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October 30th, 2016 Movie – The Pom Pom Girls


So today has been a crazy, annoying day. It started off fairly normal, with my waking up and doing the normal morning routine. Then I wound up hanging out with a friend for a while and as plans were made for events going on tonight, I was going to go out when my car acted up. This is especially annoying because I just got it taken care of two days ago. Well it pretty much solidified my decision on getting a new car so I will most likely be taking care of that tomorrow. But enough about my problems. Now let’s get right into today’s movie, The Pom Pom Girls.

The plot: After football practice at Rosedale High, some of the players notice a dummy wearing their school’s uniform hung up and burned in effigy by their town rivals, Harden High School, and they plan on getting even. Two of the players, Johnnie and Jesse, head to the beach where the cheerleaders were practicing and after flirting with several of them, drive off with Sally and a reluctant Laurie. After driving along for a while, they stop and Jesse proceeds to start making out with Sally, while Laurie and Johnnie get out of the car and start throwing pebbles at it. As they are driving the girls home the encounter Sally with a guy named Duane and Johnnie ends up getting in a fight with him. Back at school, the girls are holding tryouts for some new cheerleaders. After school, Sue Ann is at work when Jesse pulls up in his van and convinces her to get in the back, where they proceed to have sex, and she goes back to a parking lot full of angry customers. Johnnie goes to Sally to apologize for fighting with Duane and tries to impress her because he likes her. Some time later, Johnnie, Jesse, and some of the cheerleaders head over to Harden High, where Johnnie proceeds to spray paint “Rosedale” on the back windshields of several cars in the parking lot. When some of the Harden football players spot them and give chase, Johnnie waits till the last minute before they finally leave. The next day, the Harden players head to Rosedale and proceed to take the tires off Johnnie’s, Jesse’s, Laurie’s and some other cars. Johnnie and the others retaliate by stealing a fire truck and using it to spray down the players while they are at practice. As they are driving back, the sheriff attempts to get them to pull over but Laurie uses the hose to spray the sheriff’s car, causing him to get his car stuck, allowing the kids to drive off and abandon the truck. The principal tries to figure out who stole the fire truck but nobody admits to anything. Later, Jesse, Johnnie, Laurie, and Sally head to the beach, then rent some dirt bikes and the two couples end up pairing off; Johnnie with Sally and Jesse with Laurie. At school, Johnnie and Duane end up continually going at each other over Sally. Meanwhile, Jesse tries to get Laurie to skip class and go to the beach with him but when she refuses, he gets in his car to leave, only to be stopped by Sue Ann. Jesse and Sue Ann end up having sex in the back of his van, which is just out the window of Laurie’s classroom. Laurie sees Jesse’s van still in the parking lot and decides to leave class, not seeing Sue Ann leaving Jesse’s van. When Laurie gets there to go to the beach with Jesse, he asks why she didn’t come with him earlier and runs off. At the pep rally, Jesse tries to talk to Laurie but is unable too as she has to go on the field. Later, when the cheerleaders and football players are sitting on the stands, Johnnie is sitting next to Sally and, noticing Duane sitting behind them, starts taunting him behind Sally’s back, causing them to get in a fight. Later, Jesse and Johnnie are at the burger joint and Sue Ann tries flirting with Jesse but he tells her he is serious about someone else. When Laurie and Sally pull up, Johnnie invites Sally for a drive and she agrees, while Jesse goes with Laurie. Jesse and Laurie are at a gas station when Jesse gets jumped by some of the Harden players but Laurie quickly drives them out of there. Meanwhile, Johnnie and Sally are parked at a car dealership and notice some guys trying to steal some hubcaps so they scare them off, then head into the back seat to have sex. At the football game, between Harden and Rosedale, a fight breaks out on the very first play of the game between the opposing players, as well as the cheerleaders and the fans. After the game, the coach chastises Jesse for starting the fight and Jesse ends up punching him later and driving off. Johnnie, Laurie, and Sally go looking for him, running into Duane at one point, but can’t find him. Later that night, Jesse goes to Laurie’s house and sneaks into her window and after talking to her for a bit, asking her to run off with him, they end up having sex. The next morning, Jesse tries sneaking out but is caught by Laurie’s father, who thinks he is just showing up, and invites him in for breakfast. At school,Duane tries to get back with Sally but when she refuses, he challenges Johnnie to a suicide chicken race, which Johnnie accepts though Jesse and Laurie try to talk him out of it. Later, the coach and principal speak with Jesse about his punching the coach but after learning that he will not be suspended and that the matter will just be between him and the coach, Jesse decides to quit the team and leaves the office. At the site of the race, Johnnie and Duane trade cars and race to the edge of the cliff but as they get close to the edge, Duane hits the brakes but Johnnie drives over the edge. Sally cries out and everyone races to the edge to see the car explode into flames but Johnnie is seen walking over from the side, having jumped out before the car went over the edge. Sue Ann goes over to console Duane as Sally, Jesse, and Laurie race over to embrace Johnnie.

I knew exactly what I was going to be getting with this movie and sure enough, I got a cheap little 70’s sexploitation movie to watch. In all seriousness, while it was a little confusing at first, this wasn’t that bad of a movie. The acting was pretty decent among the 4 main actors, but to be honest, I thought Bill Adler (Duane) was pretty boring. The story was a little convoluted and confusing at first but did seem to get things straightened out towards the end. There were a couple of events that didn’t seem to make much sense, like the three guys trying to jump Jesse at the gas station or the fight that breaks out during the game that ends up getting everyone involved. There wasn’t as many sex scenes as you would expect but the scenes that did occur actually helped to move the plot along, not just to take up space. A decent movie to watch if you are in the mood for such a movie.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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