotel, Paula shows up at Alice’s room to get some ice cream with her but is shocked when Alice comes out wearing the wig, making Paula believe that Alice really is Nicole. They head into town and Paula says that Nicole had gone into a shop and when Alice gets there, she recognizes Alice and gives her a package she had bought. Alice opens the package and discovers a pair of scissors, causing Paula to run from her. Plagued by a dream of an astronaut being purposefully left on the moon, Alice wakes up to find herself in the room with the peacock. Looking around the place, Alice encounters Henry, and he reveals that he is an old lover of hers named Harry and was hoping she would remember who he was. When Henry kisses her, Alice starts remembering her past with Harry in that very room and the two end up having sex. When Alice wakes up, she finds that Henry has left but as she gets a drink of water, she finds an earring that she believed she had lost on the bathroom floor. Sneaking downstairs, she hears Henry talking to someone, saying that she won’t get away, and Alice makes her way back upstairs. Henry hears her and goes upstairs to talk with her and finds Alice wearing the wig and demanding to know the truth. Henry tells her she was here on Tuesday but not acting like herself, calling herself Nicole and claiming someone was after her. When he mentions that Alice said it was Blackmann after her, she says that can’t be true because it was only a movie and she ends up stabbing Henry in the chest with the scissors and as he lies on the floor, a pendant he is wearing shows the name Harry on the back. Alice then believes she hears Blackmann speaking about her and sending people after her. She leaves the house and heads towards the beach only to see two men in spacesuits waiting for her and when she runs, they chase after her and eventually catch her and tie her up. As the spacemen march away with a screaming Alice between them, only a single pair of footprints are shown on the beach behind them.

This was a somewhat confusing, but pretty interesting movie to watch. Dubbing aside, the acting seemed pretty good, with Florinda Bolkan doing a good job portraying Alice. The story was pretty confusing, as you are constantly trying to figure out what is going on throughout the entire movie. The ending is especially confusing as you are not quite sure if what is happening is really happening or if it is just in Alice’s head. There was a decent amount of drama and suspense that did a good job of drawing you in and keeping you interested in the movie but the slow pacing did make it harder to really stay focused on the movie. All things considered, this is a good movie and one that I actually want to watch again so I can see if I missed anything.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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