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October 9th, 2016 Movie – Ice Sharks


As most of you who have been following this blog know, I do love a good B-movie, and one of my favorite companies that produces those movies is The Asylum. Well ever since Sharknado became such a mass phenomenon,  The Asylum has released a new one every year on Syfy, and Syfy has started debuting new shark movies to coincide with the new Sharnado movie release. This year was no different and as soon as it was available, I pre-ordered Sharknado: The 4th Awakens as well as the two other new movies that were available for ordering. They were all scheduled to be delivered on October 4th but when that day came, I received an email saying that Sharknado was still being delivered but the other two were delayed. Well this had me a little bit upset but I then received an email two days later saying that the movies would be delivered on the 11th. Well a week later than expected is not the worst thing ever so I was happy with that. But yesterday I received the best email of all, saying my movies were delivered. Sure enough, there was an Amazon box sitting on my front porch so that is how we find ourselves watching today’s movie, Ice Sharks.

The plot: A man is riding on his dog sled across the Arctic when he stops and radio ins about spotting a polar bear. Continuing on, they come to the sea shore and the dogs start barking at the water just before something attacks one of the dogs and starts dragging the rest of the team and the sled into the water. The man tries to escape but his foot is caught in one of the ropes and as he gets close to the water’s edge, a shark leaps out and grabs him before dragging him into the water. Meanwhile, a group of scientists are at an Arctic research station researching the melting of the polar ice. When one of the sensors show an unusually high warm current under the ice, one of the researchers, Sammy, goes to check on the sensor. After he leaves, the station receives a call from Barrow, Alaska telling them about a missing hunter, the 5th one that month, whose last position was 5 miles from their base so the two team leaders, David and Tracy, decide to go look for him. As they are getting ready to leave, one of the researchers points out that the ice underneath the base appears to be melting at a faster rate than normal and they might have to either move the base or end their mission early. David and Tracy head out to where the hunter last radioed his wife, then follow the tracks of the dog sled towards the ocean. Getting off the snowmobiles, they continue on foot and find the remains of a dead animal near the shore. The investigate the remains and David notes that there are tissue samples from two different animals there while Tracy finds some strange teeth in the snow. Closer to the water’s edge, David finds a fingernail when Tracy notices an ammonia smell and warns David to get back from the water, just as a Greenland shark breaks through the ice and knocks David into the water. Tracy fires a spear gun into the water and tells David to grab the line, then she attaches the spear gun to her snowmobile and uses it to drag David out of the water and they head back to base. At the base, Tracy and the rest of the team work on warming up David and then he and Tracy tell the others what happen. Tracy radios Barrow and warns them about the sharks, then they radio Sammy to warn him but it comes too late as he is attacked and killed by a shark. Back at the base, the base begins shaking and when they look outside, they see the sharks cutting through the ice around the base so that the base will drift out to sea. Eddie and Michael go to try and use a snow mobile to help anchor the base to the mainland but Eddie gets stuck on the broken ice and is killed by a shark. With the base now adrift at sea, David decides to make a homemade depth charge to scare off the sharks so they can escape on a raft but when the explosion occurs, the shockwave in the water causes the long range radio tower to fall. David and Tracy try to call out for help while Michael, Alex, and Val rig an R.O.V. to act as an anchor for the base. While Val is piloting the vehicle, they see Sammy’s severed leg floating at the bottom of the ocean, just as a shark grabs the device and starts dragging out all of the steel cable. Val goes to grab the cable and a shark leaps out of the diving pool and drags her into the water, killing her. The attack causes the ice around the base to start breaking and the chamber starts to flood. Michael and Alex try tranquilizing a shark that has made it into the lower area with them but when that fails the pull a wire and, after getting themselves out of the water, they turn the power back on, chasing away the shark long enough for them to escape. Making it back to the main room, the four brace themselves as the base sinks down to the ocean floor, roughly 90 feet below the surface. Assessing their options, Michael decides to try and use the one dive suit they have on the upper level to swim down and drain the lower level, allowing them to get to the rest of the scuba tanks. Michael manages to get it drained and then head back upstairs, where they come up with an idea to try and get a signal out to the surface. Michael goes back out with their device and manages to get it up to surface briefly but it is soon grabbed by a shark. They start to lose hope but a icebreaker rescue ship, who had heard their earlier mayday, managed to get their location and is en route to rescue them. Since the lower level was drained, they send out the helicrane to lift the base onto the ship and Michael goes back out to secure the cables. When the cable is atached, the helicrane starts lifting the base but one of the sharks attacks one of the cables, setting the base loose while Michael is attacked and killed by a pair of sharks. David radios the icebreaker, and has them lower some deep water salvage bags to the base and David and Alex go out to secure them to the base. They manage to get them secured but Alex is killed in the process before David is able to inflate the bags. As the base begins to rise, Tracy sees a shark heading towards her and it breaks through the window attempting to get her. The base reaches the surface and a crane picks it up and lowers it onto the deck of the ship, just as Tracy manages to knock the shark out of the window, where it falls onto the deck. David goes to Tracy and they both are tended too but as they start to relax, they notice the shark on the deck and warn the nearby crew to get away from it, just as it starts thrashing about and injures one of the crew. David manages to avoid the shark and, after grabbing a gun, shoots a nearby air tank, with the exploding gas knocking the shark off the deck and back into the water. Tracy runs over and embraces David as the ship sails away to safety.

Sharknado week has recently been my favorite week of movie watching on Syfy and this year was no exception because all of the movies were very entertaining, and this mopvie was no exception. The acting was pretty good among the main people on the base and they were able to do a good job displaying all of the different emotions that their characters were going through. The story was different from what I expected but was well written and did a good job keeping me involved in the movie the entire time. I also liked that they didn’t cop out and use great white sharks as the antagonist but used a different shark that is native to the waters, with the only tweak being that it was an “aggressive sub-species” that was frozen but released when the ice melted. The special effects were pretty decent and I especially thought the sharks were well done. All in all, another enjoyable shark movie from The Asylum that I am sure I will be watching again.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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