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November 3rd, 2016 Movie – Porky’s II: The Next Day


First things first, congratulations Chicago for winning the World Series after 108 years. That being said, I am pretty tired from watching the game last night, and I didn’t even get to see the last inning of it. Now, back to business. Years ago when I was in college, I remember watching this movie with some of my friends and we thought it was hilarious. When I bought Porky’s, it was part of a double feature that I had bought because I wanted today’s movie, the original was just a bonus. So let’s get right into today’s movie, Porky’s II: The Next Day.

The plot: After the events of the previous movie, Edward “Pee Wee” Morris wakes up excited about finally having had sex. When he gets to school that morning, Billy, Tommy, and Mickey start teasing Pee Wee about losing his virginity and Wendy ignores and insults him at first but then admits that the guys put her up to saying that and arranges to meet with Pee Wee later. In gym class, Tommy is still serving a suspension and Wendy keeps him company for a bit as they notice Mrs. Balbricker going to the bathroom, and Wendy tells Tommy that she goes at the same time every day. Wanting to get revenge on Tommy, Billy, and Mickey for the Cherry Forever joke, Pee Wee asks some guys around school about a girl that would be willing to help and when everyone suggests Wendy, he gets upset. Heading to the meeting spot, he is curt with Wendy at first and explains why but she tells him that it isn’t true, as she has only slept with 3 guys; Tommy, a guy from summer camp, and Pee Wee. She says she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about her and the two make up before they have to leave. As they are leaving, Wendy says that Brian and her are working on a plan to help Pee Wee with his revenge but Pee Wee says he heard about a girl he can use. However, as Brian and Wendy watch, Pee Wee approaches the band girl that he had heard about only to learn he was lied to as he is shoved down and the girl storms off. Billy is at the beach practicing his lines for the upcoming Shakespeare festival the school is putting on when Tommy, Mickey, Meat, and Tim show up and start harassing him about one of the parts he plays. As they are joking, they are approached by John Henry, a member of the local Seminole tribe, who greets Billy and says to tell Mrs. Morris that he will do it. As John Henry leaves, Billy explains that he will be in the festival and Tim says some people might not like that. That night, Brian, Steve, and Pee Wee head to the local carnival and speak with a dancing girl named Gloria and work out a deal for her to help them but as soon as they leave, Tommy, Billy, Mickey, and Tim show up to offer her another deal to help them instead. The next day, the students are showing off the costumes for the festival when they are interrupted by Bubba Flavel and his congregation, “The Righteous Flock”, which Balbricker is a member of. Flavel wants the festival shut down because he believes Shakespeare is immoral and indecent. When Flavel and his Flock, along with Mrs. Morris and the students, go to see Principal Carter, Carter argues with Flavel and tells him to leave, which is greeted by cheers from the students as Flavel declares this to mean Holy War. That night, Pee Wee goes to pick up Gloria, then picks up the guys and they head towards a local graveyard, which causes Gloria to start get excited. When they get there, Gloria says she wants to sleep with all of them, starting with Pee Wee, and as Pee Wee approaches her, she convinces him that she really wants to have sex with him. Pee Wee strips off his clothes but as Gloria jumps on him, she suddenly fakes like she is choking and collapses on the ground. Tommy and the others show up when Pee Wee calls for help and try to hold in their laughter as they tell Pee Wee she is dead. As they go to “bury” the body, Pee Wee starts to get dressed but is interrupted by a drunken Steve, who is dressed as a ghoul and supposed to scare Tommy and the others. When Tommy and the others see Steve, they chastise Pee Wee for playing the joke, while Mickey signals the caretakers, and they leave in Pee Wee’s car. When the caretakers show up and start shooting at Pee Wee, he is forced to start running naked after the guys. As the boys drive down the road, they pass a police car driven by Roy, Mickey’s brother, and his partner. The two cops comment about the last time they were on this road just as they see a naked Pee Wee running by them. Laughing as they wonder what the story is this time, Roy’s partner slams on the brakes to avoid hitting the drunken Steve, who wanders around the car before passing out on the hood. The next day, some members of the KKK sneak into the theater and leave a dummy dressed as an Indian hanging from the rafters as a warning for John Henry. When Mrs. Morris