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November 2nd, 2016 Movie – Dam Sharks


I am a little sad watching this movie because it is the last movie from this year’s Sharknado week that I will be able to watch, aside from Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. The funny thing is that I didn’t know that this movie was being released on DVD until recently, because it wasn’t listed as being available for sale initially. Then someone posted in a Facebook group I am a member of that this was being released and I immediately put in my pre-order for it. So let’s get right into another today’s movie, Dam Sharks.

The plot: After a recent hurricane, several bull sharks wind up trapped in a river due to the storm surge and kill a girl that is rock diving into the river. Park Ranger’s Kate and Mark are travelling to a nearby beaver dam to check on reports of the beaver population dwindling. Mark dives down into the water to check the dam and discovers human body parts wedged into the dam, just as a shark attacks him. he manages to make it back to the surface but as Kate tries to help him in the boat, another shark drags him back down and wedges his body into the dam. Seeing more sharks in the water, Kate quickly pilots her boat to shore and heads back to the station on foot. Meanwhile, Tanner Brooks, owner of an app and software company, has brought several of his employees out on a wilderness retreat to take part in some team bonding exercises. As he goes about telling all of the events for the day, his lead developer, Pullman, is complaining to Tanner’s publicist, Stella, about their being there. Back in the river, a survivalist named Carl is fishing in the river when two tourist show up trying to fish there. After chasing the two men off by pointing his shotgun at them, Carl is surprised to see a shark approaching him and shoots at it, managing to nick it’s dorsal fin. Carl gets out of the water just before the shark would have grabbed him and he notices two other sharks swimming along with the wounded shark. As he makes his way back to his cabin, he is approached by Kate, and as they talk about the situation, Kate decides to clear everyone out of the water and convinces Carl to help her. Meanwhile, as everyone else is playing paintball, three of Tanner’ employees are lounging on innertubes in the river when they are attacked and killed by some sharks. Elsewhere, Pullman and Stella are talking and Stella tells Pullman that Tanner is laying off everyone at the office and only keeping the people that are on the retreat. Back on the river, Carl and Kate are driving along the river bank when they notice a pair of zipliners going across the river. When the woman, Skyler, falls in, she is grabbed by a shark and dragged upriver. The guy runs ahead and climbs onto the safety line and as the shark gets close, Kate manages to shoot it and the guy is able to grab the girl and pull her up to the line. As Kate and Carl cover them from the bank, the two zipliners start pulling themselves across the rope towards shore but when Kate runs out of bullets, a shark manages to kill the guy. A second shark grabs Skyler and as she is being ripped apart by sharks, Kate shoots her in the head to stop her from suffering. Back at the retreat, Pullman is angry at Tanner’s actions and is constantly making snide remarks about his firing people, causing Stella to tell him to stop or he will get them both in trouble but they also notice that some of the people have gone missing. Back on the river, Kate and Carl reach the dam but when they see all the sharks swimming around it, they use some chum to distract the sharks so they can approach the dam. As they start placing dynamite in the dam, the sharks come back and strike the boat, causing Carl to accidentally ignite the remaining dynamite and Carl and Kate are forced to jump from the boat as it, and the dam, explode. Carl and Kate make it to shore as debris rains down on them while in the water, some of the sharks start killing the smaller or injured sharks and swim off with them. As Kate stares at the river, she sees the sharks swimming off and coming back for body parts and realizes that they are building another dam. She takes Carl to Mark’s house to get some supplies but when she learns that Carl doesn’t have any more dynamite, she has him grab some of Mark’s scuba tanks, planning to shoot them and cause them to explode. Back on the river, Tanner has the employees prepare for the last event, a raft race down to where the buses will pick them up. Tanner ends up on a raft with Pullman, Stella, Kenny, and another employee while Tanner’s assistant Joline captains the second raft. As they make their way down river, Pullman and Tanner argue and Pullman reveals that he knows about Tanner firing everyone at the office. As the people on their raft stop rowing, the second raft surges ahead but ends up getting attacked by some sharks. Two of the people are killed and Ted is wounded while rescuing Joline but he is saved by Carl and Kate. As Kate tends to Ted’s wound, Joline kisses him as thanks for saving her life. Kate then tells them to head towards the ranger station while Carl and her go looking for their friends. As Ted, Joline, and Jorge make their way to the station, they are forced to cross a log bridge but the sharks leap out of the water and kill them all. Back on the river, Pullman and the others are attacked by the sharks, who kill their fifth member, and when they try to paddle to shore, they discover that the sharks are using the raft’s mooring line to drag them downriver. They soon come to a large dam and after a shark kills Tanner and they push his body into the river, they see the sharks using the body to make the dam bigger. Stella ties some rope around an arrow and shoots it into a tree so they can pull themselves to shore but a shark bites through the rope. Pullman then decides they need to kill off some of the sharks so they can make it to shore and so they tie CO cartridges to some arrows, turning them into explosive arrows, and have Stella shoot them at the sharks to kill them while he and Kenny fend off any that get close. The plan works but during their fight, Kenny accidentally punctures the raft with an arrow, causing it to deflate. Abandoning the raft, Kenny and Stella swim to shore but Pullman’s leg gets caught in some rope and he ends up being dragged under. As Pullman tries to cut the rope with an arrow, Stella and Kenny go back to rescue him but Kenny is killed by a shark. Pullman frees himself just as Stella is attacked by a shark and he attacks the shark, poking out it’s eye with the arrow before he passes out due to lack of air. Stella grabs him and takes him to the surface, just as Carl and Kate get there and after helping them into the boat, Stella performs mouth to mouth to revive Pullman. Carl tells them their plan for blowing up the dam but when the boat’s motor stops, he is attacked and killed by a shark as he goes to fix it. Coming up with a new way to blow up the dam, Kate and Pullman aim the scuba tanks and strike them with a pair of axes, sending them rocketing into the dam. Kate goes to shoot them but her gun jams so Stella ties a flare to an arrow and shoots it, igniting the compressed air and causing the dam to explode. As the debris rains down on them, a shark that survived the explosion attacks them but Pullman manages to kill it and they head to shore, unaware that another shark had survived and it swims away, carrying Carl’s body with it.

This is a really good movie to watch and one of my favorites out of the recent shark movies. The acting was pretty decent for the most part and while Jessica Blackmore (Kate), Matt Mercer (Pullman) and Neka Zang (Stella) were good in their roles, I personally liked Robert Craighead (Carl) and Jason London (Tanner) the best.The basic plot was interesting, albeit a little far fetched, but I really liked how this movie didn’t take itself seriously, actually poking fun at itself several times during the movie. One thing that did impress me in this movie was when Kate performed a mercy kill on Skyler so she wouldn’t suffer as she is being torn apart by sharks, as that is something that is not seen in a lot of movies. The special effects were a lot better than I expected them to be and were very well done in a lot of places. One of the better low budget shark movies to come out in the past few years and well worth watching for pure entertainment.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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