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October 24th, 2016 Movie – Monsters Gone Wild


So today’s movie is somewhat interesting. When I bought the Mega Monsters box set, this was one of the movies that was included. Well, movie is a pretty loose description for this because it is actually just a collection of clips from various movies that have been produced by Full Moon Features, as well as some older movies that are released by Full Moon. The good thing about this is that, for me, it can serve as a sort of shopping list of movies. If the scene looks interesting, then I will be more inclined to buy the movie so I can watch the whole thing. I did like how they had a cut away that would list a theme, such as “Vampire Victims” or “Magic and Mayhem”, then show various clips that fit into that theme. However, the one thing I didn’t like about this is that they didn’t list what movie the clips came from. Every other compilation style movie/documentary that I have seen always lists the movie that the scene is from but for some reason, they don’t here. That is really annoying because if the clip looked interesting, then I would like to be able to watch the whole movie but I can’t if I don’t know what movie the clip came from. Fun little time killer but I have seen better compilations and the whole not listing the movies used still annoys me.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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