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November 4th, 2016 Movie – Poseidon Rex


Yet another time that Amazon correctly picked a movie I would be interested in. When I first saw this movie in my feed, I will admit to having a brief WTF thought before the normal giddiness settled in when looking at a B-movie. Now I do love a good (and bad) dinosaur movie so this was absolutely a no brainer for me to buy. So let’s see how good of a purchase this turned out to be as I watch today’s movie, Poseidon Rex.

The plot: Off the coast of a small island near Belize, Jackson Slate is forced at gunpoint to go diving and locate a buried shipwreck in a ocean crater known as The Blue Hole by men working for a drug lord named Tariq. After setting some charges around a large mound that he believes the ship is buried under, and finding a gold coin that he gives credence to his claim, Jackson sets off the charges but is knocked unconscious by the blast. A large, aquatic Tyrannosaurus suddenly swims out of the newly opened crater and kills the two men that were diving with Jackson, then attacks the boat they were on, killing the man driving it. On the island, an marine biologist named Sarah is collecting water samples around the island and asks her friend Henry if he can take her out to the reef but he tells her it will have to be later that afternoon after he takes a couple out diving. The couple, Rod and Jane, are taken out to go snorkeling near The Blue Hole but as they are swimming, the find Jackson’s body and quickly signal Henry to pick them up so they can rescue him. When Jackson briefly comes to and says “No hospitals”, they take him back to Rod and Jane’s hotel and Henry calls Sarah to check on him. When Jackson regains consciousness, Sarah questions him about what happened and he tells them he was looking for an old Spanish ship carrying Mayan gold that was sunk and lies at the bottom of the Blue Hole and offers them a cut of the treasure if they help him get it. Sarah, Henry, and Rod agree to go but Jane refuses and begs Rod not to go but when he goes anyways, she decides to go off with two guys on their boat. Meanwhile, Tariq sends some men out looking for Jackson and when they don’t see him on land, they decide to head out to where his boat was last seen. When they get there, they spot Henry’s boat approaching but as they make plans to attack them, they are attacked and killed by the Tyrannosaurus. Henry’s boat approaches the area and they find the debris from the recently wrecked boat but before they can do anything, they are approached by the local coast guard. The officers question them and decides to put an advisory out banning boats from being on the water, but allows them to make their dive. In the water, Jackson, Sarah, and Henry find the shipwreck but also discover dinosaur footprints along the bottom, as well as some dinosaur eggs. Sarah grabs an egg to take back and study and, after seeing the arm from one of the men diving with Jackson earlier, they quickly surface. Heading back to the island, Rod goes looking for Jane while Jackson and Sarah head to her lab to study the egg, unaware that they have been spotted by one of Tariq’s men. At the lab, Sarah examines the egg and has Jackson help her as she opens it to discover a baby Tyrannosaur, which manages to get free from her forceps but she is able to quickly recapture it and place it in a freezer. Meanwhile, Jane is trying to keep one of the guys that invited her on the boat at bay when she is knocked into the water. She calls out for help as she goes under and when someone jumps into help her, he is swallowed by the Tyrannosaurus. Rod, who had received a message that Jane was on a boat, goes to the dock and sees the Tyrannosaurus attacking the ship and goes to Henry’s boat and has him take him out there. Back at the lab, Tariq and two of his men show up and hold Sarah hostage as the ask Jackson where the gold is. Jackson tells him that gold is in the freezer and when one of Tariq’s men opens the freezer, the baby Tyrannosaur leaps out and kills the man. Tariq and his other man start shooting at the Tyrannosaur, allowing Jackson and Sarah to escape and lock the men in the lab and as the Tyrannosaur kills his other man, Tariq tries to escape but can’t and swears to get back at Jackson before the dinosaur attacks him. Back in the ocean, Rod and Henry head to the debris from the wrecked boat and Rod dives into the water and locates Jane’s body but as she is brought on board the boat, she is shown to have several bad wounds and is unresponsive when Rod administers CPR. After the boat heads back to the dock, Jackson and Sarah show up and offer their condolences, then they head out with the coast guard to try and take care of the other eggs in the crater. Heading out to The Blue Hole, they are attacked by the Tyrannosaurs, which Sarah names Poseidon Rex due to it’s being a marine creature but though they manage to chase it off, it attacks Henry’s boat and kills him. Returning back to the dock, Jackson, Sarah, and Rod get on shore while the coast guard prepares to make their way back to the mainland to get reinforcements but they are attacked and killed by Poseidon Rex. When Poseidon Rex makes it’s way onto shore, Jackson and the others try to come up with a plan and Sarah says there is an old military base that they can use to contact help. Jackson distracts Poseidon Rex so that Sarah and Rod can get a car but as Jackson goes to get in, he is stopped by seriously injured Tariq, who threatens to kill Jackson but ends up getting eaten by Poseidon Rex instead. Jackson gets in the car and they drive off but he has them stop at Tariq’s base so they can grab some weapons. Making their way back to the base, they are attacked by Poseidon Rex and forced to abandon the car and hide to avoid being killed. Making their way on foot, they reach the base and while Jackson tries to get the power on, Rod looks around and finds the armory, containing some grenades and a few rocket launchers. After he gets the power on, Jackson tries contacting help on the radio but doesn’t get a response so they decide to stay there for the night. Meanwhile, at a US Army Southern Command base, the base commander is told of a message coming in from the abandoned base and see Poseidon Rex rampaging on the island and make plans for an aerial assault. Sarah uses morse code to contact the military and learns of the attack so Jackson decides to use a plane that he found to lure Poseidon Rex back out into the water while Sarah and Rod get off the island. Jackson lures Poseidon Rex out into the water but it chases after the boat Sarah and Rod are on, killing Rod when he falls overboard while trying to kill the dinosaur. The military contact Jackson and he is told that they are targeting him and he crashes his plane into the dinosaur so the missiles strike it. The creature is seemingly killed but when it pops back up only wounded, Sarah finishes it off by blowing it’s head off with a bazooka. As Sarah sits on the dock, Jackson approaches her, having jumped out of the plane before it was destroyed, and the two embrace and talk about a vacation but realize they need to warn the army about the other eggs while at the bottom of the ocean, one of the eggs is shown to be hatching.

It’s no Jurassic Park but this was a fairly entertaining movie. I was a little disappointed to learn that Corin Nemec was originally supposed to star in it but he was seriously injured after a few days of filming and needed several transfusions to save his life. Still, Brian Krause did a good job serving as the lead although some of the other actors could have done a better job. The story was interesting, though it did have the couple of plot holes you would expect from a B-movie. Still, if I wanted a movie to be 100% logical and make perfect sense, I would watch a documentary. While a lot of the special effects were not the greatest, I really did like the design of the Poseidon Rex, especially the translucent dorsal fin that ran down it’s back and the somewhat webbed forearms, which would supposedly help it with swimming. A fun movie to watch when you need to kill some time.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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