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November 6th, 2016 Movie – Prehistoric Women


Daylight Savings time has come to an end, which means two things for me. One, I got to get an extra hour of sleep last night. Two, it’s going to get darker much sooner and also should hopefully start getting colder. Now today’s movie is one that I have honestly not seen before and since it is part of the Sci-Fi Classics set, I really don’t know what I will be in store for. I mean, this could be a good little hidden gem of a movie, or it could be some sort of sexploitation film disguised as a sci-fi movie. With a title like Prehistoric Women, there is honestly know way of knowing until I actually watch it.

The plot: Tigri and other women in her village, are dancing during the full moon and when they finish, the wise woman has them calm down and proceeds to tell them their village’s history. Years ago, Tana, Tigri’s mother, and the women of their tribe were carrying the carcass of a dead animal but had to repeatedly stop for rest. When the leader of the tribe complained about them stopping and pushes Tana down, she throws a rock at him and runs off with the rest of the women and female children. Some time later, the women are learning to survive and are fishing in a stream when they notice that Tigri, who had gone with them, was no longer there and go looking for her. Meanwhile, Tigri had wandered through the woods and saw a giant named Guadi and ran back to the the village. Guadi manages to capture the two women with Tana but Tana manages to escape and make it back to the village before she dies from her injuries and the wise woman quickly gathers the children and runs off. Back in the present, the wise woman tells Tigri and the others that they must overcome their fears of men and capture some to take as husbands so their tribe can grow and the next day, the six women head out with their pet panther. Elsewhere, Engor and three of his tribesmen are hunting a tiger and manage to lure it into a pit trap and kill it. As they are getting the carcass out of the trap, they are attacked by the women’s pet panther, who had been attracted by the smell of blood. Engor struggles with the panther before finally managing to kill it, then his friends start tending to his wounds. Tigri and the others had seen all this and start attacking the men with slings, stunning the men and then moving in close and knocking them out with clubs. Engor manages to escape and Tigri goes to follow him but loses him in the jungle. Tigri and the other women take the captured men back to their village, where the wise woman pairs up three of the girls with the men. Meanwhile, some of the men from Engor’s village go looking for Engor and the others and find a wounded Engor. Bringing him back to their cave home, they tend to his wounds and then Engor sets out after the women, being pointed the way to the women’s camp by his mother. During his journey, he loses his club while being chased by an elephant and while trying to chip some stones to form a new weapon, he ends up creating fire. Surprised by this creation, he manages to fashion a torch and uses it to chase off a python and after learning that water makes the fire disappear, he takes the stones and heads off on his journey. Meanwhile, Tigri and two other women are swimming in a nearby pond when they are surprised by Guadi, who tries to capture the women but they manage to escape when a tiger attacks him. Meanwhile, Engor has made it to the outskirts of the jungle when he encounters Guadi but manages to hide in a tree until the giant passes by. As he continues on, Engor is spotted by Tigri and the others and Tigri baits him into a trap so they can capture him. Taking Engor back to their village, Engor greets his companions while one of the women, Arva, tries to make advances on Engor but Tigri quickly stops her and takes her up to her tree for the night. That night, Engor tries to sneak away but the captured panthers that the women have to keep watch alert the women and Tigri decides to keep watch over him. The next day, Arva decides to make another play for Engor and Tigri ends up fighting with Arva over Engor and ends up victorious. As the next full moon approaches, Engor decides that he and his friends need to escape in order to avoid becoming subservient to the women. Engor starts striking the two rocks together to try and start a fire, trying to keep it hidden from the women but Tigri gets curious about the noise and starts to approach. Suddenly, a huge flying bird soars over the village and as the women hide, Tigri stumbles and is about to be attacked by the bird but Engor finally gets a fire started and makes a torch to use against the bird. Using the torch, Engor is quickly able to seize power for him and his friends and make the women become subservient towards them. Deciding to take the women back to his village, Engor and the other men set out with the women on their journey but before long, they end up running into Guadi and they are forced to take shelter in a nearby rock outcropping. When Gaudi tries to shift the top of the outcropping and make it crash down on the group, Engor quickly starts a fire and makes some torches for his friends and they use it to attack Guadi, then quickly start fires all around Guadi, trapping him inside a ring of fire where he ends up being burned to death. Tigri asks Engor to stay in the jungle and start a new tribe and Engor agrees and they had back to the village, where the wise woman preforms a marriage ceremony for Tigri and Engor, as well as the other couples.

If you ever wanted to see an example of the sexism in Hollywood, then here would be a good example. Wow, just wow. So, the acting was ok, although since they didn’t really say much except for one word phrases every now and then, it can be a little hard to tell. The story was pretty bad, basically doing nothing more than saying that woman can try to be self sufficient but in the end, her purpose is to do nothing but serve men. I can only imagine how well this went over when it first came out but I know if it was released now, their would be a lot of public outcry over it. The special effects were kind of on the cheap side, especially when it came to showcasing the “giant bird”. The thing that really annoyed me was how the movie kept switching back and forth from being in black and white one moment and then switching to color the next. If you haven’t seen it before, then you really aren’t missing much as this is not really worth watching.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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