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October 20th, 2016 Movie – Planet Of The Sharks


So it looks like I have fixed all my mistakes (please let me be up to date) so let’s get back to where we should be. Now back during Sharknado Week, there were sooo many shark movies that I was able to enjoy and today’s movie is one of the few new ones that were released on DVD. Now since it was a shark movie and it was from The Asylum, there was absolutely no chance that I would not be buying it so when it came up for pre-sale, along with Sharknado: The 4th Awakens and Ice Sharks, I immediately pre-ordered it. So let’s dive into today’s movie, Planet Of The Sharks.

The plot: In the future, global warming has caused the polar ice caps to melt, flooding the earth. On a floating settlement called Junk City, a lookout spots a large school of sharks heading towards the city and warns the citizens, just as the sharks start attacking the city and killing everyone. One of the citizens sends up a flare, which is spotted by the residents of Salvation, a larger floating city, but when they try making contact with Junk City, the don’t get an answer. Dillon Barrick, captain of the supply boat Osprey, radios Salvation and tells them he will check it out, then receives a call from Dr. Roy Shaw, head of the Westron Reseach Facility, asking about some materials he is bringing them. After getting off the radio with Barrick, Munro goes to talk with some of her team and Dr. Shayne Nichols tells her that the rocket they are building will work but they only had enough materials for one scrubber, making this their only shot at trying to cool the planet down. Salvation sends out Nathan Terry in a mini-copter to check on Junk City and locates the sole survivor, a tennage girl named Bea, and radios Barrick to pick her up. Barrick pulls up to the dock and pulls Bea aboard the boat, then quickly leaves as the sharks, led by a large mutated shark, head towards them but as Barrick heads out into the open water, the alpha shark turns away and the school follows it. Barrick heads towards Westron while the Nathan heads back to Salvation to report what he saw but Joanne D’amato, the leader of Salvation, has a hard time believing his story. When Barrick and Bea reach Westron, he tries to get her to leave his ship but she refuses and Nichols tells her she can stay as Barrick has to take her and Shaw to Salvation to pick up some supplies for the rocket and that D’amato needs to talk to Barrick and Bea about what happened to Junk City. When they arrive at Salvation, D’amato and Shaw talk about the materials Shaw needs and D’amato wants Shaw to relocate some of Salvation’s people to Westron. When Shaw asks about Salvation’s defenses for sharks, D’amato says that they got rid of the nets, then shows her how they deal with sharks. D’amato and several people begin pounding on the walkways and making noise, luring the sharks towards them, where they then begins spearing and killing the sharks before dumping them back in the ocean. When the alpha shark grabs the hook they use to capture sharks and swims away, causing the large wench to break and fall into the sea. Barrick and the others quickly head back towards the Osprey as the sharks start to attack the city. Seeing someone trying to steal his boat, Barrick jumps in the water and starts swimming towards it and Shaw, Nichols, Bea, and Moffat jump in later . Barrick manages to make it on board and fights with the man who stole his boat, eventually beating him after a shark bites the man’s head off, then Barrick helps Bea and the others get on board the boat and they head back to Westron as they watch Salvation be destroyed. Shaw contacts Westron and has Dr. Caroline Munro and Hideo Ishiro get the HARP, a device that was used to attempt to create new landmasses by causing volcanic eruptions, ready to fire. She then builds a signal device to lure the sharks into the caldera of a volcano, and gives it to Nathan, who had survived the attack on Salvation. Nathan takes the device out to attract the sharks but he flies to low and a shark jumps out of the water and brings the mini-copter down and kills Nathan as he tries to swim away. Nichols uses some paraskiing gear that Barrick has on board to sail out and grab the device, then lure the sharks to the target zone. Shaw contacts Ishiro and tells him to fire the harp and the beam heads into the atmosphere and bounces down to strike the target, triggering an eruption which kills most of the sharks, but the EMP from when Munro shuts the device down causes the power to go out at the station. Out in the ocean, Barrick spots a tsunami approaching them and manages to get the Osprey to ride over the crest, and they head out to pick up Nichols, who is being pursued by the alpha shark. The shark manages to knock Nichols off the ski but she makes it safely on board the boat, while Shaw is able to tag the alpha shark with a transmitter. Returning to Westron, Shaw is told of the problems and that the Westron is sinking and decides to use the alpha shark to help power the launch of the rocket. As the station starts to sink and sharks attack the people, Moffat is killed while trying to keep Bea safe. Nichols goes with Barrick onto the Osprey to try and find a way to drive the sharks away while Shaw manages to lure the alpha into an enclosed area underneath the rocket and jab some electrodes into it, enabling Munro to receive enough power to initiate the launch. As the countdown progresses, the bottom of the container breaks and Shaw and the alpha are dropped into the water, just as the rocket launches and the scrubbers start to work. Shaw swims towards the Osprey but is killed by the alpha but Nichols manages to figure out how it controls the other sharks and causes them to start attacking the alpha. The alpha kills several of the sharks, then jumps onto the Osprey to try and kill Barrick and Nichols but they escape as Barrick steers the Osprey towards some fuel tanks, causing an explosion that kills the Alpha while Barrick and Nichols swim back to Westron to rejoin Bea, Munro, and Ishiro. 6 months later, Barrick, Nichols, and Bea are out on a boat and they see that the water levels have started to go down, as the look out over the parts of New York City that have risen out of the water.

When I first saw the list of movies for Sharknado Week, this is one of the ones that I was really looking forward to. However, when I did watch it, I enjoyed it but was a little disappointed with it. The acting was pretty decent, with Brandon Auret (Barrick), Lindsay Sullivan (Shaw), and Daniel Barnett (Moffat) being my personal favorites. The story was interesting but honestly reminded me a little of Waterworld, just with more sharks. I did like the idea of the alpha shark controlling the other sharks as that was a rather unique twist in what could be a boring movie. The special effects were pretty decent for the most part, with a few exceptions here and there, and helped make the movie more enjoyable. Not my favorite new shark movie but an enjoyable viewing none-the-less.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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