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October 29th, 2016 Movie – Poison Ivy: The New Seduction


So you make a movie and, while it doesn’t exactly make a splash at the box office, it does generate a decent amount of word of mouth to make it a popular rental. So a sequel is made and released on video, which doesn’t exactly do much better but again, gets word of mouth to make it a popular rental, mainly due to the main star. So a third movie is made and released to video and I started to wonder why they would do this. But of course, I keep forgetting the old cliche, “Sex sells”, and back in the mid-late 90’s, these types of movies were favorites for the late night premium channels and video rentals (before the internet made porn so easily accessible). As for me, my excuse is that I was bored and tend to make bad movie buying decisions when I am bored. So let’s see how bad this decision was as I watch today’s movie, Poison Ivy: The New Seduction.

The plot: In 1985, a pool boy goes to clean the pool at the home of Ivan and Catherine Greer. When he starts to head inside, the Greer’s housekeeper, Rebecca, sends her two daughters, Ivy and Violet, upstairs to play with the Greer’s daughter Joy so she can have sex with the pool boy. While Violet is content to play tea party with Joy, Ivy is dismissive of it and sits by herself but when Ivy sees Ivan come home early, she tells the others that there will be fireworks. Ivan discovers Rebecca having sex with the pool boy and after a brief scuffle, the pool boy leaves and Catherine learns that Ivan has been having an affair with Rebecca. Catherine kicks Rebecca and her daughters out of the house and Joy gives Violet one of her dolls as they drive off. Years later, Violet returns to town to attend a local junior college and goes to see Joy, who is thrilled to see her old friend. As she has dinner with Joy and Ivan, Joy offers to let Violet stay with them and while Ivan is initially against it, he reluctantly agrees and they let Violet stay. The next day, Violet hides from Joy and spends the day snooping around the house, going through Catherine’s clothes (as she has died some time ago), and finding some letters from Joy’s fiance Michael when he was in rehab. Some time later, Joy has a get together with Michael and some of their friends but their friends make fun of Violet and when she leaves, saying that she has to work the late shift at Denny’s, Joy tells her friends to leave Violet alone. Later, Joy and Michael head up to her room and start making out but when Michael tries to press for more, but when Joy tells him no, he says he understands why her father cheated but then apologizes and leaves. He encounters Violet downstairs dressed in some bondage gear, causing him to question where she works, but Violet says that they got off on the wrong foot and proceeds to give him oral sex. The next day, Mrs. B, the Greer’s housekeeper, yells at Violet for wearing Catherine’s robe but Violet ignores her and goes swimming topless in the pool, knowing that Ivan is watching her from his window. Later, Violet finds Mrs. B making her bed and tells her to stay out of her room, then checks her pager, which had gone off, and makes a phone call, which Mrs. B overhears. When Violet comes back, she sees Joy and Jamie, her tennis training partner, practicing on the court and decides to make some frozen drinks spiked with alcohol for them but as she is pouring them in the blender, Jamie comes in and adds some more rum to the mix. The two girls end up getting drunk and passing out and when Michael shows up and sees them like this, he asks Violet to help him get Joy inside before her father gets home. They manage to get Joy in her room and place Jamie in Violet’s room, then they go back outside and talk and Violet tricks Michael into thinking that Joy wants to see other people. Leaving Michael outside, Violet goes back inside and undresses Jamie and handcuffs her, then strips down to her underwear and gets into bed with her, making Jamie believe they had sex when she regains consciousness and causing her to quickly leave. Violet then goes back outside and after swimming in the pool naked, seduces Michael into having sex. The next day, Violet is tending to Joy’s hangover when Ivan enters the room, holding Michael’s jacket and saying that some drugs, which Violet had attempted to tempt Michael with, had fallen out of the pocket. Joy tries to defend Michael but after Ivan leaves, she gets upset because she feels Michael lied to her. When Michael shows up, Violet meets him at the door and tells him that Joy doesn’t want to talk to him and he believes Violet told her what happened. When Violet goes back upstairs, she tells Joy that Michael looked like he was still on drugs. That night, Ivan leaves to go on a date but just as he leaves, Joy answers the phone and takes a message from his date telling him where to pick her up but she doesn’t give Ivan the information. Later, Violet deletes a message from Ivan’s date when she was stood up, and when Ivan returns home, feeling like he was stood up, she shows up wearing one of Catherine’s dresses and begins to seduce him. They are briefly interrupted by Mrs. B coming back but when Ivan heads upstairs, Violet continues to press him and they end up having sex. The next day, Joy goes to leave for her tennis tournament when Michael pulls up to try and talk to her and convinces her to meet him after the tournament. Meanwhile, Mrs. B finds Violet’s dress in Ivan’s bed and takes a call from Gwen, Ivan’s date the night before, and confronts Violet about what she is doing but Violet says she can’t stop her. As Violet is walking the street in her “work outfit”, Michael pulls up and confronts her, saying he lost his job on suspicion of drug use and says he knows about Violet’s family. When Violet taunts Michael, he heads back to the house to look for Joy and finds Violet’s S&M equipment but Violet knocks him out and then gives him a lethal overdose of drugs. When Joy comes home, she is upset about losing the tournament and Michael not showing up and when she notices Violet wearing her mother’s earrings, she tells Violet she needs to find somewhere else to stay. Heading downstairs, she notices Michael’s jacket on the counter and realizing Violet lied to her, drives off to look for him. Ivan returns home and when he sees Violet, he tells her he spoke with Gwen, who told him about the messages she left for him, Violet tells him she did it because she was jealous. Ivan then admits that he never got over her mother and the two kiss. When Joy returns home, she receives a phone call from Michael’s dad, saying that Michael had been found dead and she goes to see her dad, only to find him and Violet practicing S&M. Joy quickly leaves and Ivan says that Violet needs to go but she gets upset with him, saying that he is treating her just like he treated her mom. When Ivan starts having chest problems, he goes to take his heart medication but finds the bottle empty, just as the power cuts out and he is unable to call for help because one of the phones is off the hook. He heads into his car but passes out inside and Violet starts the car, where he ends up dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. Joy returns home and as she tries to get the power back on, discovers the body of Mrs. B. As Joy goes looking for her dad, she encounters Violet, who makes her dress up and join her for tea. As Violet explains that they are going to kill themselves, Joy refuses and the two end up fighting but when the fight takes them to the edge of the stairs, Joy dodges and Violet ends up losing her balance on the edge of the steps. Joy grabs onto the pearl necklace Violet is wearing to keep her from falling and tells Violet to grab her hand but Violet refuses, choosing to lean her head back, causing the necklace to break and she falls down the stairs, breaking her neck during the fall. Joy heads into her room and briefly sits down but then shoves everything off her make up table and decides to leave the house.

Yeh, this is about as bad as I thought it was going to be. The acting was ok but nobody really stood out. I will say that after seeing Athena Massey (Rebecca) in this, it will make playing Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 a little interesting, as she played Eva Lee in the game. The story honestly felt like a hodgepodge of every other drama/thriller that has come out as there wasn’t really anything original to be found in the movie. The pacing was incredibly slow and honestly made the movie kind of drag on longer than it actually was. The thing about this that I find most baffling is that the decided to make another movie years later about 10 years later. Unless you absolutely have to see Jaime Pressly naked, find something else to watch.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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