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October 17th, 2016 Movie – Piranha Sharks


I simply can’t win. Every time things seem to be going well, I notice something that makes me realize I screwed up. In this case, this is something that is entirely my fault due to an oversight. See, earlier this year, I decided that I would include movies that I own digitally, instead of the Blu-Ray or DVD, in this blog. Now I thought I had them all written down on my list so I could do this but apparently, I had missed a movie and while I would have eventually noticed it (2-3 weeks when the next digital movie would come up), it still annoys me right now. Oh well. I am only human and I make mistakes like everyone else. So let me correct this mistake and get into today’s movie, Piranha Sharks.

The plot: At a military research lab, a scientist is observing a batch of genetically altered nano-sharks under a microscope and witnesses them self reproducing. When the lens on the microscope cracks, the scientist goes to remove the sample but accidentally cuts his finger, exposing the nano-sharks to his blood stream, where they proceed to kill him from the inside. Two advertising marketers get a hold of the video and approach the project’s manager, Dominique, and convince her to let them sell larger versions of the sharks as pets to people, saying that they will be able to quickly recoup the money lost in the project. Jackson, Benny, and Wally, three roommates that work as exterminators in New York City get a call for a job but Wally stays at the apartment and after seeing an ad for the Piranha Sharks, orders some online. After finishing their job, Jackson and Benny head to the strip club where Benny’s girlfriend works but she dumps Benny as she feels he won’t amount to anything. Jackson then goes to see his ex-wife Roxy and watches their son, Lawrence, while Roxy and her current boyfriend Guy perform at a show. Lawrence shows Jackson the Piranha sharks that he just got and Jackson tells him to pour bleach in the tank to kill them as they should not be introduced to the ecosystem. Meanwhile, Dominique is kidnapped by Brody, a former analyst from the military project, and he plans to torture her to get the names of the scientists that developed the sharks, as he fears they are a menace to society, then leaves to go get some supplies and leaves his wife to guard her. Back at their apartment, Jackson has a talk with Wally about not pulling his weight and chastises him for buying some piranha sharks. The next day, the two ad execs are summoned to the spokesperson for piranha sharks, he complains about some of the bad publicity that is being generated by the sharks and the ad execs say they will take care of it but secretly leaves some piranha sharks at the house to kill him. Jackson talks with Benny and Wally some more when they notice that the sharks have rapidly multiplied in the tank and the three begin studying them to try and find a way to kill them as they figure they will be getting calls about them soon. Meanwhile, Brody returns to his house to find Dominique making friends with his wife but she agrees to help him as she saw the sharks multiplying and takes him to see the men that created the sharks. The mayor gives a press conference about the piranha sharks and says that things are being handled but he receives a call from the pentagon saying that the city will be nuked in 18 hours. At the home of Dr. Parsons and Dr. Harlow, Brody and Dominique manage to speak with the two scientists and when they say they need a sample to study, Brody agrees to take them back to his house but when he takes Dr. Harlow back to his house, she grabs his gun and holds Brody, his wife, and Dominique hostage. That night, Benny goes to the strip club to try and get back with his girlfriend while Jackson goes to a club with Lawrence to watch Roxy perform when both clubs are attacked by piranha sharks, which burst out of the water pipes. Returning back to Jackson’s apartment they learn about the impending nuclear strike but Wally tells them that he figured out how to kill the sharks and explains that when he spilled his drink in the tank earlier, the fake gold flakes in his gold jaegar killed the sharks. They head back to Roxy’s house to drop her and Lawrence off, then Jackson, Benny, and Wally head next door to Brody’s to borrow some guns and manage to rescue them from Dr. Harlow. Jackson, Benny, Wally, Brody, and Dominique make their way to the mayor’s office to explain their plan and the mayor agrees to let them try in order to save the city. While the mayor sends some men to a central water plant to pour the poison into the water system, Jackson, Benny, Wally, and Brody go to a plant that has a clog to clear the clog and allow the poison to reach the entire city. When they get there, they are attacked by some flying piranha sharks but they manage to kill them all and make their way to the clog. Wally realizes that the turbine fans aren’t running and dives down into the tank to get them running again, sacrificing himself to do it, while Jackson and Benny release the poison into the tank. When they see the sharks are dying, Jackson quickly calls the mayor, who is able to call off the nuclear strike. Later, as they are at a press conference to thank them, the mayor offers Jackson a city position but he refuses, choosing instead to be with his family. Some time later, the two ad execs are relaxing on a beach when they are given two complimentary drinks. Unknown to them, Dominique, who is at the beach with Benny, is watching them and had placed some piranha sharks in the drinks to kill the two men.

So this was a fun little low budget movie to watch. The acting was pretty decent, though a little over the top at times. I have to admit, one of my favorite parts was the cameos with Jose Canseco, who continually professed his love for piranha sharks. The story was actually pretty interesting but there were a lot of jumps in the plot that could have been done a little smoother and a lot of scenes that didn’t really add to the movie and instead just seemed to be nothing more than filler material to make the movie longer. I did think they paid a bit of a tribute to Piranha II with the scene of the piranha sharks flying around attacking people in the clubs and the water plant. The special effects were so-so, with some good scenes and some bad scenes. I am really curious what they could have done with this if they had a bigger budget. Still, it was entertaining and a decent B shark movie to watch if you are in the mood for one.


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