and the students see it, John Henry offers to withdraw from the play but Billy and the others show their support for him and he decides to stay. The students put on a dress rehearsal for the mayor and some other city council members, as well as Flavel. Flavel wants the school board to cancel the festival but the mayor says that that is a separate entity and as they are leaving County Commissioner Bob Gebhardt waves at Wendy. Wendy tells they guys that Gebhardt is a friend of her father’s but Tommy says that Balbricker is the one that started the problems so he is going to get revenge on her. During Balbricker’s routine bathroom break, Tommy, Billy, and Tim sneak down and send a rat snake up the pipes so that it heads into the toilet Balbricker is using, scaring her into running out into the gym with her pants down. As Flavel ramps up the pressure, he sends Gebhardt a petition signed by 5000 people threatening to vote against him, scaring Gebhardt since he is up for reelection. Meanwhile, Mickey and Tim go to pick up John Henry only to find that the KKK had been there and left a burning cross after beating up John Henry and attempted to shave his head. As the students put on the performance, Flavel and the city commissioners, along with the police, show up and put a stop to the performance. Flavel holds a press conference thanking the commissioners for their unanimous vote, causing the students to realize that Gebhardt went back on his promise to them, and he says that he will be holding a rally the next night at Angel Beach, which the KKK says they will attend. The boys decide to get revenge on Flavel and the city commissioners while Wendy accepts a dinner invitation from Gebhardt so she can get revenge on him. Brian, Tim, and Meat sneak into the basement of the city courthouse and record comments that the Mayor and other commissioners say while they watch a porno that Flavel had provided them. The night of the rally, Billy disguises himself as one of the KKK and when the KKK show up to the rally, Mickey distracts them which allows Meat to knock out the leader and drag him away. Billy then leads the KKK into the gym, where the KKK is surprised to see the entire Seminole tribe inside and Tommy, Billy, Meat, Brian, Tim, and Mickey explain that they are going to use a zemel, which is used in circumcisions, to shave their heads. As the rally commences, Tommy and the others march the now naked and bald klans members to the rally and have them walk around while Flavel is giving a speech. Flavel calls out the naked men as “Spawns of Satan” but before he can say anything else, Tim starts playing the recording of the mayor and the commissioners and as the crowd hears their comments and learns that Flavel gave them the porn, they start booing Flavel. Meanwhile, Gebhardt is at a restaurant in Miami, where he has taken girls before in order to seduce them, when Wendy, wearing a liquid-filled bra to enhance her breasts, shows up and starts embarrassing Gebhardt in public while constantly saying who he is and that he is up for reelection. After making comments that Gebhardt started an affair with her when she was 14, Wendy fakes being sick then pours out some fake vomit, which was hidden in her padded bra, into the fountain. Gebhardt is knocked into the fountain and Pee Wee and Steve show up to take pictures of him and then the three students leave and head back to the rally to join in the celebration with the others as newspapers discuss the downfall of Flavel, Gebhardt, and the other city commissioners.

Porky’s II: The Next Day was heavily panned by the critics, holding an 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, the critics all felt like the movie was a pale imitation of the original. Despite the name of the film, Porky did not actually make an appearance in this movie. While the movie was a box office success, earning over $33.7 million off of a $6.5 million budget, this was a far cry from what it’s predecessor earned.

Maybe it is my own somewhat juvenile sense of humor but I actually liked this movie. Now I will admit that the original was definitely funnier but this still provided a fair amount of laughs for me. The acting was pretty good and they actually did a fair amount of character development among several of the kids, particularly Wendy. The story was pretty good, mixing the normal high school antics with the more serious topics such as the serious racism and the rising evangelical influence that was showing up in southern states. While the critics didn’t seem to think so, there was a lot of funny scenes in this movie, such as the drunken Steve trying to scare the cops or Wendy attempting to fake vomit, and the guy next to her watching as she pulls out the nozzle from her bra to pour out the fake vomit. Not the same as the original but a funny movie none-the-less

Rating: 3 out of 5


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